Top 10 best and effective natural treatments for kidney disease

Natural effective treatment of kidney disease.

kidney disease

Kidney disease is affecting the ability of our bodies to clean our blood. Also, they cannot filter the extra water out of our blood. Also, it can affect control over our blood pressure. Every single person is born with two kidneys. If you have chronic kidney disease, then this means that this is long – term condition. There are many people who suffer from chronic kidney disease and they do not know that they have it because usually does not cause problems until it gets to the advanced stage. If you suffer from chronic kidney disease, then you and your doctor will manage it together. To goal of this treatment is to slow down the disease so your kidneys can still do their job which is to filter extra water and waste out of your blood so you can rid of these products when your doctor should find the cause of the kidney disease.

Many people who have high blood pressure or diabetes, have an increased risk of getting kidney disease [1]. Your doctor may refer to a nephrologist which is a doctor who specializes in kidney disease. Talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment for you because we are not promising you that they will help you.

12 Natural treatments and lifestyle changes for treating kidney disease

Kidney risk calculator

There is a calculator which you can use to discover if you have a risk of developing moderate to severe kidney disease over the next 5 years. In this calculator, you need to answer some simple questions. You should know that this calculator is valid if you do not already have a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease stage in 3b or worse stage. You always need to ask your doctor if you are not sure. [2]

Aloe Vera and dandelion root

There are some people who have said that Aloe Vera juice was their best natural treatment for kidney disease. They have a lot of inflammation due to backed-up kidneys. They have drunk 4oz, 3 times per day and in a period of one month, they have lost 30 pounds and several inches all around the body. Also, they have taken one dandelion root capsule, 2 times per day. These natural cures have helped them to rid of the excess water. You should drink a lot of water, at least one gallon every day.

Also if you have pains, then this may not be fibro, but it can be your lymphatic system. This is a reason why you need to get a lymphatic massage which is not too expensive but it will work properly for you. This is a saying from some patients who suffered from kidney disease which means talk with your doctor if it will help you to improve your condition.

kidney disease


In native Asia and Europe, this natural cure was used to heal the urinary system for centuries. It has natural compounds such as saponins and glycosides which have blood purifying, anti-rheumatic, and diuretic properties. When you consume asparagus a regular basis, then it can increase urine production, boost cellular action in the kidneys and soothe the urinary system and also it can dissolve the salts and acids which can compromise kidney stones. Also, there was one study which was published in 2013 which it said that a compound present in the asparagus known as 2 – hydroxynicotianamine can inhibit angiotensin-converting enzymes in the kidneys at the same time it will prevent hypertension and preserve renal function [3].

Be careful with painkillers

In many cases, kidney disease can be caused when you take too many NSAIDs (non–steroidal anti-inflammatories) such as ibuprofen and aspirin or when you take them for longer than recommended [4]. If your doctor has said to use medications, then you should be careful with the dosage.

Exercise regularly

When you do exercises on a regular basis, then this will help you to lower your blood pressure and it can help you to reduce the risk of developing kidney disease. It is recommended at least 2 hours and 30 minutes – 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as fast walking or cycling.

Apple cider vinegar

There are some people who suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome Mcd and they have used apple cider vinegar as their natural treatment. They have gargled with apple cider vinegar, 5 ml in one glass of water, 3 times per day. They have said that it has worked for them. This is a wonderful natural cure which can help in the short term. But every natural cure should be used in moderation. This natural cure should be used sparingly to treat acid indigestion. If you use it in too big amounts, then this can cause a loss of potassium. But talk with your doctor if this natural cure can help you to treat your kidney disease and your doctor will tell you if there are some side effects of using apple cider vinegar.

Cut down on alcohol

When you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, then this can cause cholesterol and blood pressure levels to rise to unhealthy levels [5]. You should stick to the recommended alcohol limits because this is the best way in which you can reduce your risk of kidney disease. Both men and women are advised not to drink more than fourteen units per week. You should spread your drinking over 3 days or more if you drink as many as fourteen units per week. Fourteen units of this natural cure are equivalent to six pints of average–strength beer or ten small glasses of low–strength wine.


Watermelon is also a very effective natural treatment for kidney disease. Watermelon is low in phosphorus and potassium which are 2 minerals that dysfunctional kidneys can have problems to balance them. They are compromised of approximately 92% alkaline water which can help to flush the urinary system of the accumulated toxins. Also, there are some studies in which is said that watermelon in a fast way can dissolve kidney stones. Also, they help the liver process ammonia and deliver urea and at the same time is easing the strain on the kidneys while ridding the body of excess fluids.

Healthy diet

When you have a balanced diet, then this can reduce your risk of kidney disease because it is keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure levels at a healthy level [6]. A balanced diet should include:

  • Low levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar
  • Some beans or pulses, fish, eggs, meat, and other sources of protein
  • Some dairy or dairy alternatives
  • Meals based on starchy foods such as pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes
  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables – aim for at least 5 portions per day

Also, you should limit the amount of salt in your diet. You should not take more than 0.2oz (6 grams) per day. If you consume too much salt in your diet, then this can increase your blood pressure.

Stop smoking

Smoking is increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, including strokes or heart attacks, which are increasing your risk of kidney disease. When you stop smoking, then this will improve your general health, and also it will reduce your risk of developing kidney disease. If you are obese or overweight, then you should lose weight.


This vegetable is considered one of the best natural cures to fight against many diseases because it has an impressive concentration of the sulfur compound known as allicin. Allicin is a proven antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial component, and this element is known for the treating of 2 of the main causes of kidney disease and is known everyone – high blood pressure and diabetes. But also there several studies in which is shown that this aromatic and pungent herb could be even better for our kidneys than was previously thought.

There was one study which was done in 2008 in which it discovered that this vegetable could reduce the risk of kidney damage which is associated with mercury chloride exposure in lab animals. Mercury chloride is a potential carcinogen which is used in insecticides, batteries, disinfectants, and many other products to which people are regularly exposed. Also, there was another study which was published in 2001, and in this study was said that when garlic is consumed in low doses, then it could enhance the antioxidant status of your kidneys and also they will protect them from the cell-damaging effects of free radicals [7].

Manage underlying conditions

If you suffer from some long–term condition which can potentially lead to kidney diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, then it is very important to manage these diseases. You should follow the advice of your doctor. Also, you should take all prescribed medications and natural treatments.


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