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Benefits of Juices

Diseases and symptoms

Burping – causes, symptoms and other risk factors

When you are releasing gas from the digestive tract trough the mouth, then this condition is known as burping. This condition is also known...

Prolapsed bladder: Grades, Symptoms, Risk Factors

We know that the bladder is a hollow organ in the pelvis which stores urine. The pressure which is created when the bladder fills...

Different types of teas and their benefits

Rose tea good for your health and weight loss

Rose tea properties Many people know roses as beautiful and aromatic decorative pieces. But there are many medicinal properties in a cup of tea brewed...

Boldo Tea: Best 4 Health Benefits

The scientific name of boldo is Peumusboldus. Boldo is an evergreen shrub that is indigenous to central Chile and Peru. The boldo leaves have...

Body Building

Baby Care

Essential Oil Benefits

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Natural Treatments

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Rheumatoid Arthritis – symptoms and causes

RA is abbreviation for rheumatoid arthritis. This is a chronic inflammatory disorder. Usually it affects your joints but it can affect more than them....

Food Benefits

Health benefits of Hydrogen Water

The hydrogen water has many health benefits, such as promote eye health; helps cancer prevention; regulate blood sugar levels; promote weight loss; improves mood;...

Health benefits of Romanesco broccoli

Romanesco broccoli is a delicious and weird looking vegetable which belongs in broccoli and cauliflower family which you have probably never tasted before. The...

Health Benefits of Babugosha

Babugosha is known as an Indian pear. Pear is a fruit that has a similar taste and texture to apples. Babugosha, like other pears,...

Health benefits of ambarella

This is a vigorous deciduous tree which grows about 10 – 25 meters high or it can grow to 45 meters. The Latin name...

12 Amazing Health benefits of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also known as Cobalamin. This vitamin can improve the cell maintenance and DNA formation. Also, it will give you a relief...
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We know that at the front of our eye there is a clear layer of tissue which is called cornea. It is like a...





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