Eggplant juice benefits – prevents clogging of arteries

Health benefits of eggplant juice

You can easily find the eggplant in all markets through all the year. Eggplant comes in various varieties. The regular purple colored eggplant are ones that we need to make the juice. When you are making the eggplant juice, then you cannot just squeeze the eggplant to extract the juice from it. The eggplant juice is refreshing juice for your mind and body. You can get many health benefits of eggplant juice when you drink it. You should use a masher or mixer grinder to extract the juice from the eggplant. You can chop the eggplant into small pieces and put these pieces in the juicer for ease of use. You may need several eggplants to get a large glass of eggplant juice. When you are juicing vegetables, then it removes much of the natural fiber content which is found in the pulp. The eggplant juice has many important nutrients, such as potassium, phosphorus, folate and Vitamin C. If you can stomach the taste of eggplant juice, then drink it in pure and raw form because it retains more nutrients than the boiled eggplant juice. If you do not like the pure eggplant juice, then you can mix it with other fruits and vegetables and add some natural seasonings too.

Eggplant juice benefits

Blood clot prevention: The eggplant juice can help in the prevention of formation of blood clots. It has Vitamin K and bioflavonoids which can help to strengthen the capillaries.

Nervous tension reduction: When you are including the eggplant juice in your diet, then it can be good for your nerves. There are two components in eggplant (soroparone and scopoletin) which are playing an important role in calming down the nerves.

Controls obesity: Not many people have heard that eggplants are used in the weight loss. When you are including eggplant juice in your diet, then it can help to shed the ugly layers of flab faster. This juice aids in the fat burning process of the body. The eggplant juice has fiber which can feel you satisfied for long periods and it can prevent binge eating.

Brain health: The eggplant juice has several phytonutrients which can help in the brain development in humans. When you give your children to drink eggplant juice, then you can ensure yourself that they will have healthy and active brain.

Atherosclerosis prevention: There was one study in which was shown that the eggplant juice can be used in the diet to prevent clogging of arteries in our body. The eggplant juice can help to slow down the fat accumulation in the blood vessels and it can keep your heart healthy.

Diabetes prevention: The eggplant juice and extract can be used to inhibit an enzyme which is leading to type 2 diabetes.

Health benefits of eggplant juice

Eggplant juice uses

Blood cholesterol check: The eggplant is rich in fiber and it helps thwart cholesterol absorption, especially the harmful low – density lipoprotein cholesterol into the blood stream. There are some studies conducted on animals in which are shown that the eggplant, especially the eggplant juice has powerful effect on cholesterol levels and weight. Eggplant juice has chlorogenic acid which can help in the fight against free radicals in the body and protect you from viruses, cancer and bacteria.

Hypertension prevention: There are some clinical studies in which are said that the lack of potassium is the main cause for hypertension. The eggplant juice has potassium and low amounts of sodium which is ideal combination for combating hypertension.

Cardiac health: The eggplant has many nutrients like antioxidants and beta – carotene. These nutrients can reduce the risk of heart diseases and they can help the body to cope with stroke. There are some studies in which are shown that people who have elevated amounts of beta – carotene in their blood, are less prone to heart ailments.

Cancer prevention: There was one Japanese study in which was shown that the eggplant juice can be used as a natural treatment against cancer because it is rich in trypsin. It is known fact that this compound can neutralize the cancer – causing cells in people.


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