Health benefits of kvass


It is very popular to drink kvass in the traditional medicine but also this is very healthy beverage. It is a popular beverage in certain Baltic countries, such as Russia. It is made from beets, stale, sourdough or rye bread. Kvass is very low in alcohol because the fermentation process is different from making traditional beer. Kvass has less than 1% alcohol by volume so this is a reason why many people do not consider it as alcoholic drink. Kvass has been around since middle ages.

It is very easy to make it through the basic fermentation process of bread and other grains. In the taste, kvass is similar to kombucha and it has tangy sour flavor. Also, it can be complemented by a number of nuts, fruits and other ingredients. This beverage has probiotics due to the fermentation process and this is giving it many health benefits. Kvass is increasing its popularity all around the world.

When the kvass is properly stored, then it can be safe to drink for 5 month a year but it is easy and inexpensive to make it so you can always make a new batch. When you drink kvass in excess amounts, then you can experience some side effects, particularly if you have gluten intolerance or you are allergic to beets. Also, some people can experience gastrointestinal side effects due to the activity of probiotics.

Health benefits of kvass

Health benefits of kvass

Blood tonic: There are some studies in which are found that kvass can help to reduce the toxicity in your blood due to the presence of certain phytonutrients which is making it an ideal way to clean your circulatory system. Kvass is alkaline – promoting food which can help you to have stable pH levels in your body.

Rich in nutrients: Kvass is rich in vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients which are making it an excellent beverage for boosting the overall nutrient intake and optimizing the metabolic activity. It has Vitamin C in high amounts which can help you to stay protected against cold virus. Also, it is rich in manganese which is needed for healthy pancreas, kidneys, liver and bones.

Cancer: Beets are part of kvass. They can help to reduce the inflammation and increase the antioxidant content in your body. These antioxidants will help to prevent the effects of free radicals and they will lower your risk of many types of cancer. There are some studies in which are said that beets can be used as a therapeutic treatment for inflammation because it has antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties which can reduce the risk of cancer.

Liver cleanser: It is known fact that one of the biggest factors for liver problems is the consumption of alcohol. Also, poor eating choices can lead to liver problems. When It is made with beets, then it can improve the liver health due the high amounts of antioxidants and potassium. These antioxidant compounds can help to reduce the inflammation in your liver and also to prevent chronic disease.

Probiotics: Kvass is considered as one of the greatest probiotic foods. Kvass has many beneficial bacteria which can help the gastrointestinal tract to function normal. Also, it can prevent the symptoms of lactose intolerance and many other gastrointestinal problems. The intake of It can give you a relief from constipation, bloating, flatulence and it can lower your risk of getting colorectal cancer. Doctors are recommending adding probiotics in your diet because they can help you a lot. There are different food sources which are rich in probiotics but with This you will have one rich food so you will not eat too many foods if you do not like it.

Packed with fiber: Beets are rich in fiber which means that kvass is excellent for your digestive health. In one serving of kvass, there is about the same amount of fiber which you will get from the blended beet smoothie. This natural cure can help to fight against cholesterol, prevent toxins from being absorbed into your bloodstream, reduce sugar absorption and improve your digestion. This is a heart – smart food which will make wonders for your health.


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