Ulluco: Top 10 Essential Health Benefits


The scientific name of ulluco is Ullucus tuberous. It is one of the largest efficient important and broadly grown plants which is a part of the Basellaceae family. The ulluco is native to Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia. The ulluco appears to be a basic and predominant root crop in many highland fields of the Andes. It is primarily grown as a root vegetable and then as a leafy vegetable. The taste of ulluco is a combination of beet and potato. The leaves of ulluco are rich in nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and carotene.

The main ingredient in many South American dishes is ulluco. The tubers of ulluco are one of the most striking features of this vegetable and it is in different colors, such as red, purple, pink, and yellow. Some of them are even candy stripes with shiny and waxy skins. You can consume tubers of ulluco after you have cooked them. The ulluco is usually eaten in indigenous stews and soups, but more contemporary dishes incorporate them into salads along with the ulluco leaves.

When ulluco is in the pickled form, then it is added to hot sauces. Also, the leaves of ulluco are edible and they can be used like spinach. The leaves of ulluco are edible and can be used like spinach. The plant size is up to 3 feet in diameter. The tuber skin is soft and thin. The ulluco is high in water, so it is not suitable for frying or baking, but it can be cooked in many different ways like the potato. In Catholic Holy Week in Bolivia, ulluco is used as traditional food.

Here are some health benefits of ulluco:

Health benefits of ulluco

Good for growing children and pregnant women:

The ulluco has a high amount of zinc and calcium. These are important nutrients in the growth stage of a child. Calcium is very important for women who are in the gestation stage.

Fights against Alzheimer’s disease:

It is very important for older people to consume ulluco because it can help them to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. It has a Vitamin B complex, which can help to prevent mental problems and reduce anxiety.

Relives and cures digestive problems:

The leaves of ulluco are used by the inhabitants as food or in infusions, for problems like stomach pain, constipation, and tranquilize indigestion. Also, it is effective in pets or animals to alleviate their digestive problems.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial food:

The juice of ulluco is good in salt, which is a mineral. It can help to expel toxins from the body. It can help you to get relief from the inflammation of muscles and joints.

Delays cell aging:

The ulluco has B vitamins, which are effective for the skin, hair, and nails. They can help to avoid premature aging and the presence of wrinkles.

Removes the scars:

This plant has healing properties which can help to protect the skin. The ulluco can be used to treat stretch marks, burns, chickenpox, and acne.

Eliminates stretch marks:

The ulluco has a natural healing effect. It is functioning as a product that removes stretch marks of pregnancy or due to weight gain. This is possible due to B vitamins found in ulluco.

Prevents and protects us against rheumatism:

The ulluco is used to treat erysipelas, bronchial infections, and rheumatism. You can make an infusion of ulluco leaves, honey, and lemon juice. Then, serve this infusion, wait for it to cool a bit, and then drink it. It is one of the best natural remedies to calm the intense cough.

Eliminates acne problems:

You should cut a small piece of ulluco and then apply this part to your face where you have acne. It can help to prevent the scars which are left by acne. When you apply the ulluco on regular basis on your face, then it can help to improve the texture of your skin. It will close the pores and will regenerate your damaged skin.

Removes skin spots:

The ulluco has a high amount of Vitamin C. This vitamin has lightning properties. It can help to control the appearance of spots on your skin. It can help to prevent the negative effect which sun rays can have on your skin. It is acting as a protective barrier of your skin.


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