Treatment for itchy ears through apple cider vinegar & olive oil


Itchy ears are a very annoying problem. Patients who have this condition have problems doing everyday activities. Itching in our ears can also cause inflammation in the skin of our ears. In this case, we can notice that the ear opening becomes red. We know that children poke and tug their ears due to itching.

Also, they can pull their ears. If the eye itching is due to skin problems, patients can have fever and pain. It causes drainage of foul-smelling pus or liquid from their ears. The formation of earwax is the main cause of itchy ears.

The earwax causes blockage in your ears. There is a formation of moisture, and this situation leads to itching. But also, there are some cases when ear itching can be a result of a bug when it enters your ears.

Some rare cases occur when some people have ear itching due to fungal disease. You should remember that if you have itchy ears, then you should not scratch your ears because they can cause harm to your ears. Before you start using some of the mentioned home remedies for itchy ears, you need to talk with your doctor.

Use these home remedies with the recommendation of your doctor because your symptoms can worsen.

12 Natural cures and lifestyle changes for itchy ears

Edible oil

Edible oils can be a very effective natural treatment for ear itching. You should put warm coconut oil or any other type of vegetable oil in your ear with the help of a dropper [1]. The earwax in your ear will become loose, and you will notice that the itching will be cured. This natural cure will lubricate your ear and it will moisturize your ear’s skin. Also, you can put baby oil in your ear to cure ear itching.

Apple cider vinegar

It is a known fact that this natural cure is changing the pH of the ear canal. In this way, it creates an environment in which viruses and bacteria cannot thrive [2].

If your itchy ears are a result of an ear infection, then you should use a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to cure the itchiness. You should put water and raw apple cider vinegar in a pan, and you should heat it up. You should be sure that it is not too hot. You should soak a cotton ball in this natural cure. Lie on your side. Leave it plugged in your ear for a few minutes every day.

Warm compress

There are many doctors who recommend using a warm compress as a natural treatment for itchy ears. To do this natural treatment, you should soak a washcloth or a towel in warm water, and you should wring the excess water out. For ten minutes, you should place this warm compress over your ears to treat your itchy ear. If you have noticed some loosened wax around your outer ear, then you can remove it gently with a cotton swab.

Olive oil

You can put olive oil in your ears three times per day. Also, you can infuse the olive oil with garlic oil, and then you should put this natural cure in your ear as an eardrop [3].

To infuse the olive oil, you should mix this oil with crushed garlic with olive oil, and you should boil this natural cure. You should cool this home remedy to room temperature, and then you should use it.

We know that garlic has antibiotic properties. When this natural cure is mixed with olive oil, it will help you soothe your ear. This is a very effective natural cure for itchy ears.

Olive oil is also a very effective natural treatment for curing itchiness which is caused by the use of hearing aids. You should ensure that the hearing aids fit in your ear properly. Also, you can use other types of oils, such as garlic oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil.

Gargling and steam inhalation

You should take some warm water, and you should add salt to this water. You should make gargling with this natural cure. After gargling, you should do steam inhalation. You should add turmeric powder to hot milk, and you should drink this natural cure. This is a very effective home remedy for curing itchy ears. Also, this is a very effective natural cure for treating itching, which is caused by a cold and sore throat.

Removing earwax

If the ear itching is due to the formation of earwax, then you should try to remove the wax. You can do this natural treatment by applying a bottle filled with warm water to your ears. The heat of the warm water will help in the melting and draining of the wax outside your ears. [4]

Removing insect

If an insect or bug has entered your ear and it causes you itching, then you must put water in your ear. You can use a bulb syringe to fill water in your ears. When your ear is filled with water, then the bug or the insect will run out of your ear with the water.

Also, you can put mineral oil in your ear. This natural cure will kill the insect, and the bug will float and come out of your ear. Also, you can put rubbing alcohol in your ears to remove the insects from them.

White vinegar

When you use white vinegar as your natural treatment for itchy ears, you should be sure it is distilled [5]. You should mix water with white vinegar. You should mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar. You should put this natural cure in your ear every day, three times per day. Also, you should use 2 drops of this natural cure at one time.

Also, you can mix vinegar with a small amount of rubbing alcohol, and you should put this natural cure inside your ears. You should keep this natural cure a little in a while, and you should let this natural cure drain out of your ears.

itchy ears

Eliminate moisture from the ears

People who swim also have itching in their ears. This condition is known as swimmers’ ears. You should not allow the water to enter your ear during swimming and bathing. You must eliminate moisture from your ear because a damp environment causes the growth of fungi and bacteria in your ears which can also lead to itching.

Also, you can use earplugs while swimming and bathing. Also, you can plug your ears with cotton. You should apply Vaseline on the external part of the cotton or earplug. You should avoid the usage of plastic earplugs. After you have removed the water from your ears, you must clean your ears, and then you should put antibiotic eardrops in your ears.

Cleaning the ears

If you want to prevent ear itching, then you should clean your ears regularly, and you should maintain ear hygiene. Also, you should put eardrops in your ears. Also, you should clean your ear when there is wax deposition in your ears.

If you clean your ear when it is unnecessary, you will remove the natural oils from your ears. You can use earbuds to clean your ears. Using sharp objects for cleaning your ears, such as pins or pens, can damage your eardrum.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many health benefits, which is why it is a trusted natural cure for itchy ears. Aloe Vera drops can help to restore the pH balance, and they will soothe and calm the swelling or inflammation of the inner ear tissue.

This natural cure is also safe to use with children. There are some studies in which it is said that itchy ear symptoms in most cases are happening in younger people.

You can extract the gel from Aloe Vera leaves, and you should use it in a syringe or dropper to apply to your aching ear. It is recommended about 3 – 5 drops. If you have noticed that you have other symptoms aside from an itchy ear in that area, then you should talk with your doctor before you use Aloe Vera as your natural treatment. [6]

Hydrogen peroxide

Many people suffer from itchy ears, and they have said that when they have used hydrogen peroxide as their natural treatment, they have found relief from this condition. Some people have said that this natural cure melts away the excess ear wax and cleans your ear, but it will not remove the thin protective layer of ear wax. When you apply hydrogen peroxide, then this is the same method when you are using oil.

You should put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your affected ear. You should let this natural cure work for a few seconds. This means it should work until the bubbling noise stops. Then, you should allow this natural cure to drain outside.

This is a very effective natural treatment for people who work in a wet environment such as swim instructors, lifeguards, or professional swimmers. These people can use hydrogen peroxide once per week or a month because it can help them to get relief, but also this depends on how severe are the symptoms of their ear itching.


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