Natural treatments for hepatitis B infection – olive leaf and garlic

Natural cures for Hepatitis B

This is a type of virus which is causing serious infections in the liver. If you left hepatitis B untreated, then it can become chronic which will lead to permanent scarring or failure of the liver function. There are many cases when hepatitis B leads to major liver dysfunctions such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. [1] There are some studies in which is estimated that over 300 million people are living with hepatitis B. In 2015 was said that 887,000 people all around the world died from hepatitis B. There are many people who suffer from this disease but they do not experience any symptoms. There is no cure for this disease but there are some home remedies which can support your immune system and they can reduce the risk of developing a chronic infection. The most common symptoms of hepatitis B are jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), light-colored stools, dark urine, muscle soreness, joint pain, loss of appetite, and stomach pain (especially the upper right quadrant), extreme fatigue, vomiting, nausea, and fever. The symptoms of this condition usually last a few weeks but there are some people who experience symptoms for as long as 6 months. Those people who have chronic hepatitis B are unable to clear this virus [2]. They can experience ongoing symptoms or they can live symptom–free for many years. There are many causes which could lead to hepatitis B such as needle sharing, sexual transmission, exposure to infected blood, and perinatal transmission. Talk with your doctor if you suffer from hepatitis B before you start using some of the below-mentioned home remedies.

15 Hepatitis B home remedy treatment

Olive leaf

It is a known fact that the extract of olive leaf can fight against hepatitis B but also it can fight against other forms of viruses which disrupt the normal working of the human body. When you consume olive leaf extract, then it releases antioxidants in the blood which are acting as antiseptics to kill the virus. When the olive leaf extract is used in combination with Zell oxygen, then it becomes a more effective home remedy for hepatitis B. When there is a buildup of cellular mitochondria, then the cellular respiration also is increasing and it helps to kill the virus. [3]


It is known that the intake of garlic can help to kill the hepatitis B virus. Garlic has amino acids and metabolites. You should consume raw garlic cloves (minced) because they can help you to protect your liver from hepatitis B. [4] Also you can consume food items which have garlic as their component.


You can make a tea with dandelion leaf and use it as your natural treatment for hepatitis B. You should drink this tea multiple times per day. Also, you can take the juice extracted from dandelion roots and leaves on daily basis. You can make a home remedy with dried roots of the dandelion because this can help you to improve your digestion. [5]


This is also a very effective home remedy for hepatitis B. It can help to reduce the liver damage which is caused by chronic hepatitis. There are some studies in which it said that the intake of cordyceps extract, 3 – 5 grams, two times per day can help to improve the functioning of the liver. [6]

Vitamin B

It is known that this vitamin can improve the immune system and also it can kill the hepatitis B virus.

Vitamin B12 can help to treat the symptoms of hepatitis B. Also, it can control the growth of the virus.

Vitamin B6 can promote the production of new liver cells. You can get these vitamins from foods such as cheese, yeast, milk, avocado, fish and beef liver.


It is known that this herb releases antigen glycyrrhizin which is effective properties against chronic hepatitis B. This antigen is increasing the production of bile juice in the liver and in turn, this can help to lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood. [7]

Black seed oil

When you consume the black seed oil, then it will aid in the digestion and metabolism rate. This oil can spread warmth in the blood which can help to improve the liver functioning and strength. [8]

Natural cures for Hepatitis B

Do not share personal care items

If you are using IV drugs, then you should never share syringes and needles. Also, you should not share toothbrushes or razor blades because they can carry traces of infected blood.

Food for hepatitis B

You should have pure blood that must flow into your liver which will kill the hepatitis B virus. There are many foods which can cleanse the blood in your liver such as chaparral, Oregon grape root, beet leaf red clover, and milk thistle. All of the mentioned foods are detoxifying the blood and also they can help to cure hepatitis B. Among the mentioned foods, the milk thistle is the most effective home remedy for hepatitis B because it has silymarin content which can strengthen the outer liver cell membranes and it acts as a tonic to stimulate the release of the protein in the liver. When you consume milk thistle, then the antioxidants are released into the blood. This will protect the liver from further damage from pollutants in your blood. [9]


If you want to cure hepatitis B completely, then you should have a hydrated system. There is no alternative to water if you want to use it as your natural treatment for hepatitis B. You should not substitute the water with other beverages like alcohol and carbonated drinks because they can quench thirst without bringing about proper hydration.

Green tea

People who suffer from hepatitis B must drink large quantities of green because it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants will enable the proper functioning of the liver through the balanced secretion of juices. [10]

Reduce stress

You should reduce the stress and take it easy because this can help you to get relief from the symptoms of hepatitis B and it can prevent the spread of this virus. You should not engage in strenuous activities, especially if you are feeling tired and have low energy. You should allow your body to rest. You should do some gentle yoga or take a short walk outside. You should take a warm bath or you can read an uplifting book. There is another easy way which can help you to reduce the stress and which will bring you feelings of peace and that is to diffuse lavender essential oil at home or work. If you do not have a diffuser, then you can tub one to two drops of lavender oil into your temples or you should inhale it directly from the bottle.

Whey protein

If your liver is infected by hepatitis B, then the blood flow into the liver diminishes. You should consume approximately 25 g of whey protein every day for a period of one year because it will increase the rate of blood circulation in your liver. This type of nutrient will enhance the ratio of blood in the liver and also it can cure the inflammation of liver tissues. [11]


You can use lemon as a natural cure for hepatitis B. If you suffer from this disease, then you should drink fresh lemon water several times per day because it can help you to get relief from the symptoms such as loss of appetite, puking, and nausea in a short period. Also, you can mix papaya seed juice and lemon juice which you should drink on daily basis in order to get effective results. Also, there is another option and that is to mix olive oil, grapefruit extract, and lemon juice because they can help you in the natural treatment of hepatitis B.

Make sex safer

If you are in a relationship, then you should tell your partner that you have hepatitis B virus and talk with him or her about the risk of transmitting it to him or her. You should use a new latex condom every time you have sex but you should know that condoms are reducing but not eliminating the risk of hepatitis B virus.

Indian gooseberry

This herb is also known as “Emblica Officinalis” and it has anti-viral properties [12]. You should mix the juice of Indian gooseberry and honey and drink this home remedy several times per day because it can help you to treat the illness. You can dilute the juice of Indian gooseberry and then consume it to get the results that you want. There is another option and that is to mix jaggery and Indian gooseberry fruit powder. Take this mixture two times per day on daily basis for a period of one month.


You can make a tea of ginger root which you should consume on a regular basis because it will give you relief from the symptoms that are associated with hepatitis B. Also, you can consume ginger juice after each meal to get the desired results.


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