12 Surprising Health Benefits of Cowpeas

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Cowpea is also known as black – eyed pea. The scientific name is Phaseolus Aureus. This is a certain type of bean which has a little oval structure with black eye on it. It can have different colors, such as brown, black, creamy white, red and so. It is widely popular for its taste and nice flavor. Black peas are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus, copper, zinc, sodium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin A. It has many important health benefits. Cowpeas are beneficial for the hair and skin. Cowpea is also known as Alasande, Chavli, Bobbarlu, Alasandalu and Lobia. Here are some health benefits of cowpeas:


Cowpeas boosts hair growth

You can use cowpeas to facilitate the growth of your hair to a great extent. Cowpea is rich in protein which is one of the most important components of our hair. When you consume cowpeas on regular basis, then it can boost the amount of protein in the body and it can help our hair to grow faster.

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Fights hair loss

It is known that cowpea is a great home remedy for hair loss. It can maintain the health of the tresses and it will make it shiny. Cowpeas can do everything about the health of your hair.

Keeps skin healthy

Cowpeas are rich in protein which is very good for the skin. This can accelerate the process of skin repair and it can help to keep the skin healthy.

Delays signs of aging

Cowpeas are rich in antioxidants. They have Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are the most beneficial elements for our skin. Both of the mentioned vitamins can prevent our skin cells from getting damaged by the free radicals. Also they can repair our skin and they can rejuvenate it accordingly. Cowpeas have anti – oxidant properties which can help to remove many symptoms of aging such as spots, wrinkles, etc. As a result of this, you will have glowing, healthy and smooth skin.

Cowpeas good for weight loss

Cowpeas are low in fat and low in calories which are making them very beneficial for the weight loss. Also it has sodium which is very low. Also cowpeas are cholesterol – free. All of the mentioned properties are making them a great option for overweight people who want to shed off the excess weight and to slim down.

Ability to cure urination and bowel related problems

Cowpeas can be used to eliminate urination problems, such as obstructions or uneasiness. Also you can eat cowpeas on regular basis because it will help you to cure abnormal vaginal discharge or leucorrhea.

Useful home remedy for pancreatic and stomach problems

Cowpeas can deal with the spleen, stomach and pancreas related problems. Cowpeas can tone these organs properly and it can facilitate their functions. Also these beans can calm the working of bowel in the body.

Lignin content keeps fatal diseases away

Cowpeas have lignin which is a group of phytoestrogens that can keep you safe from many fatal diseases, such as osteoporosis, hypertension, stroke and cancer.

Cowpeas treats cardiovascular ailments

Cowpeas have secondary metabolities flavonoids which can help in the treatment of many cardiovascular problems. You should include cowpeas in your regular diet because this can reduce the risk of developing several heart diseases.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Cowpeas are high in soluble fiber which is making it a great home remedy for diabetic conditions. This vegetable can regulate the blood sugar levels and it can help us to stay away from the diabetes mellitus.

Cowpeas removes free radicals

Cowpeas, especially red, black, light brown and white ones are loaded with antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. You should consume cowpeas because they can help you to rid of the free radicals which can eventually stop the growth of cancerous cells.

Cowpeas controls blood cholesterol

Cowpeas have low glycemic index which is quite lower than many other foods. There are many studies in which are said that the low glycemic index diet is very beneficial for the blood lipid profile. This is another way in which cowpeas can help to keep the blood cholesterol under control.


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