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Top 15 Tips To Have Firm Breasts After Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

You are a woman and you are able to do a lot of things. One of them is giving a new life. It is one of the most amazing things in life. Breastfeeding is improving your physical and emotional well – being and it gives your baby a healthy head start. But as the time passes, it tends to take its toll on your body. You should know that the shape and size of your breasts change both before and after breastfeeding. To prepare for nursing, your breast tissue and milk – producing glands enlarge and they become fuller. When you have finished you’re your breastfeeding, they shrink back down to their previous size.

You can notice that your breasts are softer and less full than when you are nursing, which is resulting in a droopy appearance. The extent to which your breast will regain their pre – pregnancy size and shape depends on many factors, such as weight gain during pregnancy, age and even genetics. Also, if you have been smoker, your skin may have less elasticity and it will be more prone to sagging. During the pregnancy, high levels of estrogen and progesterone affect the nipple area as well.

The nipples can increase in size and the surrounding areolas can darken and develop striae or lines. The constant breastfeeding can cause pain and soreness in your nipples. Here are some natural ways which can help you to have firm breasts after your pregnancy:

Avoid rapid weight loss after breastfeeding

It is noticed that the breastfeeding can help women to lose their pregnancy weight. The post – baby weight loss is a process you should never rush. You should give your body an opportunity to adjust to all of these changes. The abrupt shift in size produces loose and excess skin, especially around the breasts, which can no longer bounce back. You need to eat healthy and work out in moderation if you want to slim down in a safe and sustainable manner. [1]

Wean your baby slowly

If you are ready to begin weaning your child, then it is recommended to do it slowly and gradually which will allow fatty tissues enough time to redeposit in your breasts. You should decrease the frequency of nursing sessions little by little in order to restore your breasts the pre – pregnancy form. [1]

Massage with hot and cold water after breastfeeding

You should know that the hot water can improve the blood circulation while the cold water can help with the toning and tightening. No matter if you are showering in the morning or at night, you should switch the water between hot and cold and massage your breasts firmly and always finish your shower with cold water. Also, there is another option and that is to massage your breasts with a warm flannel and ice cubes, but not so much that you numb your breasts. [2]

how to fix saggy breasts after breastfeeding

Eat right

Women who are breastfeeding should eat more fruits and vegetables than normal. You need to follow a clean diet which is rich in healthy fats, protein and complex carbs. The clean diet can help women who are breastfeeding to provide their body with the necessary nutrients which are needed for healthy skin and connective tissues, which appears in the breasts. Also, mothers who are breastfeeding can eat more egg yolk and butter which has arachidonic acid that is proven to facilitate the formation of junctions between skin cells. This can help your breasts to be firm. [3]

Keep your breasts moisturized

You need to keep your breasts moisturized because it will help to keep your breast elasticity in check. This, in turn, will result in keeping your breasts supple and it can help to prevent the breast sagging after breastfeeding. You need to apply cocoa butter, shea butter or Vitamin E oil to your breasts at least two times per day, in the morning and at night, so you will ensure that they are properly moisturized at all times. This will improve the breast elasticity and it will tighten the skin. It will reduce the appearance of stretch marks which can often develop on the breasts.

Drink plenty of water

You need to ensure that your whole body is hydrated, so in this way, you can avoid breast sagging after breastfeeding. You need to keep yourself well hydrated during and after pregnancy, as well as through breastfeeding, because it will keep your skin youthful and nourished. This will stop the premature wrinkles and anti – aging which are associated with dehydration over a prolonged period of time. [4]

Have good breastfeeding posture

Naturally, most mothers lean over their child while breastfeeding, but this can have a negative effect on the breasts. You need to invest in a nursing pillow or another form of support to raise your baby up the breast level because in this way you will be sure that your posture during breastfeeding is right. You need to avoid angling or slouching the breast down to the baby. When you are doing this simple posture and positioning while you are breastfeeding will help to prevent the breast sagging after breastfeeding. [5]

Push up

You should know that push up are great for the arm, back and core muscle strengthening and this can help with the posture. Facing the floor, you need to put your hands in front of your parallel. You can either bend at the knees or keep your legs straight. You should lower yourself down as far as you can and then, push back up. You should repeat this exercise. This exercise is good for your health, as well as having firm breasts.

Wear a good, supportive bra

You must to wear a supportive bra during and after pregnancy. Your breasts will weigh significantly more during the pregnancy because you weight gain and your breasts will start to produce milk, so wearing a good and supportive bra is the only right thing which you should do. It is very important to have a good supportive nursing bra for all expectant and breastfeeding mothers, but it should fit correctly. Your bra should feel comfortable and hold your breasts firmly in place in an upright position. [6]

The best way to ensure that you are wearing your bra in the right position is to talk with a fitting expert. When you wear a good quality supportive bra, then it can help you to prevent the sagging after breastfeeding.

Chest press

This is another type of exercise which tones the back muscles, chest and arm. While you are seating in an angle with both feet on the floor, you should hold a weight in each hand. You should extend your arms out. Then, slowly pull your arms in towards your chest. You should repeat the chest press. This exercise will have your breasts staying firm after your pregnancy.

Wear a supportive band during exercise

It is recommended to use support band which will help to keep your breast in place during exercises, such as running, jogging and even yoga. When you are exercising, your breast move puts a strain on the Coopers ligaments, the connective tissue which leads to pain and it could result in stretching of the breast skin, increasing the chances of breast sagging after breastfeeding.

Stop smoking

There are some studies in which are shown that smoking can significantly reduce the ability of your skin to repair any damage which is done to it. The regeneration of skin cells in the body is hindered by heavy tobacco use, which is leading to wrinkles, dryness and premature aging. You should stop smoking as soon as possible if you want to preserve the shapeliness of your breasts. [7]

Consume less animal fat

You should stay in a peak condition for your nursing and trim unwanted pregnancy pounds by eating a well – balanced diet which is rich in vegetables and whole grains. You should replace high – cholesterol, saturated and animal fats with Vitamin E, Vitamin B and olive oil which can help to combat wrinkles and also, they will improve the tone and elasticity of your skin. [8]

Practice good posture

The hunched shoulders and poor posture are equal to unsupported breasts. If you are not staying mindful of your posture, then this can bring more to the saggy appearance. You need to keep your shoulders back and your spine straight as much as possible. [5]

Dumbbell pull – over

This is a type of exercise which can strengthen your back, chest and arms. This is great for your posture and it will support your breasts. You should lie on your back on a bench with both feet on the floor. You should hold a dumbbell in each hand over head. Then, raise your arms so they are pointing at the ceiling and repeat it. This exercise can help you to have firm breasts after your pregnancy.


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Neem Mayur
Neem Mayur
Mayur Neem, a certified dietician having more than 5 years of experience in the field of diet practice. He is working as a diet expert and offering services to body builders, sports persons, celebrities, etc. He is lover of natural remedies and loves to spend most of his free time in his organic farm and offers expert advice on organic farming to local farmers. He is available through [email protected]


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