Health Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Leaves

butterfly pea leaves

Those people who love the Asian herbs surely know about butterfly pea Leaves. This is a flowering plant which is commonly used in the traditional medicine since ancient times. The scientific name of butterfly pea is Clitoria ternatea. The flowers of butterfly pea have beautiful indigo color which is used as a natural food coloring in some Asian cuisines and beverages. Also, the leaves of butterfly pea are used in the traditional medicine.

Those people who take butterfly pea for the first time can see allergic reaction. You should talk with your doctor if it is okay to use butterfly pea leaves without causing you side effects. There are some people who think that the simple carbohydrate in butterfly pea leaves can be beneficial for the diabetic patients but this is not proven with scientific studies so talk with your doctor before you add it in your diet.

If you want to use it as your home remedy for cholesterol or diabetes, then you must talk with your doctor, especially if you are taking prescribed medicines so in this way you will avoid side effects.

butterfly pea leaves

Here are some health benefits of butterfly pea leaves:

Enhances the function of the immune system:

The butterfly pea leaves have carbohydrate known as oligosaccharide which can enhance the function of the immune system. This is a reason why you can drink butterfly pea tea to accelerate the recovery process after illness.

Improves insulin sensitivity:

There are some people who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes, especially diabetes type 2, who can suffer from a condition also known as insulin sensitivity. This is a condition where the body cannot optimally utilize the function of insulin to break down the glucose which is derived from carbohydrate to energy which can result in the spiking of blood sugar level. It has been proven that oligosaccharide can help to improve the insulin sensitivity to help patients who suffer from diabetes type 2 to manage their blood sugar level.

Acts as prebiotic to promote gut health:

The oligosaccharide is found in the extract of butterfly pea leaves. There are some studies in which are said that this carbohydrate can replace the function of the prebiotic to promote healthy gut due to its ability to kill bacteria inside the intestine. Also, it can promote the good bacteria which will optimize the function of digestive system.

Lower the cholesterol level:

In the extract of butterfly pea leaves there is mucilage content which can help to lower the cholesterol level. This is a type of fiber which is good for the digestive system. The mucilage content will absorb or bind the cholesterol inside the intestine and then it will be washed off the system to help to lower cholesterol levels.

Contains healthy carbohydrates:

We know that carbohydrates are very important for the health of our bodies. The butterfly pea leaves have simple carbohydrates which are safe enough to be used as a home remedy for diabetic patients. Also, the seeds of this plant have similar carbohydrates which are good for our health.

Natural source of fiber:

The butterfly pea leaves have fiber which possesses many health benefits. Also, the extract of butterfly pea leaves have fiber which is good for the human health which has the ability to lower the cholesterol levels.

Promotes healthy liver:

There are some studies in which are found that butterfly pea leaves can help in the treatment of specific liver condition, known as hepatopathy.

Treatment for swollen joints:

In the traditional medicine, the leaves of butterfly pea were used as a home remedy for swollen joints. This natural treatment is used externally. It can help to reduce the symptoms or the swelling but it will not cure the problem which is the cause for swollen joints. This is possible due to the anti – inflammatory properties which are found in butterfly pea leaves.

Treatment for otalgia:

Many adults feel otalgia, also known as ear pain. But nowadays children, especially children who want to bath in the river where the water is not so clean, have otalgia. You can use the butterfly pea leaves to treat the ear pain but talk with your doctor if this is suitable for you.


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