Coriander seed & carrot juice can improve your glaucoma condition


Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions which can damage the optic nerve. This nerve is vital for good vision. This damage is usually caused by an abnormally high pressure in the eye. This condition is one of the leading causes for blindness in the United States of America. This condition can happen at any age but it is noticed that is more common in older adults. The most common form of glaucoma has no warning signs so many people do not know that they have glaucoma. The effect is so gradual so this is a reason why many people do not notice a change in vision until this condition is in advanced stage. When there is vision loss that is caused by glaucoma, then you should know that vision cannot be recovered. This is a reason why you should have regular eye exams that include measurements of the eye pressure. If this condition is diagnosed in its early stage, then the vision loss can be slowed or prevented. If you suffer from glaucoma, then you will generally need treatment for the rest of your life. The most common signs of the glaucoma are patchy loss of peripheral vision, halos around lights, lack of clarity of colors, headache, nausea and pain around eyeballs.

Home remedies and lifestyle changes as natural treatment for glaucoma

Sleep with your head elevated: You should use a wedge pillow that will keep your head slightly raised, about 20 degrees. This has been shown to reduce the intraocular eye pressure while you sleep.

Osmium: This natural cure is very helpful in improving dim vision. People, who need osmium, often have increased intraocular pressure. The crucial sign which is listed by patients is the display of several different changeable colors of an object when these patients are looking at it from different angles such as rainbow (this is known as iridescent vision). These patients can also suffer from light intolerance. [1]

Carrot juice: You should prepare at least 300 ml of extract carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice and you should combine them together. You should consume this natural cure on a regular basis throughout the day. Spinach has nutrients that are extremely great for people to reduce the eye pressure. Carrots are boon to nourish eye organs. When these juices are combined together, then they can supply our bodies with essential nutrients and they can help to stop the disease progression and they will offer a quick relief. These are the best natural cures which you can use for glaucoma. [2]

Gingko biloba: This is one of the best natural cures which you can use as your natural treatment for glaucoma [3]. This is a very popular herb because it has great properties which can boost the blood circulation towards our brain. Also this natural cure can be used to cure glaucoma because it has amazing properties. The exact dose which you should consume should be prescribed from expert for this condition. This dose should be controlled by this expert. Those patients need to take it on daily basis because it can give them a fast relief and recovery from this condition. In many cases it has been shown that this natural cure can fight against signs and symptoms of glaucoma so talk with your doctor about this natural cure and your natural treatment with it.

Coriander seeds and fennel seeds: You should prepare equal amounts of fennel seeds and coriander seeds. Add brown sugar loaf to this mixture and you should grind them to create a powder. You should use ten gram of the powder with plain water on daily basis because this can help you to get a quick relief from the glaucoma. This is one of the most used and safe natural cures which you can use if you suffer from glaucoma. It is a little bit for people to prepare this natural treatment but all around the world it is recommended as a very safe and useful home remedy for people who suffer from glaucoma.

Sip fluids frequently: You should drink only moderate amounts of fluids at any given time during the course a day. Also you should drinka quart or more of any liquid within a short time may temporarily increase eye pressure.

Cayenne pepper: When you use cayenne pepper in a much diluted state, then this can work as very effective natural treatment for glaucoma [1,4]. This natural cure is rich in capsaicin which is potent anti – inflammatory and this element can help a lot in the opening of your eye blockages. The cayenne pepper powder can be used effectively with a lot of water in small amounts to wash your eyes.

Relaxation techniques: It is known fact that the stress may trigger an attack of acute angle – closure glaucoma. If you have increased risk of glaucoma, then you should find healthy ways to cope with the stress. Mediation and other techniques can help you to rid of the stress.

Eyebright herb: This is also one of the best natural treatments which you can use. You can add this herb in your daily diet [5]. Also this herb is considered as an external cure for glaucoma simultaneously. You can add one teaspoon of dried eyebright herb to one cup of boiling water. You should allow the water to be completely cool. You should use this natural treatment to wash your eyes at regular basis.

Herbal remedies: There are many herbal supplements such as gingko and bilberry which are advised to be used as natural treatments for glaucoma. But further studies are needed to prove their effectiveness. You should not use herbal supplements before you have talked with your doctor.

GlaucomaNatural treatments for glaucoma

Limit your caffeine: Drinking beverages with large amounts of caffeine may increase your eye pressure.

Onion juice: You should prepare twenty grams of onion extract juice and you should add this to four mg of camphor powder with 4 mg of honey. You should use this paste to apply directly onto your eyelids at regular basis. Apply it in the night because this will help you to get a quick relief from the building eye pressure. Also this is one of the most used natural treatments for glaucoma which people should not skip. [6]

Prunus Spinosa: This is also a very effective natural treatment which can help you to get a relief and cure sudden right eye pain in people who suffer from glaucoma. This is very effective natural cure for reducing and eliminating the pain in the right eye. Eye pain is acute and violent and it can result in a bursting sensation inside the patients’ eyeballs.

Bilberry: Bilberry extract is also one of the best home remedies which you can use as your natural treatment for glaucoma [3]. You should talk with an expert about the proper dosage of bilberry extract which you should consume and your doctor will take a full control over the glaucoma issue. Also when you take Vitamin E oil, then this is a very effective natural cure for prevention of glaucoma to get out of control. Both home remedies are trustworthy for people who suffer from glaucoma.

Fennel: This is one of the best natural cures which you can use if you suffer from glaucoma [7]. You should try chewing one handful of fennel seeds throughout the day. In this way you will feel a quick relief instead of stubborn signs and symptoms of glaucoma. Also you can add two teaspoons of fennel seeds tone cup of water and put this mixture to boil. You should allow it to boil within about 5 minutes with a lid covering it. You should allow this mixture to cool. Then, you should strain it. You should consume this type of tea when it is still warm two to three times throughout the day. This is one of the best natural cures for glaucoma for which people should look.

Exercise safely: Regular exercise may reduce eye pressure in open – angle glaucoma. You need to talk with your doctor about an appropriate exercise program.

Eat a healthy diet: You should eat a healthy diet because this can help you to maintain your health but you should know that it will not prevent glaucoma from worsening. Several vitamins and nutrients are important to eye health, including those found in the dark, leafy greens and fish high in Omega – 3 fatty acids.

Cedron: In the homeopathic medicine was shown that Cedron is the best natural cure for applying onto the left eye of people who suffer from glaucoma. This is a great home remedy for violent and severe pain which is inside the patient’s eye, particularly in their left eye. When there is a start of the pain, then this may shown a certain cycle of its happening. This type of pain may show a radiation to your nose.


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