Getting rid of sciatica pain naturally through home remedies

Natural cures for sciatica

Sciatica is a pain that is caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Usually, sciatica affects only one of the body, and it tends to be debilitating and severe. This pain usually extends from your lower back to the rear of the thigh and down through your leg. This pain can be accompanied by symptoms like tingling or burning down the leg, shooting pain which causes difficulty sitting down or standing up, and weakness and numbness down the affected leg and even in your toes. In most cases, this condition is caused by slipped or herniated discs [1].

Also, it can be caused by issues like piriformis syndrome, isthmic spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, pregnancy, degenerative disc disease, and a spinal injury or infection. There are many conventional treatments that can be used for sciatica, but they only ease the pain temporarily. Also, most steroid injections can cause serious side effects. You can use some of the below-mentioned home remedies and natural therapies because they can help to reduce the pressure and inflammation on the irritated sciatic nerve.

In most cases, this problem will go away with time, around six weeks, and rest. Talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment for you because we do not guarantee you that they will help you without causing you side effects.

9 Home remedies for sciatica


Valerian root works as a relaxant, and it can give you relief from chronic nerve pain. This is a very effective home remedy for easing sciatic pain, which is caused by muscle spasms. It has volatile oils, which can help to relax your muscles, and it will ease the tension. This home remedy is popularly used as a sleeping aid.

You can drink valerian tea which is prepared by steeping one teaspoon of dried valerian root in one cup of hot water for ten minutes. You should drink this home remedy several times a week for a period of a few weeks.

Also, you can take 150 mg of valerian root supplement three times per day for a period of a few weeks. Talk with your doctor before you start taking them.

White willow bark

This home remedy can be used as a natural treatment for long-lasting pain relief. It has phenolic glycosides with salicin which provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

You should take a white willow bark supplement of 120 – 140 mg salicin on a daily basis for a period of several weeks. You should talk with your doctor about the proper dosage and suitability. [2]

Natural cures for sciatica

Spinal manipulation

One natural treatment for neck and back pain that is increasing its popularity is chiropractic care. Chiropractic spinal manipulation includes different techniques which are involving rapid and short thrusts to alleviate nerve irritability, which is responsible for the inflammation and other symptoms that are associated with sciatica.

There was one study in 2010 in which it was found that spinal manipulation benefited 60% of the study participants who suffered from sciatica to the same degree as a surgical intervention could have provided [3].

You should talk with your doctor about the proper treatment, which will depend on the exact cause of the sciatic pain.

Capsaicin cream

We know that cayenne pepper has capsaicin which is an active ingredient that works as a natural pain reliever. It can help to deplete the levels of a neurotransmitter which is called substance P and which transports the pain signals.

You should buy a cream or ointment that has 0.025% – 0.075% capsaicin. You should apply it to the affected area up to four times a day, at least for one week. The capsaicin cream or ointment can cause a burning sensation initially. This is a reason why you should not apply it to broken skin. [4]


Maintaining normal activity is very beneficial for people who suffer from sciatica. A day or 2 after sciatica flare-up, you can start a regular exercise program because this can help to strengthen the back muscles and abdominal muscles. Strengthening the core muscles can help to facilitate quick recovery. You can do knee-to-chest stretch because this can help to reduce the irritation of the sciatic nerve, and also it can improve the flexibility of the lower back. You should lie on your back on a mat with your feet straight and hip-width apart.

You should keep your upper body relaxed, and you should bend your right knee upwards with an inhale. You should clasp your hands behind the thigh, and you should gently put them towards the chest as far as is comfortable. You should keep your other leg flat on the surface. You should hold this position for twenty seconds with controlled deep breaths, and then you should lower your leg gently. You should switch your legs and repeat it. You should repeat this exercise three to five times. You should finally do this exercise with both legs three to five times.

Also, you can do exercises like sciatic-mobilizing stretches, back extensions, backblock, floor twist, knees rocking, spinal rolling, and certain yoga poses like pigeon pose and the cat–cow pose because they can help to get relief from sciatica and lower back pain. Also, you can try decompression exercises as well. You should talk with your doctor to help implement the right exercise program for your case.


Massage therapy can help you to get relief from sciatica pain, and also it can help your body to heal itself, especially when this problem is caused by a muscle spasm. Also, it can help to get relief from tension, increase the range of motion and stimulate circulation. You should massage the affected area with St. John’s wort oil two or three times per day until you get relief. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to relieve inflammation and sciatica pain.

Also, there is another option, and that is to add three tablespoons of nutmeg powder to one cup of sesame oil. You should heat this mixture. You should allow it to cool and massage the affected area with it when it is comfortably warm. You should do this natural treatment a few times per day for a period of a few weeks. Also, you can do trigger–point massage therapy at least once per day. Pain in the side of the thighs, buttocks, and lower back is often associated with trigger points in the minimum muscles and gluteus medius. [5]


This is a very effective home remedy for sciatica because it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It has a compound known as curcumin which can help to reduce inflammation and nerve pain. You should add one teaspoon of turmeric to one cup of milk.

Also, you can add a small cinnamon stick. You should boil this home remedy. You can sweeten it with honey, and you should drink it once or twice per day until you see improvements in your condition.

Also, there is another option, and that is to take 250 – 500 mg turmeric supplements three times per day for a period of several weeks. You should talk with your doctor before you start taking turmeric supplements. People who are using diabetes medications and people who are taking blood thinners should not use turmeric as their natural treatment for sciatica. Also, people who suffer from gallstones should avoid them. [6]

Hot or cold compresses

You should use hot or cold compresses because they can help you to get relief from sciatica pain and inflammation. Heat treatment can help to relax tense muscles, which may compress the sciatic nerve. Cold treatment can help to reduce the swelling around the nerve, and also it can numb the pain.

Also, you can alternate the cold and heat, starting with the hot compress and ending with the cold compress. When you are using heat, then you should use moist heat like a steamed towel because it is more effective. You should place a hot or cold pack on the affected area for fifteen to twenty minutes. You should use this home remedy every few hours until you get relief. You should not use cold compresses if you have circulatory problems.

Fenugreek seeds

It is a known fact that a poultice that is prepared from fenugreek seeds can help to reduce sciatica pain because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe rheumatoid arthritis and gout pain.

You should grind a handful of fenugreek seeds. You should boil this powder with enough milk to get a mushy paste. You should apply this home remedy to the aching area as a poultice. Let it stay there for a few hours before you rinse it off. You should repeat this natural treatment on a daily basis until you get relief. [7]


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