Health benefits of Earl grey tea

Health benefits of Earl grey tea

Earl grey tea is one of the most popular and delectable varieties of hot beverage in the world. Also it has many health benefits (such as strengthen the immune system, aid digestion, protect your heart, help you lose weight, fight oxidative stress and it has ability to improve your energy) which are giving it one of the best places in the hot beverages. This is very popular hot drink in America, British Isles and Europe. This is a combination of common black tea with an unusual addition and that is dried bergamot orange. It has unique flavor. It has similar taste with the Chinese tea that was much more expensive and this was a reason why many varieties of this tea have appeared all around the world. There were many people who were trying to sell the Chinese tea as Earl grey tea. But this unique drink is not lost. There are many countries which are enjoying in it. There are some studies in which is shown that people who drink Earl grey tea are more susceptible to sunburn. There are some chemicals in the bergamot which can make some people more photosensitive. Also if you drink too much Earl grey tea, then this will result in discomfort and muscle cramps in your body.

Here are some health benefits of Earl grey tea:

Inflammatory issues: Black tea and Earl grey tea have some nutrients and organic compounds which have anti – inflammatory properties. They will help you to ease the inflammation of your throat and stomach. Also they will reduce other pains, irritations or aches in your body. This tea is used in topical applications when the tea has cooled. It can be used for skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. It has antioxidants which can promote rapid healing. Also they will prevent blemishes that are caused by some of the mentioned conditions.

Weight loss: Earl grey tea has small amount of citrus extract which is the key flavoring agent. This citrus extract can help people to lose their weight. Also it can stimulate their metabolism. This is a reason why many people use citrus extract or lemon instead of sugar. When you drink Earl grey tea, then you are boosting your health.

Cancer prevention: It has antioxidants which can help you in the prevention of oxidative stress in all parts of your body. They seek out free radicals which in many cases are a reason why we have cancer. They are mutating the healthy cells into cancerous cells. Also they are increasing the chronic illness. It is recommended do consume antioxidants at regular basis.

Stress and anxiety: If you have a long and stressful day at work, then you should drink one warm cup of this tea. It has small amount of caffeine which can help you to increase the clarity and focus. This amount of caffeine is small compared with people who want to drink coffee.

Health benefits of Earl grey tea

Digestion: Earl grey tea has anti – inflammatory properties which are used in the traditional medicine as natural treatment for nausea and colic. This type of tea can lower inflammation of the gut and help to settle the stomach. These can ease cramps, bloating, hemorrhoids and constipation. Also Earl grey tea can prevent infections and parasitic worms from surviving the gut because it has an antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Heart health: There are many studies in which is shown that the black tea can reduce the triglycerides in your body which are directly connected to atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attacks. There are some studies in which is shown that when you drink Earl grey tea in a period of few weeks at regular basis, then this can decrease the bad cholesterol levels in your body and also it can increase the good cholesterol levels in your body. This is possible because Earl grey tea has antioxidants which can eliminate the plaque buildup and oxidative stress in your heart.

Immune system: This tea can stimulate the immune system. The bergamot which is component of the Earl grey tea can prevent the onset of flu and colds. The natural antioxidant components which are found in the black tea also can defend our body from the oxidative stress. Also they will reduce the load of the immune system.

Above are some of the health benefits of Earl grey tea.


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