5 Amazing Health benefits of Candlenuts

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The scientific name of candlenuts is Aleurites Moluccanus. It is a flowering tree in the genus Aleurites and it belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. These nuts come from candlenut tree which has branches from the lower regions. The leaves of candlenut tree are green, trilobed or penta – lobed. The flower of this tree is white in color.

This tree consists of male flowers which are arranged upon the female flowers. Candlenuts are round and the outer layer is hard. Inside the layer, there is a soft pulp. Candlenuts have cream colored seeds which are inside the nut. The candlenut fruit has two large seeds – candlenuts. Candlenuts grow in tropical climate with ample rainfall but also they grow in dry climates.

They can survive temperature from 25 – 28 f. They need soil that has pH nutrients, i.e. the soil should be neutral, alkaline and mildly acidic. Candlenuts are native to South Pacific Islands, Indonesia and Malaysia. Also, this plant grows in regions, such as Hawaii and Florida. You should not eat candlenuts in raw form. You should cook them before you eat them. Candlenuts are easily available in markets all around the world. Here are some health benefits of candlenuts:

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Candlenuts clean up dandruff

There are many problems which can happen to our hair. Dandruff can lower the self – esteem and it can make us to feel embarrassed. You can use the candlenut’s oil to rid of this problem. You should be patient while you are doing your natural treatment and you should not give up. You should put of this oil on your hand and squeeze your head slowly until every part of your skin is touched with it.

You should let it stay there for longer period. After some period, you should wash your head. This oil can help to clean your head from the dirt which is caused by the dandruff. Also, the application of this oil can stimulate the hair strengthens.

Treatment for fever in children

You can mix some candlenut’s oil, water and 15 grams of pulutan’s root and boil these ingredients in a pan. Then, put this mixture in a glass and you can give your child to drink it.

Bigger muscles and reduced weight

Candlenuts have high amounts of protein. When you are consuming them, then it can help you to build muscles. Also, candlenuts are very effective for people who want to lose weight due to the muscle – building protein that it has. We know that the bigger the muscles, the faster the metabolism. Protein can help your body to burn a lot of calories and it can be extra challenging for your gastrointestinal tract to digest it.

Acts as a laxative

It is known fact that the oil derived from the candlenut has excellent laxative properties. Also, it can be consumed in addition with castor oil because it has irritant and purgatory properties.

Improved digestive system

Candlenuts are rich in fiber so when you add them in your diet, then they can be very beneficial for the GI tract. Candlenuts can help to facilitate digestive process. You should consume them on a regular basis because it can help to promote regular bowel movement. In the traditional medicine, candlenuts have been recommended for people who suffer from diarrhea because its fiber content can add bulk to the stool and it will help to stop the diarrhea. Also, candlenuts have antimicrobial properties which can help in the treatment of diarrhea. As we know, most cases of diarrhea are caused by contaminated food and water. Also, candlenuts can be used in the natural treatment of dysentery.

Candlenuts reduced heart disease risk

candlenuts wood are very beneficial for people who do not have normal cholesterol levels but also for people who have normal cholesterol levels, because candlenuts can help to lower the bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol. Candlenuts have potassium which is well – known for its ability to lower the high blood pressure. Potassium relaxes the walls of blood vessels and it will allow the blood to flow more freely throughout your body. This can help your heart to stay save from being overworked and becoming large.


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