Health benefits of Kalachuchi essential oil

Health benefits of kalachuchi

Many of us have not heard about kalachuchi before. The kalachuchi is also known as frangipani. It is native to the Latin American regions of Mexico, the Caribbean and also South America. Nowadays, they are grown in many other warm – climate regions of the world. The kalachuchi has beautiful appearance but also it has many health benefits which are reason why you should start using them.

If you have never used the kalachuchi before, then ask your doctor which is the best way to do it. There are 7 – 8 species of this plant and the majority of them are in the form of deciduous trees and shrubs. The trees are small with a height ranging from two to eight meters tall and similar width. This tree is known as “tree of life”. This tree continues to blossom even when it is cut.

The fragrance of kalachuchi is symbolized for love and spirituality. This is a reason why these trees are often used as an ingredient in perfumes. The flowers are 5 – 7.5 cm in diameter and they have rare seeds. The leaves of these plants are large, green and round edged and they are from 30 – 50 cm.

Health benefits of kalachuchi

Health benefits of kalachuchi1

Acts as aphrodisiac: The essential oil of kalachuchi is categorized as a love potion which means that it is aphrodisiac. It can help to build up the sexual desire among lovers.

Helps you sleep better: The kalachuchi essential oil has calming properties. It can produce sedative effect to people who inhale it. The sedative agent means that it can induce sleep by calming the mind and releasing the stress along the way.

Increases confidence: It is known fact that when you inhale the kalachuchi essential oil, then it can promote your mood, as well as your self – esteem. In this way, the essential oil can help you to have increased confidence in your everyday activities.

Reconnect you with the inner peace: The kalachuchi essential oil has calming properties which can help you to reconnect yourself with the inner peace due to its ability to reduce the toxics of everyday stresses. It will boost your mood and inner spirit simultaneously.

Triggers love: It is known that the kalachuchi essential oil is one of the best perfume ingredients ever because it has a provocative effect to all people who inhale it. Also, it is producing sensual feelings. The flowers have been culturally linked to the femininity. In the Chinese Feng Shui, the flower is linked with love.

Acts as stress reliever: The kalachuchi essential oil will reduce your risk of stress. It will lower the stress and promote peace in return. When you inhale the essential oil, then it can help to reduce the anxiety.

Acts as antioxidant: The kalachuchi is rich in antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties. It can help with the healthy functioning of the whole body. Antioxidants can help to eliminate free radicals which are causes for cancer. They will stop them from entering in the body and they will lower the presence of germs from the body as well. You can start using the kalachuchi essential oil from today because it will give you a better health and longevity.

Acts as a stimulant: The kalachuchi essential oil is a stimulant. It can help in the treatment of many conditions which are linked to the psychological health, nervous health and circulatory health.

Lowers headache: It is known that the kalachuchi extract can help to lower the headache due to its anti – inflammatory properties. Also, it is able to cure headaches up to the most severe cases, such as back pain or muscular pain.

Good for the skin health: It is known fact that kalachuchi flowers are good for the skin health because it has astringent and moisturizing properties. These flowers can be used in the aromatherapy. The extract of this flower will ensure that your skin will remain soft and supple so this is a reason why it is recommended as a home remedy for dry and cracked skin types. The flower is astringent because it is causing the contraction of skin cells.


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