Health benefits of annatto

Health benefits of annatto

Annatto is also known as atsuete. Annatto has many health benefits, such as protect respiratory distress; reduce nausea; eliminated headaches; boost eye health; lower fevers; promote healing; prevent neural tube defects; strengthen bones and promote healthy digestion. This is a natural food coloring and condiment which is extracted from the seeds of the achiote fruit. The achiote tree is a tropical shrub or small tree which grows in the Central and South America.

The flowers of this tropical tree are bright pink or white and the fruit is actually the most desirable part of the plant which is made up of spiky brown and red pods which grow in clusters. When these pods dry and crack open, then they expose seeds of a red color from which the red pigment can be extracted. This is a reason why the achiote tree is often called lipstick tree.

Those people who are hypersensitive can show allergic reactions to annatto and some people can evem suffer from anaphylaxis. You should avoid if you are allergic to it. Also, highly sensitive women could be allergic to this fruit so pregnant and breastfeeding women should talk with their doctors before they use it. Those people who suffer from IBS can notice worsening in their condition if they consume annatto. This fruit can increase or decrease the blood sugar levels in the body so diabetics should consult with their doctors before they add this fruit to their diets.

Health benefits of annatto

Health benefits of annatto

Prevents cancer: Annatto has a pigment called norbixin which is known as a powerful antioxidant. In the recent studies was shown that this pigment has a decidedly anti – mutagenic effect on healthy cells exposed to cancerous cells and free radicals which means that these seeds are able to prevent a variety of different cancers from spreading.

Treats gonorrhea: It has been proven that annatto can be very effective home remedy for gonorrhea. Those people who suffer from this painful condition can use this fruit topically or internally because it can help to clear this particular STD.

Hepatoprotective: Annatto seeds can help to balance, detoxify, metabolize and strengthen the liver. Also, it can help to reduce the liver inflammation. In many studies is shown the role of bixin in destroying the harmful free radicals in the liver.

Diuretic properties: Annatto leaves have high diuretic properties which can provide better function of kidneys. When you consume the dried leaf powder on daily basis, then it can help to protect you from various irreversible kidney damages, such as fever and malaria.

Expectorant properties: It is known fact that annatto seeds have expectorant properties which is a reason why they can be used to cure mucus – related disorders, such as bronchitis, asthma and coughs. Also, this can help to clear the mucus from lungs.

Relieves stomach issues: There are many cases when annatto is used as a home remedy for upset stomach. Also, it functions like a stomachic which will treat discomfort and heartburn and this can be associated with everything from viral infections to simply eating too much spicy food.

Strengthen bones: Annatto has high levels of calcium which is very important if you want to supplement your bone mineral density and ensure strength and durability as you are getting older.

Heals wounds: If you have wounds or burns on your skin or if you suffer from skin irritation of any kind, then you can apply annatto seed paste to speed the healing process. This benefit of this fruit can help to reduce the appearance of scars. Annatto has natural antimicrobial properties which can help to prevent infections.

Skin care: Annatto has tocotrienols which are acting as antioxidants in the ocular system and they prevent the development of cataracts while at the same time, they will stave off macular degeneration which will keep your vision strong for years.

Prevents birth defects: Annatto has high amounts of folate which is very important for preventing neural tube defects in newborn children. This is a reason why pregnant women should consume folic acid so they can prevent these conditions.


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