Health benefits of selenium

Health benefits of selenium

Selenium is an organic chemical which is derived from plant materials, water and soil. It has many health benefits such as balance your hormones, boost hair health, protect against antibodies, reduce the signs of premature aging, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, maximize thyroid function, boost the strength of the immune system and it has ability to protect against certain heart diseases. Lobsters, crabs, tuna, animal kidneys, eggs, fish, meat, mushrooms, nuts and cereals are one of the best sources of selenium. Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium which is found. If you have selenium toxicity, then this can be also dangerous as you have selenium deficiency. This is a reason why you should be careful how much selenium you consume.

Important health benefits of selenium:

Dandruff and hair health: It is believed that the selenium is a good mineral that can help you to reduce the hair loss and excessive dry scalp which results in dandruff. But there should be done a lot more studies in the feature to be proven this health benefit.

Heart health: Selenium works as blood thinner which means that it will reduce your chances of blood clots. Also it is shown that selenium can reduce the amount of the low – density cholesterol which builds up as plaque on your blood vessels and arteries. The plaque can lead strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis so this is a reason why you should add selenium in your diet.

Health benefits of selenium

Kashin – Beck disease: Kashin – Back disease is a heart condition which affects a wide swath of the population in countries that have low selenium content. This condition is characterized by the death of cartilage cells and a retardation of growth which often leads to osteoarthritis in young age. Symptoms of this condition are lack of flexibility, stiffness, joint pain and low range of motion basically crippling those with severe cases. Selenium deficiency is not the only cause for this condition but it is one of the biggest causes for it.

Thyroid health: The thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in our endocrine system. There are many studies in which is shown that selenium plays a big role in the normal function of this gland. Also selenium is regulating the amount of thyroid hormone which is produced within your body. Thyroid gland is producing the T3 hormone which can control the function and rate of your metabolism. If you do not have selenium in your body, then your body cannot produce T3 which can be catastrophic to your body.

Anti – inflammatory qualities: Selenium can boost your immune system. Also it can protect your body from wearing down and feeling old than your actual age is. Also this element can reduce the oxidative stress which often occurs around your bones and joints that is resulting in inflammation and many inflammatory diseases such as weakness, associated pain, eczema, lupus, psoriasis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. When you reduce these kinds of inflammations, then your body will be healthy and strong for years.

Antibodies and immune system health: There are many studies in which is shown that selenium can stimulate antibodies. They are elements of our immune system. They can see out and destroy protozoan, fungal, bacterial and viral foreign bodies that will result in infections and diseases. This element can help you to stimulate the antibodies after you have received a vaccination for one of the mentioned diseases. Your body can fight against them which mean that your body will stay healthy and safe for long period.

Cancer prevention: There are many studies in which is shown that the selenium is a part of many cellular processes. This also includes the body’s response to cancerous activity. There are some studies in which is shown that you have normal intake amount of selenium, then this help you to decrease your chances of getting cancer such as lung, colorectal and prostate cancer. Selenium is one of the most important elements in apoptosis which is automatic cell death. This process is for the cancerous cells and it is not harming the healthy cells in your body. Selenium can also boost the DNA repair from the cancerous cells and it will prevent further formation of these cells.


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