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Orange essential oil is an excellent anti-depressant & antiseptic

The orange essential oil has many health benefits which are attributed to properties as a cholagogue, sedative, tonic, diuretic, carminative, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant and anti – inflammatory substance. This essential oil has many medicinal, industrial and domestic uses. Domestically this essential oil is used to add orange flavor to sweetmeats, desserts and beverages. Industrially this essential oil is used in bakery items, confectionery items, chocolates, biscuits, deodorants, sprays, room fresheners, concentrations for soft beverages, wrinkle – lifting applications, anti – aging applications, creams, body lotions and soaps. This kind of essential oil is obtained from the peels of orange when it is done cold compression. The botanical name of oranges is Citrus Sinensis. This kind of essential oil displays photo – toxicity. The orange essential oil tastes bitter and if you consume it in large quantities, then this can result in loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

Health benefits of orange essential oil

Insecticide: There are some studies in which is shown that the orange essential oil is effective natural treatment for pupae and larvae of housefly and also it can help you to eliminate the houseflies.

Alzheimer’s disease: There are some studies in which is shown that people who consume orange essential oil have noticed improvements in their cognitive function especially in the patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Carminative: The orange essential oil is carminative agent that can remove the excess gas from our intestines. Gas can be very troublesome if it is formed in the intestines and pushes upwards. It is light and moves upwards which pushes against our internal organs which can create discomfort, indigestion and chest pain. Also it can cause you acute stomach aches, negatively affect heart health and cause a rise in the blood pressure. This essential oil can help you to rid of these problems because it can relax the anal and abdominal muscles which mean that it can let the gas to escape. Also it will not let additional gas to form in your body.

Health benefits of orange essential oilorange essential oil uses

Tonic: There are some studies in which is said that the relation of tonic to the body is similar to servicing and overhauling a vehicle. Tonic means that it will tone up every system which functions throughout the body, boost immunity, contributes to strength and keeps the metabolic system in proper shape.

Diuretic: Orange essential oil will help you to rid of the excess gas from your body. Also it will flush out the toxins from your body. When you add orange essential oil in your diet, then you will have normal urination which will eliminate excess salt, uric acid, excess water, bile and pollutants within your urine. Urination promotes digestion and increases appetite. It can help you to lose fats and also your heart will function properly.

Antidepressant: When we feel the smell of the orange essential oil, then we think about happy moments in our life which are giving us pleasant thoughts to our minds. This is a reason why the orange essential oil is used as aromatherapy. This is a perfect natural remedy for people who suffer from chronic anxiety or depression because it creates relaxed and happy feelings and it works as lifter. It can help you to reduce the salivary cortisol and the pulse rate due to child anxiety state.

Antiseptic: When we have abrasion or a cut, then we have a chance to get septic wound which can be caused by bacterial infection. If your wound is from iron object, then you have the biggest chances to have septic wound because your wounds can become infected by tetanus germs. The orange essential oil will help you to stay protected from fungal and septic infections and tetanus because it can disinfect the wounds and inhibit the microbial growth.

Cholagogue: The orange essential oil can promote secretions from all appropriate glands such as endocrine and exocrine gland; it is used to promote enzymes, hormones, bile, digestive juices, lactation and menstruation.

Merlin Joy
Merlin Joy
Holding a doctorate degree, Dr. Merlin Joy AKA Sinatra developed passion for home remedies from her mother, grand father and grandmother. Sinatra loves to read books and hiking. You can contact her through [email protected]


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