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Black sapote – natural energy drink gives you an instant dose of energy

There are many people who are chocolate lovers and who cannot imagine their day without chocolate. If you are chocolate lover and you cannot stay away from its sweetness, then you can try with some healthy alternative. Black sapote tastes equally delicious. The black sapote is also called chocolate pudding fruit. This is a tropical tomato – like berry fruit. Black sapote has many health benefits. You can eat the pulp of black sapote in raw form but in the most cases it is mixed with juices or milk. The black sapote is a popular addition to several smoothie recipes which is making it ideal healthy desert choice for chocolate lovers. You can enjoy in this beautiful taste without adding extra pounds to your weight. The black sapote is used in the preparation of liquors and ice creams. But the black sapote does not have just sweet taste. It has many health benefits for you.

Black sapote health benefits

Instant energy: The black sapote will give you an instant dose of energy. It is full of energy and sweet. You do not have to drink energy drink. You can drink black sapote based smoothie. In 100 grams serving of the black sapote, there are about 80 calories which are mainly due to its high carbohydrate content.

Aids in digestion: It is known that the pulp of the black sapote is good for the digestive processes. When you eat it in raw form, then it is a source of dietary fiber. People who suffer from constipation can use the black sapote as a tasty alternative to other laxatives.

Iron: Black sapote has trace amounts of iron. Iron is important component of the blood. Iron is part of the hemoglobin production and it is part of the red blood cells. The red blood cells with the help of hemoglobin are carrying oxygen to the cells around your body. When you have less iron in your body, then it means that you have less energy and higher frequencies of fatigue.

Health benefits of black sapote

Black sapote uses and nutrition

Phosphorus: The phosphorus is macronutrient in the body. This element is present in similar quantities in the black sapote like the calcium. It is known that our bodies need phosphorus in adequate quantities. This element is part of the hormonal balance, healthy bone formation, improved digestion, cellular repair and protein formation. This is the second most important factor which builds the bone health after calcium.

Calcium: This fruit has a fair amount of calcium which is about 22 mg per 100 gm. Calcium is the most important nutrient which is required for building bones. Also calcium has many other health benefits. Our heart muscles and nerves require calcium to function well. Calcium can strengthen teeth and bones. Also it maintains muscle contractions and blood clotting.

Potassium: Black sapote has 350 mg of potassium. This is an essential macro mineral. We need more than 100 mg of potassium every day. Potassium maintains the fluid – electrolyte balance, controls the heart’s electrical activity and builds muscle. Potassium is very important for the normal functioning of the cells which is a reason why the lack of potassium could cause muscle loss, kidney problems, blood pressure and other related conditions.

Provides vitamin as well: The black sapote has a good amount of Vitamin A. It is healthy practice to obtain Vitamin A directly from the diet because experts are saying that vitamin supplements can cause more harm than good. The black sapote has 410 IU of Vitamin A for a 100 grams serving. This vitamin can help to build the immunity. It is playing an important role in the maintaining good eyesight in addition to promote cell growth.

Your daily dose of Vitamin C: If you are not a big fan of citrus fruits, then the black sapote is the easiest option which can give you the needed Vitamin C. In 100 grams of black sapote there are nearly 25% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C which has about 20 mg of it.  The Vitamin C is playing an important role in building the immune system of our body. This will enhance the resistance against the multitude of viruses and bacteria around us. This vitamin is antioxidant which will fight against free radicals and it can protect us against cancer, heart diseases and arthritis.

Atchuthen Ponnumuthu
Atchuthen Ponnumuthu
A septuagenarian, who has a wide knowledge on various health aspects of common ailments and their home remedies, loves to share his knowledge to the younger generation especially on the foods and their health benefits. You can contact him through [email protected]


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