Health benefits of gac juice

Health benefits of gac juice

Gac juice is also known as Momordica cochinchinensis. Also, it is known as baby jackfruit. The gac fruit has thorny yellow skin. The similarity of gac and jackfruit comes from its overall appearance. But if these fruits are compared closely, then you will notice that they are totally different. The gac fruit is smaller than jackfruit.

In the inside, gac fruit has pulps, instead of yellow meaty flesh just like the jackfruit. The gac fruit originates from Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Cambodia, Maynmar, Laos and Thailand. The gac juice has high phytonutrient content. Usually, it is consumed as juice due to its health benefits. The gac juice has iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, sugar and carbohydrates.

This juice can be your alternative of high antioxidant fruit juice and you will get all benefits of it. You can combine your gac juice with other natural products, such as banana or apple because in this way you will get more health benefits for your body. You will never stop drinking this healthy and tasty drink. The outer rind can be toxic for some people which can make you to feel sick in a period of several days. You should include the red part for juicing.

Health benefits of gac juice

Health benefits of gac juice

Reduce the risk of prostate cancer: There was one study done in Japan in which was said that the gac juice is effective anti – cancer agent. In this study was shown that the extract of gac fruit can inhibit the growth of tumor cells. This is a reason why we can say that this juice is effective against reducing the risk of cancer.

Aid reproductive function: The gac juice can be very beneficial in the terms of reproductive function because the beta – carotene found in this juice can enhance the sperm production. This is a reason why this juice is very effective for men who want to enhance the fertility. Also, women who consume gac juice during the pregnancy can help them to support their embryonic development.

Improve immune system: We know that the immune system is highly related to the development of white blood cells. It is known that the white blood cells can help us to stay safe from many different diseases. The beta carotene which is found in the gac juice is converted into Vitamin A when we drink this juice and it can help in the healthy development of white blood cells. This can help us to have better immune health.

Treats burns: When you drink gac juice, then it will provide many health benefits to your body. It is known that this juice is very effective in maintaining skin health. Also, it can help you to deal with some skin problems, such as the treatment of burns. Gac fruit has high amounts of antioxidants which can help the skin to recover quickly. You can apply this juice on your burns topically because this can help to reduce the inflammation and fight against infection.

Enhance skin health: You should drink this juice on regular basis because it can help you to have healthy skin. This benefic of gac juice comes from the antioxidants in it. Gac juice has lycopene and beta – carotene which can help to enhance the skin health by fighting against the oxidative damage in tissues. Also, this can help to prevent the cell’s rusting processes which can lead to healthier skin.

Improve heart health: We know that foods and drinks that are rich in antioxidants can help us to have good heart health. Gac juice has antioxidants which can help to prevent the atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries. We know that the hardening of the arteries is often the main cause for heart attack.

Enhance eye health: You should consume gac juice because this can help to enhance the overall health. Gac juice has zeaxanthin which can protect the tissues of eyes from the exposure to UV light. This component can help to reduce the oxidation of eye tissue. Also, gac juice has beta – carotene which can help to maintain good vision, especially at night. The regular consumption of gac juice and its beta – carotene content can help to reduce the risk of blindness.


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