Natural treatment for low libido – basil, maca root and gingko

low libido cure, increase sex drive naturally

Loss of the libido is a very common problem which can affect both men and women at some point of their lives. In the most cases this is a result from tiredness, stress or relationship issues. Also there are some cases when the loss of sex drive is caused by some underlying medical condition such as reduced hormone levels. We know that every single person has not the same sex drive with other person. There is not something such as normal border. But if you have found a lack of desire for sex, then you need to talk with your doctor. He or she will tell you which the best natural treatment for your loss of sex drive is. There are many causes which can lead to low libido such as alcohol and drugs, medication and contraception, underlying health problems, pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, getting older and the menopause, depression, stress, anxiety and exhaustion, sexual problems and relationship problems. Diet and exercise in many cases are the best natural treatments for stimulating sex desire.

Home remedies and lifestyle changes to treat low libido

Keep your relationship in check: After you have had an argument with your partner, then you are not in mood to have sex. We know that for women, sensing emotional closeness is important for their sexual intimacy. This means that the unresolved conflicts can affect their sexual relationship. We know that for every relationship is important to have trust and to approach this we need to communicate with our partner. You should prevent resentments from buildup to avoid low libido.

Ashwaganda root: There are some studies in which is said that this natural cure is a potent igniter for desire and passion [1]. This health benefit of the ashwaganda root will get your immediate attention but also it has many other health benefits for women. This natural cure can increase the blood flow to the clitoris and other female sexual organs which is creating an intense sexual experience.

Avoid toxins that harm the testicles: Personal care products such as shaving creams and lotions have parabens and phthalates and the BPA in plastic bottles and on store receipts are anti – androgens. This means that they disrupt the production and function of many hormones in which testosterone is also included. You should green your bathroom cabinet. You should use stainless – steel reusable water bottles. Also you should say no thanks to receipts at stores. All of these advices will help you to avoid the previous mentioned chemicals.

Get plenty of sleep: People who have a hectic lifestyle do not always have the time to get the enough amount of their sleep. Also when people are busy all the time, then they does not have enough time for sex. Also people who balance work with caring young children or aging parents is often left exhausted which can lead to low libido. You can boost your sex drive and energy when you take naps when you can and also you should eat healthy diet which is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. [2,3]

low libido cure, increase sex drive naturally

Natural cures for low libido

Get some sun: It is known fact that the male reproductive tract is a target for the Vitamin D. It has been shown that Vitamin D supplementation can increase the total testosterone, free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone [4]. In the United States of America was noticed an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in men. If you are not sure about the levels of Vitamin D in your body, then you need to get tested. Also you should take 15 minutes of direct sunshine every day.

Take time to meditate and relive stress: No matter how healthy is some person, if he is stressed out, then this is going to affect his sex drive. Women are particularly susceptible to the effects of stress which can have on their life. Men in some cases use sex to get a relief from the stress. Also there are some cases in differences in the approach to sex can cause conflict between partners. If you want to get a relief from the stress, then you should take a yoga class, practice tai chi or participate in sport activities.

Maca root: This herb was the go – to herb for women who lived in the Andes for centuries. It is rich in iodine which supports the hormone balance of women [5]. Also it is rich in zinc which is important minerals for sex hormones and it does more than the fan the flames of desire. In one study women were taking maca root and it was shown that they have improved their sexual experience and satisfaction (free from low libido).

Stick to one glass of wine: When someone drinks two glasses of wine, then this could be too much for him. When you drink one glass of wine, then this can put you at ease and it can increase your interest in becoming intimate. But if you drink too much alcohol, then this can ruin your ability to perform because it is affecting your erectile function. Also if you drink too much alcohol, then it can affect your ability to orgasm.

Muira puama: Women who have used this natural cure report a surge in libido, sexual enjoyments, desire and they have noticed intensified orgasms. This herb also has positive effect on both pre – and post – menopausal sexual experience supports its overall benefits for the female sexual and reproductive health. This is a reason why this herb is known as potency wood. [6]

Boost your self – confidence: It is known fact that the way you feel about your body, it can affect the way you feel about having sex. A lack of exercise and unhealthy diet can cause you to have a poor self – image resulting in low libido. These things can discourage you to have sex and to enjoy in it. You need to shift the focus from your flaws to your attributes because in this way you will boost your self – esteem and your sex drive. Also you should focus on the pleasure which you have experienced during sex.

Avoid statins and eat more fish oil: There are some studies in which is said that the statin drugs negatively impact mitochondria and the energy powerhouses of your metabolism but also lower free and total testosterone. This is most likely because the cholesterol is the building block of all of our steroid hormones. Cholesterol becomes DHEA which in turn becomes testosterone. When you eat more fish oil, then this will lower the inflammation and also this will support the production of healthy cholesterol which is the building block for T. Also this oil lowers sex – hormone binding globulin which is the second school bus – like protein which ferries testosterone around your body so that more testosterone is available and free.

Take a tip from Africa: Yohimbine is an alkaloid which is found in the bark of the West African evergreen Yohimbe. This natural cure was found that works as a natural Viagra. There are some studies in which is said that the Yohimbine can help us to maintain an erection. Also this natural cure will enhance the quality of erection in men. But there are many studies in which is said that there is no natural cure which is equivalent to match Viagra. [7]

Take your daily herbs: Next time when you want to have romantic dinner with your partner, then you should add a small amount of garlic or basil to your dishes. Garlic is rich in allicin which is increasing the blood flow while the smell of basil stimulates the senses. The effects of the mentioned natural cures can help men who have erectile dysfunction. Gingko biloba is an extract which is derived from the leaf of the Chinese gingko tree. This herb is also a very useful for the natural treatment antidepressant – induced sexual dysfunction.

Try eating chocolate: It is known fact that the throughout the history, chocolate is a symbol of desire. It has delicious taste. This product also has a power to improve the sexual pleasure. There was one study in which is said that the chocolate promotes the release of serotonin and phenylethylamine into the body [8]. This natural cure can produce some mood – lifting and aphrodisiac effects. Also in another study was said that the effects of chocolate on sexuality are probably more psychological than biological [9].

Try eating certain fruits: There are small cases in which are proven the effects of eating fruit on the sex drive but when we eat fruits there is not harm for our bodies. Foods which are considered as libido – boosting foods, also known as aphrodisiacs are avocadoes, bananas and figs. These fruits have important minerals and vitamins which can increase the blood flow to your genitals and also they can promote a healthy sex life.


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