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Weak immune system – Signs, causes and risk factors

Weak immune system

When you have weak immune system, then you can be sick a lot. Also you can have fatigue and run down more often than previous. Also you can have allergies a lot and you can catch viruses and colds more often than the period you were healthy. We can easily notice that there are people who get sick very often and on the other hand we can see people who are full of energy and they rarely get sick. We know that the immune system depends from individual to individual. There are not two people who have the same immune system. Our immune system includes our tonsils, lymph nodes, splenn and bone marrow. When we say immune system, then we mean this is the way of how we fight cancer, infections and germs. When our body has immunodeficiency disorders, then our immune system is not working properly. In this case we can easily get infections and cancer. [1] It is very important for our immune system to be diagnosed in the early stadium because in this way we can health faster. If our immune system is resistant to anti – fungal medications and antibiotics, then we have very weak immune system. We know that we live in environment in which there are plenty different toxins which can make side effects in our bodies. This is a reason why we should keep our immune system at its optimal health. This is very important part of our bodies which need to function properly.

Signs and symptoms of weak immune system

There are many cases when we do not know that we have weak immune system. There are many underlying conditions which can lead to weak immune system. There are many ways and degrees in which the immune system will show that it is impaired. It can be just transient or it can be permanent type of weak immune system. It can be result from the acquired immunodeficiency or genetics [2]. Also there are chances to have weak immune system which is result from the reduced immunocompetence which means that the body function to respond to tumors, pathogenic organisms or tissue damage is decreased.

Causes and development: There are many factors which can lead to weak immune system such as physical stressors, emotional stress [3], environmental and occupational chemical exposure [4], athletic overtraining, viral infections [1], UV radiation and other types of radiation, surgery, blood transfusions and certain drug therapies [5]. Also the way of eating can lead to weak immune system. If you are consuming too fat food, alcohol, refined sugar or you do not consume enough amounts of calorie, protein, water and minerals, then you have increased chances to get weak immune system. Every single person can have weak immune system but in the most cases people who are above age of 40 can have weak immune system. If you want to have healthy life without diseases, then you should keep your immune system strong and balanced. You should eat lot of raw fruits and vegetables because they are natural agents which mean that they will help you to restore the function of your immune system in natural way. Our immune system is composed of many types of

Weak immune system

interdependent cells that work in a collective mode. This means that our immune system should protect us from fungal, parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. Also it should protect us from the growth of tumor cells. We know that many of the cells types have different types of functions which mean that they are specialized in one function. They can kill virus – infected cells, kill parasites or engulf bacteria. When we have weak immune system, then we also can have some kinds of diseases which lead to this problem such as AIDS. This kind of disease is immunodeficiency disease. In the most cases this type of disease is result from our genes. But also there are some cases when our immune system gets weak without known cause. If you have noticed that you easily get sick, then you must talk with your doctor. He or she will tell you which is the best natural remedy or medication to improve your immune system. Your doctor will check you completely with all tests that are needed to discover if you have weak immune system or not. [1]

These are some conditions of the weak immune system.


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
Hanan, a medical student (MBBS) having passion for writing and is very much interested in holistic living along with nature. He is very much interested in doing community service and watches anime and play PS4 during his free time. You can reach him through [email protected]



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