Health benefits of Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts have many health benefits, such as help prevent anemia; ensure the health of the brain and nerves; helps fight inflammation; promotes skin health; promote blood sugar management; improve blood circulation; support bone health; support probiotic health; relieve constipation and protects against cancer.

Many children do not want to eat Brussels sprouts but in fact they do not taste really bad. But when we get older, then we understand that Brussels sprouts have many health benefits which can offer to us. It is not clear where the Brussels sprouts originated from but it is likely to have an early start in Belgium from where the name Brussels originated. But, there are other experts who believe that Brussels sprouts have originated in Italy.

Nowadays, Brussels sprouts can be found all around the world. This vegetable is closely related to cabbages and it belongs to the same family of cruciferous vegetables which is known as Brassica.

Brussels sprouts


Here are some health benefits of Brussels sprouts:

Helps prevent anemia:

The Brussels sprouts have fair amounts of Vitamin C and the trace mineral copper which are very important for the proper uptake of iron into the blood where it can be synthesized into red blood cells. There are many people who suffer from anemia. They can improve their symptoms by foods which are high in iron. Also, they can Brussels sprouts in their diets because this vegetable will ensure them that their Vitamin C and copper needs are met as well.

Helps ensure the health of the brain and nerves:

It is known that manganese supports the health of the brain and nervous system and Brussels sprouts have this element. The diet which is high in manganese can help to ensure that the nerve fibers are properly insulated and they can keep the brain safe from many disorders, such as epilepsy. Also, manganese plays an important role in the maintenance of bone tissue which can help to prevent from osteoporosis and arthritis.

Natural anti – inflammatory:

The inflammation is a natural response and it helps to safeguard our body from diseases and traumatic wounds but the excessive states of inflammation are harmful to the body and it can cause many chronic conditions, such as premature aging, diabetes, cancer and blood pressure. It is known that the Brussels sprouts have many beneficial antioxidants and other phyto – compounds which can help to reduce the level of inflammatory markers in the blood and it can help you to stay away from the chronic disease. Also, Brussels sprouts have kaempferol which has many fighting properties.

Promotes skin health:

The Brussels sprouts have high amounts of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C which can help to improve the health of your skin. It can help you to have slowed aging. You can eat Brussels sprouts because they can help to reduce the impact of UV rays which have on your skin and in a combination with the Vitamin C, it can help to ensure that the collagen synthesis is maintained. We know that the collagen is a structural protein which gives your skin youthful vigor and elasticity which naturally declines as you are getting older.

Promotes blood sugar management:

Nowadays, vegetables have became very popular in the management of diabetes due to their relatively low carbohydrate content and fiber which can help to slow the rate of blood glucose absorption or spikes. Also, Brussels sprouts have alpha lipoic acid which is antioxidant that has been studied on blood glucose management and improving insulin sensitivity.

There are some studies in which are said that the most diabetics in this world are suffering from diabetes type 2 which means that improving insulin sensitivity can help with diabetes management. Also, people who suffer from diabetes type 2 disrupted insulin supply or action which then translates to the poor blood glucose content.

Help prevent constipation:

In a small half cup serving of Brussels sprouts, there are 2 grams of fiber which is 10% of your daily need. This element can help to prevent the constipation.


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