Natural treatments for asbestosis – mistletoe, vitamin-c and gan cao

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Asbestosis is a chronic lung disorder. When the asbestos filters are inhaled this is the reason for appearing on this disease. You should consult with your doctor when you are working with asbestos. When you have inhaled asbestos and the symptoms are not treated in their early stage, this is enough cause for you to have tissue scarring and shortness of breath. Asbestosis has many kinds of symptoms. On the one hand, there are people who are having few symptoms and they are not having a serious disease. While in the other hand patients who are suffering from many types of disease are having difficulties with their lives. The symptoms of asbestosis are not seen after they have appeared. They are happening when passed many years from the first you have inhaled asbestos. Natural remedies are used worldwide as a treatment for many kinds of diseases. Herbal treatments are popular and effective remedies to keep and strengthen our health. Natural cures are reducing the symptoms of the diseases and also are giving new health benefits to patients. You should start using some of the natural remedies if you are affected by asbestosis. [1,2]


15 Natural cures for Asbestosis


This is a semi-parasitic plant. In medical history, mistletoe has shown stunning effects in killing cancer cells [3]. They are killing cells which are affected by cancer, while they are living the normal and healthy cells. Many studies have proven that patients who suffer from asbestosis, when it was given mistletoe to them as a treatment, they have improved their lives. Also, they have increased their possibilities to stay alive and have a normal life like the other healthy people. This herb is also boosting your immune system which gives you energy to you. This property is good because it can help you against any kind of immune system disorder. Mistletoe is improving your body strength. With this property, you have a bigger chance to win against asbestosis. Also, it is protecting DNA which means that your toxins will be out of your body. This is a positive effect of asbestosis treatment because when many cells are affected by cancer, the normal and healthy cells still can be healthy and they can grow and live till their natural dying process.


Onion is one of the most used vegetables. Also, it has many benefits for people who are suffering from asbestosis. Quercetin is a component of the onion. Quercetin is improving the health of people who suffer from this asbestosis. You should use this natural cure at least once per day to have quality effects. You should add onions to your diet.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most used vitamins for many kinds of diseases. This is also one of the most researched vitamins and its health benefits. In most cases, it is said this Vitamin C is one of the most controversial natural remedies for asbestosis. Some studies are shown that patients who have used Vitamin C as an asbestosis treatment have improved their health. In other studies is said that Vitamin C has improved the health of their patients but not in a major role. One study is shown that when Vitamin C is used as a supplement, then can help collagen synthesis which is vital for our body [4]. The collagen helps to hold the human body together. Also, collagen can strengthen bones, muscles, blood vessels, and skin. Our body cannot make collagen without using Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for many types of cancers. It has a protective role on our bodies. It is also protecting the healthy cells and destroying cancer cells. That is the reason to use this vitamin as a natural treatment for asbestosis. Because there are many kinds of statements that must be done more studies in the future which will prove or disapprove of Vitamin C as a natural remedy for asbestosis.

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This plant is native to China. Mostly this plant can be found in the Chinese provinces such as Sichuan and Yunnan. Astragalus is collected in the spring and then is put to be dried. In medicine, the use of astragalus is from dried roots which are four to seven years old. In Chinese traditional medicine, this plant has been used for years to improve the vital energy of people. Most studies on this plant have been done in China because it is its natural place. One study has shown that astragalus has improved the health conditions of patients who are suffering from asbestosis. It has the ability to inhibit the development of tumors [5]. Also, it decreases the toxic levels in the body and is putting out of the body all the toxins. This plant is improving the lives of all patients who have taken it as a natural remedy for their disease. It is boosting the immune system which gives energy to the body. Many studies have shown the stunning effects of astragalus which if taken in the required amount from your doctor, will improve your health.

Cat’s claw

This is a tropical vine. It is native to South America. This vine has this name because it has small thorns at the base side of the leaves. These thorns look like cats’ claws. In South America cat’s claw has been used as a treatment for asbestosis, gastritis, epidemic diseases, and arthritis. There are many studies for this vine that have shown the positive effect of a cat’s claw in treating asbestosis. These studies have been performed on patients who are suffering from asbestosis and it has shown that the cat’s claw is an anti-proliferative and anti-mutagenic vine.

Marshmallow root

This herb is widely used for treating cough and asbestosis. Before you start using marshmallow root you should consult with your doctor about the required intake amount. You should follow the treatment plan of your doctor.


Celandine is used in medicine as tea, tincture, or an extract for boosting the immune system and for inhibiting tumor growth. Asbestosis is a lung disease. Many studies have shown that patient which was affected with asbestosis when they started to use celandine as a natural treatment for asbestosis, have improved their health [6].

Arsenicum album

When patients who are suffering from asbestosis or they had some pain in their chests, Arsenicum album is a great source for reducing the pain and symptoms of asbestosis. When you are soothing the Arsenicum album, you are relaxing your muscles and also you are relieving yourself from the pain.

Asparagus root

There are many cases in which asparagus have shown effective results as a natural remedy for asbestosis. Also, this herb is inhibiting the production of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha. [7]

Gan Cao

This is a Chinese herb which is used for asbestosis treatment. Gan Cao is also known as licorice root. Many cases have shown that this herb has great effects on people who are suffering from asbestosis. This herb is accelerating the mucus secretion. If you have shortness of breath or you have a cough, then you should try to use this remedy. But before you start using it, you should visit your doctor. He or she will tell you about the recommended intake amount.


Poria is also a Chinese herb. It is also known for its name fu ling. People who suffer from asbestosis can use this natural remedy. It is also a diuretic which means that can reduce the production of phlegm. This is also beneficial for patients who are not having quality sleep.

Nan Sha Shen

This Chinese herb is also known for its name American silvertop root. This herb has shown many health benefits for people who suffer from asbestosis. Nan Sha Shen is acting as an antibiotic. It reduces the symptoms of asbestosis. Also, it is reducing inflammation. It has shown many positive effects on people who are suffering from asbestosis because it is killing the cancer cells and is keeping the healthy cells normal and safe.

Oldenlandia diffusa

In the United States of America, this hers is known as snake-needle grass. It has anti-cancer properties which are making it the perfect natural remedy for asbestosis. This herb has the ability to kill cancer cells. Also, it is stimulating the immune system to hunt and kill cancer cells. Snake-needle grass also has anti-inflammatory effects. This effect is good because it is reducing the production of the elements in asbestosis such as prostaglandin, tumor necrosis alpha, and interleukin type 6 which are appearing together when people are affected with this type of disease.


This herb has awesome medical properties. It is used as a natural cure for many kinds of diseases. You should make herbal tea from basil. Take some fresh basil leaves and then make tea from them. You should drink this tea every day because it will relieve the symptoms of asbestosis. Before you start using this tea you should consult your doctor. Tell your doctor all the symptoms that you are feeling. He or she will recommend you the right natural treatment. [8]


This fruit has shown many health benefits for many kinds of diseases. Like the onion, it has quercetin which is improving the health of the people who suffer from asbestosis. You should eat at least one apple per day.


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  1. So glad I found this website my husband has got Asbestos & a bad heart so I’m hoping that by using these herbal remedies they just might improve his breathing capacity so thank u again I will get back to u on how well they help him

    • Tell your husband to try Papaya leaf Tea and MSM powder i’ve heard thats the most effect way for asbestos related diseases.


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