Schizophrenia management through home remedies and natural treatments

Natural cures for schizophrenia

This is a chronic and challenging brain disorder in which an individual is experiencing difficulties in making differences between imaginary things and reality things. The most common symptoms that are associated with schizophrenia are neglecting basic personal hygiene, emotional flatness, disorganized behavior, incoherent speech, abnormal motor behavior, thought disorders, hallucinations and delusions [1]. Also schizophrenia is linked to suicidal behavior and thoughts. The exact cause for disorder is not known but it is believed that is a combination of environmental, psychological, physical and genetic factors. Also there are other factors that could lead to schizophrenia such as different brain chemistry, taking mind – altering drugs during young adulthood [2], pre – natal viral infections and stress during pregnancy. This serious disorder can be managed and controlled with proper treatment and support from family and friends. Also there are some home remedies which can help to reduce the number of schizophrenic episodes which depends on the severity of schizophrenia. This is a serious mental illness and it should be treated under expert supervision. Also it is highly recommended to get this condition diagnosed and treated professionally. Talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for schizophrenia because we do not guarantee you that they will help you.

Schizophrenia treatment and natural cures

Exercise: It is very important to do regular exercises because it can help to maintain physical and mental well – being for people who suffer from schizophrenia. Also it can alleviate depression and anxiety and it will improve your mood. You should engage in at thirty minutes of moderate physical activity on daily basis. You can try training exercise, jogging or strength exercises or walking. Also yoga is considered as add – on therapy for schizophrenia because it can help to reduce psychotic symptoms, improve cognition and the quality of life and produce neurobiological changes.

Antioxidants: Antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are considered as very effective home remedies for reducing the severity of schizophrenia. Also it is known that the Vitamin C is anti – stress vitamin [3]. There are some studies in which are said that the oxidative stress can be also a cause for schizophrenia. Antioxidants can help to neutralize free radicals and they can reduce the oxidative stress. You should include antioxidant – rich foods in your diet such as carrots, spinach, Indian gooseberry, oranges, lemons, strawberries and blueberries. Also you can take vitamin and multivitamin supplements. You need to talk with your doctor before you start taking supplements.

Brahmi: Brahmi is also known as bacopa. This is popular Ayurvedic medicine which can enhance the cognitive ability. There are some animal studies in which are shown that this natural cure can help to improve schizophrenia. It is not known the exact mechanism how this natural cure is doing this but it is believed that it can help to stabilize some chemicals in the brain. Also it exhibits neuroprotecive properties. You should take 500 mg of brahmi extract on daily basis for at least one month. [4]

Fish oil: It is known fact that people who suffer from schizophrenia have lower levels of Omega – 3 fatty acids in their blood because it is associated with a depletion of certain fatty acids. Also fish oil supplements are rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) which can help to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia. There was one study in 2010 in which was said that Omega – 3 PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) can help to risk the risk of developing psychotic illnesses [5]. You should take 1 – 4 grams of fish oil supplements on daily basis. You need to talk with your doctor for the proper diagnosis, especially if you are taking medicines for cardiovascular disease, diabetes or blood thinning medications. Also you should include trout, sardine, salmon and other cold fish in your diet. Also you can eat seeds that have Omega – 3 fatty acids such as pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds.

Gingko Biloba: There are many studies about this home remedy in which are said that it can be used as an adjunctive treatment for schizophrenia because it can help to enhance the effectiveness of antipsychotics [6]. Also it can protect against the neural damage that is caused by antipsychotics. The most common dosage of this home remedy is 360 mg of a standardized extract of Gingko Biloba daily divided in doses for up to sixteen weeks. You should talk with your doctor for the correct dosage of this home remedy.

Natural cures for schizophreniaschizophrenia medication and home remedies

Panax ginseng: This natural cure is considered as a very effective home remedy for improving concentration, thinking and memory. There was one study in 2008 in which was found that this natural cure can help to reduce some of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia in which is included lack of emotional expression (flat affect) in the patients [7]. It is believed that this home remedy hits the same brain receptors as antipsychotic drugs. You should take 200 mg of Panax ginseng on daily basis in a period of several weeks after you have talked with your doctor. You should not confuse the Panax ginseng with the Siberian and American ginseng.

Chamomile: This home remedy has calming and soothing properties which can help to promote restful sleep and this is very helpful for people who suffer from schizophrenia. In one cup of hot water you should add one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers. You should cover it and then allow it to steep for five minutes. You should strain this solution. You should drink it on daily basis in the evening.

Ashwagandha: This home remedy is very useful for anxiety, depression and other psychiatric disorders due to its antidepressant and anxiolytic effect. There was one study in 2013 in which was said that this herb can offer cholesterol and blood glucose lowering properties to combat the side effects of antipsychotics that are associated with higher incidence of metabolic syndrome [8]. You should take 500 mg of ashwagandha supplement capsules, four times per day for at least one month.

Diet management: It is found that the gluten – free diet can help to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia but these benefits were realized only in a specific subgroup of people. It is known fact that the gluten is component of some grains, especially wheat. There are also some studies on ketogenic diets which are showing promising results. This type of diet is low – carbohydrate and high – fat diet which is including protein foods. But there are many cases in which diet changes are not making a difference for people who suffer from schizophrenia. There should be done a lot more studies in the future to determine if there is some connection between schizophrenia and diet. Before you make any major changes to your diet, you need to speak with your doctor. You should not make a diet change to replace some medication.

Green cardamom: You can use the seeds of green cardamom as your natural treatment for schizophrenia because they are effective for the nervous system. You should steep one teaspoon of powdered cardamom seeds in one cup of hot water for five to ten minutes. You should strain it and then sweeten it with some sugar or honey. You should drink this home remedy two times per day.

Basil: It is known fact that the basil leaves have antioxidant properties and they can help to promote the brain functionality which can help to improve the symptoms of schizophrenia. You should steep a few basil leaves in hot water for about five minutes. You should strain it and sweeten it with honey. You should drink this home remedy two times per day.

Glycine: This is a protein building block or with other words said, it is an amino acid. Glycine works with the glutamine which can aid in the brain function. There are some studies in which are said that the high doses of glycine has boosts the efficacy of antipsychotic drugs which are used for the treatment of schizophrenia [9]. But there are some exceptions. It is said that glycine can decrease the effectiveness of the drug called clozapine [10]. This home remedy can decrease the negative symptoms of schizophrenia such as depression and flat affect. But there should be done a lot more studies in the future to determine the potential benefits of glycine.

Licorice powder: There are some minerals and compounds in the licorice which are very helpful for treating brain disorders. This is a very effective herb which can help to reduce anxiety and stress. You should add one teaspoon of licorice to hot water and let it stay there for 15 minutes. You should strain it and serve to the patient. If you consume this home remedy on daily basis and in the morning in empty stomach, then you will notice excellent results.


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