Coconut water is a very effective home remedy for heat exhaustion

Natural cures for heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a heart–related illness. It is happening after you have been exposed to high temperatures and it is often accompanied by dehydration. [1] There are 2 types of heat exhaustionwater depletion (signs and symptoms of this condition include loss of consciousness, headache, weakness, and excessive thirst) and salt depletion (dizziness, muscle cramps, vomiting, and nausea).

Difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke

Heat exhaustion is not serious as a heat stroke but this is not something that should be taken lightly. If you do not have a proper intervention, then the heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke and which can damage the brain and other vital organs and even it can cause death.

Common symptoms of heat exhaustion

The most common symptoms of heat exhaustion are rapid heartbeat; profuse sweating; pale skin; nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea; muscle or abdominal cramps; headache; fatigue; fainting; dizziness; dark-colored urine (a sign of dehydration), and confusion. [1] This condition is strongly related to the heat index, which is a measurement of how hot you feel when the effects of relative humidity and air temperature are combined.

The relative humidity of 60% or more hampers sweat evaporation and this hinders your body’s ability to cool itself. Infants and children up to age 4 and adults who are over age 65 are having the biggest chances of getting heat exhaustion because they adjust to heat more slowly than other people. When you go outside, then you should use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

Talk with your doctor if you have heat exhaustion before you start using some of the below-mentioned home remedies.

18 Heat exhaustion home remedy treatment

Peppermint essential oil

It is a known fact that peppermint essential oil can boost the flow of blood to the skin and it can help the body to release the heat quickly. As a result of this, the body is able to return to its normal temperature quicker and cool down. To enjoy the benefits of the peppermint essential oil, you should add two drops of the peppermint essential oil on the inside of the wrists, sides of the neck, and bottom of the feet.

What you should wear

When you go outside in the sun, then you should wear lightweight, loose-fitting, and light-colored clothing and a wide-brimmed hat. You should not wear clothes that are made of rayon and polyester because they are not allowing to your body to breathe and they can make you feel even hotter. The best material which you should wear during the hot summer days is cotton. [1]


It is a known fact that sandalwood has cooling abilities which are making it a very effective home remedy for heat exhaustion.

You should mix a few tablespoons of sandalwood powder with enough water to make a paste. Then, you should apply this paste to your forehead and chest to bring down the body temperature. Also, there is another option and that is to massage the sandalwood oil on your body. [2]

Opening windows

You should open windows on opposite sides of the room or house because this can cool things down more than a fan with the windows shut.

Use an umbrella

When you go outside in the daytime, then you should use an umbrella and a hand fan. You should walk slowly and rest often in the shade of a building or tree. If you are going on a short distance, then try to go there by car.

Natural cures for heat exhaustion

Apple cider vinegar

You should mix a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water or in your favorite juice. Drink this home remedy as your natural treatment for heat exhaustion. This natural cure will replenish all the minerals and electrolytes which are lost due to excessive sweating.

Aloe Vera juice

This home remedy has many vitamins and minerals and it has many wonderful properties to boost the natural ability of the body to adapt to external changes. Also, this home remedy can boost the natural defense mechanism of our bodies and it can stabilize all internal systems. Also, it is very effective for treating heat exhaustion and prickly heat. [3]

Coriander and mint juice

You can make a juice by mixing the juice extracted from the fresh coriander leaves, the juice from extracted fresh mint leaves, and a pinch of sugar. This natural cure makes wonders for the healing process of heat exhaustion. Also, you can apply the coriander juice topically to soothe the burnt itchy skin because it possesses wonderful cooling properties. [4]

A normal diet

People who suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke should eat a normal diet and they should avoid hard digested foods. Also, these people should not consume fried foods. It is known that sweating can help you to feel cooler. This is a reason why you should drink fluids which can prevent dehydration and it will allow you to sweat. Older people have less of a sensation of thirst and this is a reason why they should drink more water even if they are not feeling thirsty.

Tamarind drink

This home remedy is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which are a very helpful natural treatment for heat exhaustion. If you want to make a tamarind drink, then you should soak a few pieces of tamarind in boiling water and then allow it to steep for a few minutes. You should strain this mixture and then add little sugar to it. Drink this home remedy as your natural treatment for heat exhaustion. This type of natural cure is very useful in lowering the body temperature and also it is working as a mild laxative. [5]

Coconut water

This is a very effective home remedy for the natural treatment of heat exhaustion because it can rehydrate your body and restore the electrolytes in your body and it will make you feel better instantly. Coconut water is made of a nutrient that is identical to our blood plasma and it is extremely nourishing after all kinds of physical activities. [6]


This fruit is rich in antioxidants which are extremely hydrating for our body [7]. The antioxidants can soothe any internal inflammation which may have happened due to heat exhaustion. You should soak a few plums in water till they turn soft and then you should mash them up with the water and strain this home remedy. You should consume this home remedy immediately because this will help you to soothe the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Onion juice

This is one of the best home remedies which you can use for treating heat exhaustion. There are many Ayurvedic practitioners which are recommending the onion juice as a first home remedy in a case of sunstroke.

You should apply onion juice on your chest as well as behind your ears because this can help to bring down the body temperature. You should eat raw onions in salads and sauces because they can serve the same purpose.

Cold compress

The first home remedy which you should try to apply on the back of your neck when your body’s temperature rises too high due to heat exhaustion is the cold compress. You should dip a washcloth in cold water and then apply it to the back and the side of your neck, specifically when your carotid artery is present. This artery is supplying your brain with blood and it can cool it down which will make you feel better.


When we are out in the sun we become dehydrated because we lose water through sweating. If you suffer from heat exhaustion, then the most important thing which you should do is to drink a lot of water. You should add a teaspoon of mineral salt and one teaspoon of sugar to a cup of water because this will boost the benefits by balancing the electrolytes.

But you should be sure that you are not drinking a lot of water at once because your body can go into shock and it can cause you to throw up all the water.

The right way can help you to rehydrate your body is to sip water slowly over a period of time. [1]

What kind of fluids you should avoid

You should avoid fluids that have caffeine or alcohol because both substances can make you lose more fluids and they can worsen heat exhaustion. If you suffer from liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, or epilepsy, or if you have a problem with fluid retention or you are on a fluid–restricted diet, then you should talk with your doctor before you increase your liquid intake.


It is a known fact that buttermilk can help to reduce the increasing heat in your body. [8]

Raspberry tea

There are some studies in which is said that you should drink raspberry tea if you suffer from heat exhaustion because this is producing a cooling effect on your overheated system.


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