Health benefits of Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea

There are many health benefits of the Ceylon tea such as prevent kidney stones, moderate diabetic symptoms, improve the appearance of the skin, strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels, boost heart health, protect against chronic illness and aid in weight loss. This tea is produced in Sri Lanka with decades and nowadays it can be found all around the world. The temperature and terrain of Sri Lanka are excellent place where this kind of tea can be grown. It has high amounts of polyphenolic components which is a reason why this tea is sold all around the world. Many people mistake this tea with the regular old black tea. Green Ceylon tea has nutty and pungent flavor compared with the counterpart and the leaves of this tea are not fermented which means that it has the highest levels of antioxidants. Black Ceylon tea has mild flavor which is reminiscent of the citrus fruits and it is the most common form of this tea. This tea has high amounts of caffeine which can be bad for pregnant women. It is not recommended for pregnant women to use this tea because if they drink it they can have complications during their pregnancies. Also their babies cannot process in the utero if their mothers are drinking caffeine. Also if you have some kind of anxiety problem, then you should not add Ceylon tea in your diet.

Here are some health benefits of the Ceylon tea:

Prevent chronic illness: This tea has high amounts of antioxidants which are very important for our health. It has thearubigins and theaflavins which can counteract the spread of cancer in direct way. Also they can prevent the oxidative stress and cellular mutation.

Regulate diabetes symptoms: When you drink Ceylon tea, then you will have normal blood glucose levels. This is very important for all people who suffer from diabetes. When you are regulating the insulin and glucose levels in your body, then this can prevent the drops and spikes which are dangerous for people who suffer from diabetes.

Eliminate kidney stones: There are some studies in which is shown that if you drink black tea, then you can decrease your chances of getting kidney stones. This is connected with the antioxidant and caffeine components in this tea.Ceylon tea

Aid skin appearance: There are some components in the Ceylon tea that can reduce the oxidative stress the surrounding cells which means that it can reduce the collage loss in your skin. Collagen is very important for our skin to be elastic. It can keep our skin strong and taut and it prevents the appearance of wrinkles. You can prevent premature aging when you are reducing the oxidative stress. You will have healthier and blemish – free skin.

Increase energy: Sri Lanka is one of the biggest producers of coffee but also they produce the Ceylon tea. Both of them have caffeine as their components. When you add caffeine in your body but in a healthy dose, then this will boost your attention and cognitive acuity and also you will get a lot of energy which you do to start your morning activities. You should drink this tea two to three cups per day because you will have a lot of energy for all activities but also you will stay away from the caffeine crash which you can get when you drink coffee.

Protect the heart: Ceylon tea is rich with potassium which is one of the most vital elements for our heart. This element acts as vasodilator that can relax the tension in your blood vessels which means that your blood pressure will decrease to healthy and normal levels and also you will reduce the strain of your heart. You can start every day with banana and cup of Ceylon tea because both are rich with potassium and you will have a healthy heart.

Weight loss aid: People who want to lose their weight should stimulate their metabolism which means that their bodies can burn fats in very short time. You can boost your metabolism when you start your day with a coup of Ceylon tea. You will have a lot of energy for doing the everyday activities and also you can lose your weight in healthy and safe way.

Above are some of the health benefits of Ceylon tea.


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