Black Rice: Best Superfood for Us

Health Benefits Of Black Rice

Black rice is also known as forbidden rice. It is medium–grain, non – glutinous heirloom rice. The black rice has dark purplish-black color with a nutty and slightly sweet flavor. It may seem odd for you to think that there is some black rice, but actually, it is a type of rice. The black rice includes a range of rice types that belong to the species Oryza sativa. Black rice is often considered a super-food because it has high nutritional content in addition that is high in anthocyanins (these are antioxidant pigments that give the rice it’s unique coloring).

Black rice is considered a blood tonic in traditional Chinese Medicine. The black rice is not high in calories. In one serving of black rice, there are around 160 calories, but it offers a very high amount of flavonoid phytonutrients. Also, it is a good source of important fiber, substantial mineral content, and even a good source of plant-based protein. Just the outside hull of this grain has one of the highest levels of anthocyanin antioxidants of any food. Black rice has the most antioxidants of all the rice varieties. Here are some health benefits of black rice:

Health Benefits Of Black Rice


Preventing obesity

It has been said that black rice can help to prevent obesity better than refined grains. It is very important for people who have diabetes, prediabetes, or other forms of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance to consume 100% whole grains, as opposed to the processed white types which lack fiber. The same can be said for people who struggle with losing weight because the fiber and nutrients in the whole grain rice can help to shut off hunger signals and prevent overeating. In some studies are shown that whole grain rice varieties can help in the prevention of insulin resistance that is related to an increased risk for obesity.

Can help detoxify the body

In some studies are shown that consuming black rice can help to detox the body and cleanse the liver of harmful toxic buildup thanks to the high antioxidant content of black rice. The black rice has phytonutrients that can help the body to reduce inflammation and cleanse the body of harmful substances which can contribute to a wide range of conditions.

Protects heart health

In some studies are shown that black rice can help to decrease the dangerous atherosclerosis plaque formation in the arteries. This can help to keep arteries clear and it can prevent heart attacks and strokes. Some epidemiological studies are shown that the anthocyanins consume in the diet can help to prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. The black rice has anthocyanins which can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels by reducing the total cholesterol levels, as well as the low–density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body.

Helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood

In some studies are shown that people who consume black rice can help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and even obesity. Black rice is a much healthier option when it is compared to eating processed carbohydrates that are stripped of their fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can help to slow down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream.

The black rice has the entire bran of the grain where the fiber is stored and the fiber is able to help glucose from the grain to be absorbed by the body over a longer period of time. The black rice can help to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and other complications in addition to keeping your weight in check and your energy levels balanced.

Naturally gluten-free grain

Black rice is a naturally gluten-free grain. Many people have gluten sensitivity, so if you have to, you can add black rice to your diet. When you consume black rice, then it can help to eliminate digestive problems associated with eating gluten for many people. Some of the symptoms of Celiac disease (in this disease people have an allergy to gluten), which black rice can help you or rid of, include diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.


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