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Benefits of Juices

Diseases and symptoms

Acid taste in mouth: Symptoms & Causes

When we are eating pungent or sour foods, then it is expected to have acid taste in mouth. But when this taste lasts for...

Chronic sinusitis – Symptoms and causes

Chronic sinusitis is a long – lasting sinus infection. We know that sinuses are four paired cavities (spaces) in the head. These cavities are...

Different types of teas and their benefits

Best way to get health benefits from ballerina tea

Ballerina tea can help to fight against harmful diseases, cleanse your body and helps you to achieve the body of your dreams. This tea...

Rooibos tea can prevent heart attacks, strokes and cancer

If you see the rooibos plant in wild, then you can easily mistake this plant for a weed. But there are some studies in...

Body Building

Baby Care

Essential Oil Benefits

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Natural Treatments

Latest Reviews

Epazote: Most Amazing 7 Health Benefits

Epazote is a commonly used herb in central and southern Guatemala and Mexico. This plant has been largely viewed as a medicinal plant, mainly...

Food Benefits

12 Surprising Health Benefits of Cowpeas

Cowpea is also known as black – eyed pea. The scientific name is Phaseolus Aureus. This is a certain type of bean which has...

Camel milk improves heart health and prevents diabetes

Camel milk has many health benefits such as improve the heart health, protect against certain autoimmune diseases, promote growth and development, lessen allergic reactions,...

Health benefits of monoi oil

Monoi oil has many health benefits, such as promote good sleeping habits; soothe inflammation; balance cholesterol levels; slows signs of aging; moisturizes skin and...

Garlic oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties

Garlic oil has been used many centuries ago. It makes wonders to our health. Garlic is one of the best natural cures for many...

Top 8 Fonio Surprising Health Benefits

Fonio is cereal which is not known for many people. Fonio grains are taking part of the millet family. It has the tiniest seeds...
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The turkey tail mushroom is part of the Trametes Versicolor family. It is one of the 100 species of mushrooms which have been researched...





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