Benefits of iodine – treats goiter, aids healthy hair, nails and teeth

health benefits of iodine

Iodine is mineral that is important for normal growth and development. Around 6% of iodine is stored in the thyroid gland. Iodine is very important in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland which secretes thyroid hormone which can control the base metabolic rate of your body. If we do not have iron in our bodies, then the thyroid hormones cannot be synthesized. This mineral controls the functioning of the thyroid gland in your body which in turn has a significant influence on the metabolic processes in your body. It can help in the utilization of calories which means that it prevents their storage as excess fat. Spinach, turnip greens, soybeans, sesame seeds, summer squash, Swiss chard, lima beans and garlic are rich in iodine. Seaweed, kelp and dulse also are rich with iodine. Also you should add shrimp, sea bass, salmon, herring perch, halibut, haddock, cod, clams, oysters, lobster, canned tuna and canned sardines because they are rich in iodine. If you overdose with more than 2,000 mg, then this could be dangerous for you especially for people who suffer from tuberculosis or kidney ailments. When you take this mineral in excess amounts, then this can result in thyroid papillary cancer, rather than help you to prevent it. Nursing mothers and pregnant women should be careful when they are taking iodine and they should not take more than the prescribed dose.

Health benefits of iodine

Healthy hair, nails and teeth: It has many health benefits which are including formation of healthy and shiny skin, hair and teeth. Also it is important element for the hair care because if we have lack of iodine in our bodies, then this can result in hair loss. Also it speeds up the hair growth and it increases the follicle strength.

Energy levels: Iodine can help you to maintain optimal energy levels in your body by ensuring efficient utilization of calories and it is not allowing them to be deposited as excess fats in your body.

Metabolic rate: Iodine influences the functioning of the thyroid glands by assisting the production of hormones which are directly responsible for the body’s base metabolic rate. Metabolic rate affects the efficacy and efficiency of many organ systems in our bodies and it is regulating them to have normal processes which are including sleep cycles, absorption of food and the transformation of food into usable energy. There are some hormones such as triodothyronine and thyroxin which influence body temperature, body weight, blood pressure and heart rate. The body maintains Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) with the help of the mentioned hormones and they are also helping in protein synthesis. The key to maintaining health of your body is to ensure the normal creation of these hormones and their distribution in the body.

health benefits of iodineHealth benefits of iodine

Iodine programmed cell death: It ensures the apoptosis (which is also known as programmed cell death) which is important for the formation of new organs in your body and also it is important in the removal of diseased cells or malignant cancer cells which might be harmful for some person. This function is mainly derived from the activities on the thyroid gland and subsequent hormonal secretion and regulation from the thyroid gland. But if we do not have iodine in our bodies, then these vital processes cannot happen.

Iodine removes toxic chemicals: It can flush out chemical toxins such as biological toxins, mercury, lead and fluoride. The role of the extrathyroidal iodine is very important for your body. It has some antibacterial qualities, particularly against the Helicobacter pylori which is a dangerous bacterial infection of your stomach. It is known as H. Pylori and it is connected that is one of the most common causes for gastric cancer.

Thyroid and Goiter disorders: It is known fact that if we have iodine deficiency in our bodies, then this can lead to Goiter. You should add dairy products, sea food, salt and eggs in your diet because this can help you avoid iodine deficiency. Also this is a very effective natural treatment for enlarged thyroid gland.


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