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We know that electromagnetic radiation may surround us in modern life but many people do not know what it is. It is known that some forms of electromagnetic radiation are harmful but some other forms are more controversial. The EMF comes from all sorts of things, such as gamma rays, X – rays, ultraviolet waves, routers, fitness tracking devices, power lines, computers, TV and radio broadcasts, smart meters, cordless telephones, cell phones, and microwaves.

The most common symptoms which are happening to people who are exposed to too much EMF include chest pain or pressure; difficulty concentrating; feeling faint; fatigue; anxiety; weakness; racing heart or irregular heartbeat and dizziness. There are two categories of EMF: non – ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. The non – ionizing radiation includes low – to mid-frequency radiation which is generally perceived as harmless due to its lack of potency.

Some forms of non – ionizing radiation include visual light; microwaves; radiofrequency and extremely low frequency. The ionizing radiation includes electromagnetic radiation includes mid – to high – frequency radiation which can, under certain circumstances, lead to cellular and or DNA damage with prolonged exposure. Some forms of ionizing radiation include gamma, X – rays, and UV light. You need to talk with your doctor if you have been exposed to EMF and what is the best way to treat it.


Here are some home remedies for EMF:


This natural cure is rich in antioxidants which will give you protection against EMF but also, it is an excellent herb for eye health. We know that eyes can quickly become strained and irritated by staring at electronic devices. [1]

Olive leaf:

This natural cure is a powerful antioxidant and it has been shown to help to reduce the effects of EMF and it can boost the recovery of the body. [2]

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is found in many different herbs and foods. You should be sure that you are taking enough Vitamin C because it can help to prevent free radicals from squeezing into your cells. [3]

Green tea:

This natural cure is also rich in antioxidants which can enhance your body’s immune function to ward off possible EMF damage. [4]

You should keep your cell phone and computer at a distance when possible:

We know that in this modern era, we spend a lot of time around electromagnetic radiation. The cell phone is one of the first sources of EMF. Many people suffer from nomophobia but they do know it. The nomophobia is a fear of being without your phone and this is actually a thing.

Many people cannot imagine their lives without cell phones, especially teens but every single person should be conscious that the EMF from cell phones can cause a lot of damage. But there are simple things which you can do to help you to avoid excess levels of EMF. You should avoid carrying your cell phone in your bra or pocket. This is a very common problem for both men and women, especially young boys and girls. [5,6]

The little microwaves which we cannot see may actually cause damage to your body and this is including reproductive issues and possibly cancer. Also, they can increase the risk for potential birth defects and many other different problems for which we do not know enough. But not just our cell phones can lead to many serious health problems due to EMF. Also, overusing electronic tables can increase the risk of health problems. This is a reason why you should keep your devices away from your children. [5,6]

You should never use your computer on your lap when it is connected to a power source. If you are working on your laptop for an extended period of time, you should use a separate mouse and keyboard. This will help to minimize the time with your hands or legs which are near the power source and that it is in the battery area. When you are talking on your cell phone, then you can use speakerphone and you can set the phone two feet away.

You can use a headset if desired. You can text your friends and family instead of calling them. You should not make calls while you are in the car, because it is known that the signal has to bounce off f different towers constantly to stay connected which is increasing your EMF exposure. You should avoid making calls when you only have a few bars because the phone automatically increases its signal and it tries to compensate it. You should turn your phone or tablet to airplane mode when your kids are using them to play games.


This spice is commonly used in curried foods. It is a powerful antioxidant that can boost your cellular resistance to EMF exposure. The turmeric has a powerful component called curcumin which can help you in the fight against EMF. It is one of the strongest free radical fighting supplements. It can help to protect your cells and it can prevent the damaging inflammation from the radiation. This is a reason why you should add turmeric in your diet and stay away from EMF. [7]


This is an adaptogen herb that is highly effective in resetting many systems of the body. Also, it is potent in mitigating the influence of electromagnetic reaction. [8]

Avoid Bluetooth headsets and use speakerphones instead:

It is noticed that when you are using Bluetooth headsets in a combination with the cell phone, then it can affect you. But there are some studies in which are said that this is minimal and the problem is bigger in people who are wearing them constantly even when they are not in use. You can avoid all of the mentioned when you are using a speakerphone.

It is known that the further the cell phone is from you, the better will be for you. This is a reason why texting with your phone help far away from your body is considered as a safer option compared to talking with the phone by your ear. It is noticed that the radiation is greatly reduced for every inch which is away from your body. [6]


This is not commonly found a natural cure but it is a powerful antioxidant that is used to protect cells from the damage associated with EMF and free radicals.

Do not plug anything near your bed:

Even if your sound machine/clock/lamp is off, it is still giving off an electric field around the unit and the cord. The best thing which you should do is to shut off the breaker to your bedroom.

Vitamin B6:

This vitamin can help to rebuild neurotransmitters in the brain which have been damaged by the radiation.


When we are exposed to EMF, then we can have a loss of selenium. This is a reason why we should add it in our diets so we will be sure that EMF has not caused bigger damage. [9]

Turn off Wi-Fi:

If you are using Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet internet in your home, then you should unplug it when you are not using it. Also, you should be sure that the router will be away from the areas where you or your family members spend a lot of time. You should avoid unnecessary Wi-Fi technology, such as wireless pacifiers which monitor your baby’s temperature and wireless diapers which alert you when the baby’s diaper is wet. [5,6]

We know that parents and caregivers have survived with centuries without these technologies so you can do it.

Protect your home from harmful electric fields:

You should rid of electric heating pads, water bed, and electric blankets because all of them are conductors of electricity which is increasing your exposure to EMF. You should buy power cords, grounded extension cords, and shielded cords which you should use in your home to stay away from the EMF.

You should alter your bedroom circuit breaker to exclude necessities (for example, fridge, alarm, and smoke detector) and then you should switch off your circuit breaker at night because it can help you to have a restful sleep. Also, you can hire a professional EMF consultant which will give you tailor-made recommendations to make your home and bedroom a safer place for you and your family. [5,6]

Pine bark extract:

The pine bark extract is known as pycnogenol. It is known that it is a powerful antioxidant that can help your body to be safe from the EMF. [10]


We know that our cells have calcium coating which can help to keep this beneficial mineral inside. You should get a calcium supplement to prevent losing calcium due to the EMF.

Reishi mushroom:

Reishi mushrooms are the king of Chinese medicine. It can boost the immune system function and it can help your body to stay protected from EMF. [11]


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