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Natural treatments and Home Remedies for Bed Wetting

Cinnamon: This is a very simple medication that can help you to stop the condition of bed wetting. It works effectively whether you are a child or a grown up. This is because it is known to keep the body warm and this help to avoid this condition at all [1]. What is supposed to be done with it is to ensure that you chew up a piece of it properly on a daily basis. Or otherwise you can make a mixture of cinnamon powder and sugar then make a sprinkle of this on a buttered Toast. Take the tots as part of your breakfast and the healing process would have kicked off.

Bed Wetting – Natural Cures and Home Remedies

Indian Gooseberry

This medication is also famously known as amla, it is an efficient Ayurvedic which cures bed wetting in and individual. It works out well when you purpose to crush and remove the seeds, to it add one table spoonful of honey as well as a pinch of turmeric. Take a table spoonful of this mixture on a daily basis every morning. This has effect of initiating the healing process and it will help you recover [2]. Apart from this you can also purpose to take a single teaspoonful of pulp of this medication when it is mixed with pinch of black pepper powder. This has effect of making you to stop your bed wetting.


Massage can also offer an effective treatment for this condition, what you are supposed to do is to get access to olive oil. Warm the oil and allow it to get comfortably warm, after which you should rub it in the lower side of your abdomen. Follow it with a gentle massage for couple of minutes, make a repeat of the same for a long period of time and stop only if you are ok with the outcome of the practice.

Cranberry Juice

This is an excellent ailment for both the urinary tract as well as your bladder [3], and it is this reason that is seen to be very suitable for an individual having bed wetting problem. The precaution that you should take is to ensure that the liquid is avoided before bed. Get a cup of this medicine several hours before you set to bed. Ensure that the juice being taken is fresh because it is recommended when it is so. Make a repetition of the same several times in few weeks and evaluate the outcome of it.


This is effective in cutting back the frequency with which you wet your bed. It is an enjoyable medicine because it is very testy. Take two of them before you set off to bed, chew them up. To promote effective outcome ensure that you do the same for several weeks and only stop after you are contented with the result.


This is another medicine which works very similar to walnuts, it is effective also because of its sweetness hence it encourages you to constantly use it. What you need to do is to take around five of them just sometimes before you go to be. Thereafter follow this practice with a repetition of several weeks and you can stop only after ascertaining that you have completely recovered from  your bed wetting.

Bladder Exercises

The practice is aimed at ensuring that the muscles that have responsibility of controlling release of urine from the bladder are subjected to stretching. This in turn work to increase the capacity of your bladder hence ability to hold more urine and strain not to release it before you allow it yourself. This practice also help to strengthen your bladder muscles and this way gives you the capacity to have more control over it, thereby avoiding bed wetting. You can achieve this by subjecting yourself to bladder exercise by tightening your pelvic muscles. You should hold it in this position for a period of up to ten seconds minus releasing. After this take a break or a rest of five seconds, repeat this up to ten times on a daily basis and the outcome will be great to you in getting rid of bed wetting.


Being that it has very sweet taste honey is not a discouraging and a repulsive treatment for this condition. In fact it is the best treatment for your child because he or she will like it minus knowing that she is under medication. To use it, take or give him or her one teaspoonful of homey before going to bed. Alternatively you can take up raw honey mixed with milk as part of your breakfast. This works by increasing the osmotic pressure and the blood sugar concentration hence enhancing re-absorption of water back to the blood stream. As a result it reduces the water content released into the bladder as art of urine. [4]

Apple Cider Vinegar

This main function in this condition is to ensure that your body pH is kept in a balanced condition. This will minimize the acidity in your body which in most situations enhances the condition of bed wetting. The steps that you should follow when using apple cider vinegar is to take two teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar and add it to a glass of water then stir it. After this adds some honey to it, but this is subject to exclusion, make this prepared medicine part of your meal. Repeat the practice constantly in every meal and evaluate the outcome in a period of couple of weeks of consistent practice of the above treatment.


bed wettingThis is recommended because of the heating effect that it is likely to bring to your body once you take it. In this way it is able to maintain the body warmth from inside which is one of the prerequisite to eradicate condition of bed wetting. The best practice to adopt with this treatment is to take a small piece of the medicine each morning with a cup of milk. Take a break of around one hour and take roasted celery seeds this should be mixed with seeds of roasted sesame in an equal proportion. Add to this mixture a pinch of rock salt. This will be a great and effective remedy for the condition when it is repeated for a period of two months constantly. [5]

Mustard seeds

It is a good medicine for an individual who is bed wetting because of urinary tract infections. What you can do to prepare a good medication with this ailment is to stir close to one and a half teaspoonful of mustard seed powder in a cup of well prepared warm milk. Take this one hour before you set to bed, and you will not believe how effective it works to relieve your condition instantly. The practice has to be repeated though.

Visit the Bathroom

It is also significant if you adopt the practice of visiting your bathroom before you retire to bed. This practice is relevant for you because it ensures that as you go to be the bladder is completely empty. This reduces instance and possibility of bladder getting strained while a sleep hence facilitating possibility of bed wetting. A constant repetition of this practice ensures that you develop a positive culture of less strain to your bladder hence very limited chances of bed wetting. When this is practiced for a couple of weeks it has ability to make you adapt to the condition and have limited likelihood of bed wetting.


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Dr. Emil Sarsath (aka) Vijila, a licensed naturopathic doctor (BSMS) who always ensures his patients receive compassionate, and individualized care. He has extensive experience in primary care, digestive health, mental health, nervous system disorder and more.Area of Expertise – Naturopathic Medicine, Whole Foods-based Nutrition, Siddha, Panchakarma.She is always available through [email protected]


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