Birth Injuries: Best 18 Treatments

treatments for Birth injury

The birth injuries which happen in babies can range from severe and immediately detectable to milder and more difficult to diagnose or recognize. There are many different ways in which babies can be injured during childbirth and the cause of the birth injury can lead to different symptoms. Some of the symptoms of Birth Injuries can be obvious right after the birth, while others may not show up until the baby is grown and developed. The birth injury is a unique condition and it is difficult to determine the exact treatment which will work for every baby.

It is very important for your baby to get a proper diagnosis. Some parents want their babies to go through more traditional treatments, while others prefer natural and holistic methods of healing. The most common causes for birth injuries include nerve damage, undiagnosed illnesses, brain damage, and other potential accidents which can happen during birth. The earlier treatment is given to your children, the earlier will have results and feel better.

You need to talk with your doctor because not all symptoms of birth injuries are signs that your children have a birth injury because many of them are the same as other diseases. The proper diagnosis will help your children to have proper treatment and better results as well.

Birth Injuries: Best 18 Treatments

Treatment options for Birth Injuries:

No matter the treatment you have chosen for your baby, it is very important to speak to a doctor about it before you begin with the process. In this way, you will know about the pros and cons of each type of treatment. Below are given the most used treatments for birth injuries:


Not every baby with a birth injury needs surgery. But, in some cases, severe injuries can require surgery in order for the infant to have the best chances of survival. In other cases, surgery can determine if the infant will be able to have full use of any injured limbs. The most common types of birth injuries which generally require surgery include skull fractures; brain hemorrhaging; severe cases of brachial plexus injuries, when other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy, do not work.

Physical therapy:

This type of treatment can help in the treatment of different types of birth injuries, especially cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy is happening due to the damage of the brachial plexus nerve. When this condition is severe enough, then it can lead to loss of sensation, weakness, or even paralysis in the arms. Physical therapy can help a baby to develop muscle strength, reduce pain, range of motion, and regain sensation.

Physical therapy is a very important part of the treatment for children who are born with cerebral palsy caused by a birth injury. Cerebral palsy is affecting the muscles and how they move. When your child with cerebral palsy works with a physical therapist, then he or she can develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and better balance. Also, physical therapy can help a child to walk more easily and reduce pain.

Complementary and alternative therapy:

These therapies are not used a lot in children with birth defects, but they can provide benefits. Some of the therapies which are taking part in it include yoga and bodywork, virtual reality gaming, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and stem cell therapy.


You can play music for your children. This will relax him or her and it will help with their emotional skills. [1]

Fish oil:

This natural cure has high amounts of Omega – 3 fatty acids, which can help to improve effective nerve communication and nerve response. Also, it will promote the development of healthy brain tissue [2]. If your child has Cerebral palsy caused by a birth injury, then you can give him this home remedy, but talk with your doctor about any possible side effects.

Recreational therapy:

This type of therapy utilizes fun activities in order to improve the function and health of patients.

Art therapy:

This therapy can help your children to make improvements in their emotional and behavioral skills. [3]


This type of medicine can help to reduce muscle tightness in children who have mild-moderate spastic cerebral palsy. Botox can be injected directly into the spastic muscles. The effects of the injection can last for several months at a time. [4]

Speech-language therapy:

Speech-language therapy can be used for children who have speech and language disorders, swallowing issues, social communication disorders, and cognitive-communication disorders. Also, speech-language pathologists can help nonverbal people learn to use AAC systems (augmentative and alternative communication).

Astragalus root:

There are some studies in which are shown that the astragalus root can help children with birth injuries. This natural cure has shown positive effects on social, motor, behavior, and daily skills in children who have cerebral palsy caused by birth injuries. Typically, this home remedy is given as an injection to children, but it has a very mild tasting.

Occupational therapy:

This is a form of treatment that focuses on helping children with sensory, physical, and cognitive disabilities. The occupational therapist will help your children with the birth injury that he or she has. The occupational therapist will help your children with developing fine motor skills; assisting with learning disabilities; learning basic skill tasks, such as brushing hair and teeth; developing and improving hand-eye coordination; developing positive behavior; improving focus skills and social skills; reducing outbursts, and impulsiveness. [5]

Occupational therapy can be made in different parts of life, like outdoor camps, doctor’s offices, mental health centers, rehabilitation facilities, at-home sessions, special education classrooms, and hospitals.


Ginger is a circulatory herb, which means that it can promote blood flow through the body. It is known that ginger can promote oxygen levels in the brain cells, which will improve neural communication. Also, it can be taken in capsule form. You can use ginger in your cooking. You need to speak with your doctor if the ginger will be suitable for your children, so you will know how much of it you can give him or her. [6]


This type of treatment can help to reduce the inflammation in the body and it can promote sufficient blood flow. Doctors often describe this treatment as one of the most effective treatments for children who suffer from cerebral palsy and its symptoms. Acupuncture has many benefits for the body, such as help with the restructuring of different parts of the brain, pain relief, improve muscle development, and improvement of muscle use. [7]

Acupuncture is available in all countries around the world, so you can consider it as a treatment for birth injuries. You can talk with your doctor if you can make this treatment for your children.


This herbal supplement has been proven to be one of the most effective home remedies for many ailments. It can promote effective blood circulation throughout the body. Also, it can help to have better neural communication. This can help to soothe spastic muscles with improved communication and promote blood flow. Echinacea is easy to find. [8]

It is available in most pharmacies, supplement shops, and even most supermarkets. It is cheap, so you can buy it but talk with your doctor about the best dosage which you should add to your children’s diet or if it is suitable for your children.

Massage therapy:

This type of therapy can help with muscle pain and can help to increase mobility.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy:

This type of therapy refers to a group of psychotherapy treatments. It has been proven that it has positive benefits in people with birth injuries.


This is another medication that is used to treat spastic cerebral palsy. It can be taken as an oral medication or it can be delivered through an intrathecal pump. This pump is implanted into the patient’s abdomen and continuously delivers the medicine into the fluid surrounding the spine.

Animal-assisted therapy:

There are many different organizations that provide opportunities for children to interact with animals for therapeutic purposes. Hippotherapy is one well–known example of animal-assisted therapy. This therapy can help to improve physical function, as well as sensory regulation and social skills. [9]


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