Sandalwood essential oil improves your memory and concentration power

health benefits of sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil has many health benefits which can be attributed to its properties as a tonic, sedative, memory booster, hypotensive, expectorant, emollient, disinfectant, diuretic, carminative, cicatrisant, astringent, antispasmodic, antiphlogistic, anti – inflammatory and antiseptic substance. This type of essential oil is extracted through steam distillation of pieces of wood from the matured Sandalwood trees which are 40 – 80 years old, but the 80 years old tree is preferred. The older the tree is, there is more available oil and the aroma is stronger. The Indian Sandalwood which has the scientific name – Santalum Album is considered as the best quality tree. There are 2 more varieties, namely Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spictum) and Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum Ellipticum) which is quite expensive. The Australian Sandalwood is not too beneficial, but commercially is more in use compared with other 2 varieties because they are rare and exorbitantly expensive. There are not risks which have been associated with this essential oil but it is not recommended to be used raw on skin. If you want to apply it on your skin, then you should mix it with some type of carrier oil. Sandalwood essential oil blends well with Ylang – Ylang, Vetiver, Rose, Myrrh, Lavender, Geranium, Black pepper and Bergamot essential oils for the aromatherapy use.

Health benefits of sandalwood essential oil

Health tonic: The sandalwood essential oil can be a very good health tonic, especially for growing children. It is soothing on the digestive and stomach, nervous and circulatory systems, it can help these systems to function in harmony and without having any abnormalities.

Sedative effect: This essential oil sedates restlessness, stress, fear, anxiety and inflammation. Also it induces positive thoughts, inner vision, concentration, calmness and relaxation.

Memory booster: It can improve your memory and stimulate your concentration power. Also it can keep your brain cool and relaxed and it will save you from anxiety and undue stress.

health benefits of sandalwood essential oil

sandalwood essential oil uses

Lowers blood pressure: This is one of the best properties of sandalwood essential oil. You can take it with milk or even with water to reduce the blood pressure if you suffer from hypertension. Sandalwood paste also has the same effect when it is applied topically to various parts of your body.

Antiphlogistic: This essential oil has antiphlogistic properties and it will give you a relief from inflammation resulting from viral infections and fever.

Treats coughs: It behaves as an expectorant and it is very effective in treating coughs. Also it can help to fight viral infections which initially cause the mumps, flu, cold, coughing and other illnesses.

Skin care: Sandalwood essential oil keeps you feeling fresh and cool, cures infections, soothes your skin and it relieves it from irritation and inflammation.

Disinfectant: The disinfectant property of sandalwood essential oil plays a big role in cosmetics and religious ceremonies. Its fragrance can keep away small insects and microbes and this is a reason why it is extensively used in evaporators, fumigants, sprays and incense sticks to disinfect large areas. Sandalwood essential oil can be mixed with bathing water or other oils or lotions to apply on the skin and wounds to ensure their protection from the infections. Also it can be safely taken with milk cure internal infections, such as those of the excretory tracts, intestines, stomach, esophagus and throat.

Diuretic: Sandalwood essential oil has anti – inflammatory and relaxing properties which can soothe the inflammation in the urinary system and induces relaxation, thereby promoting the easy passage of your urine. Also it can increase the quantity and frequency of urination. This will help in treating inflammation and infections in the urinary system because it can flush out dangerous toxins through the urine.

Carminative: It is relaxant in nature which can induce the relaxation in your abdominal muscles and intestines, thereby facilitating the removal of gases. Also this will prevent excess gasses from forming.


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