Natural treatment & home remedies for learning disabilities

Home remedies for learning disabilities2

Learning disabilities are increasing in children. If you are concerned that your child has learning disability, you should not be disappointed. There are many things which you can do as parent so you will help your child to succeed in the world. Learning disabilities are defined as a disability of someone to gather and absorb information at the same rate as someone their own age. There are different types of learning disabilities, such as Asperger’s syndrome; autism; auditory processing disorder; dyscalculia; dyslexia and hyperactivity disorder.

The symptoms of learning disabilities in children vary depending on the severity and type of the disorder. The most common symptoms of learning disabilities are next: poor grades; social problems; confusion; avoidance; anxiety; depression and frustration. Those children who have experienced physical or sexual trauma in their developing years can develop neurological problems and learning disabilities.

The developmental disorders, such as Aperger’s syndrome, autism; oppositional defiant disorder and auditory processing disorder often struggle the most in school, at home and in social situations. This is happening because the intelligence is there but the ability to implement the knowledge and successfully understand social cues is lacking. Environmental toxins are one of the biggest causes for learning problems in children. It is known that preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, synthetic chemicals, fast food and processed food can lead to learning disability. You need to talk with your doctor if your child has some type of learning disability before you try some of the below mentioned home remedies.

Home remedies for learning disabilities

Home remedies for learning disabilities2

Jyotishmati: If your child has dyslexia as one of the most common types of learning disabilities, then jyotishmati can be used as a home remedy for this condition. It can help to improve the brain’s memory retention and concentration abilities. It is especially effective in children. [1]

Feel the letters: If you have child who suffers from dysgraphia, then you can try this natural technique as his home remedy. Doctors advise trying activities which can help your child to focus on feeling how the letter is made and not to see it how it is made. You can use your finger to trace a letter on your child’s back. Also, your child can close his eyes while you trace a letter on his palm. Then, you should see if your child can reproduce a letter on a piece of paper or on your back. Also, you can write a capital letter and ask your child to write it as a lowercase one or opposite.

Essential fatty acids: It is known that essential fatty acids can reduce the aggression and support a healthy immune system in children who suffer from autism [2]. One of the essential fatty acids is DHA and it is a major component of the brain cells. Your children can take fish oil capsules rich in DHA but you need to consult with his doctor before you start giving your child these supplements.

Bee pollen: If your child has dyslexia, then bee pollen can be used as his home remedy because it has nutrients which are effective for the brain development [3]. Also, this home remedy is effective for adults who suffer from this disorder.

Train faculty and staff: Those people, who come in contact with children suffering from non – verbal learning disability, must recognize the academic and social behavior of them. These kids ask a lot of questions, fail to recognize the face of someone they see every day, get lost in the hallway and they have problems with transitions.

Exercise: It is known that exercise is not just good for the body, but also it is good for the mind. The regular physical activity makes a huge difference in the mental clarity, energy and mood. No matter what type of learning disability your child has, you should encourage him to get outside, move and play. The regular physical activity can make your child to stay alert and attentive throughout the day. It is one of the best antidotes for stress and frustration. [4]

Royal jelly: This is one of the best home remedies for children who have dyslexia because it is rich in Vitamin B complex that is very important for childhood brain development. It is thought that the royal jelly is some kind of preventive treatment for diseases in children. [5]

Write big: Those children who suffer from dysgraphia have problems to remember how to form letters correctly. Your kids can spray big shaving cream letters on the tile wall at bath time or they can smooth out the cream on the tile and write letters in the foam. Your children can practice making letters in a plastic tub of damp sand. You can add finger paint because this is another way in which you can increase the sensory input.

Epsom salt bath: If your child suffers from autism and he can tolerate baths, then you can add a cup of Epsom salt in his bath water. His body will absorb the magnesium which has a calming effect and it will help your child sleep while at the same time sulphur will support detoxification. You should try this natural treatment before he goes to bed at night.

Fish oil: It is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids which can help to improve the cognitive functions of the brain and also it can help your children to manage the symptoms of dyslexia. [2]

Change your child’s diet: It is known fact that dietary influences have a strong impact on your child’s ability to focus and process information so you should be aware of foods that your child is eating. You should give your child whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean meat. You should not give your child dairy products and anything which is genetically modified and it has food dyes and other additives. You should be sure that you are buying organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Probiotics: This is good bacteria which reside in the gut. In many studies was found that probiotics are beneficial for ADHD in several different ways. It can help to improve the digestion which in turn will improve the body’s ability to get the nutrients which are needed for optimal health. Many people who suffer from ADHD have limited amount of good bacteria in their bodies so they can decrease the symptoms of ADHD when they increase the usage of probiotics. [6]

Eliminate sugar: It is very important to eliminate sugars for children suffering from learning disabilities because it is known that refined sugar feeds candida. The harmful bacteria in children’s intestines will overwhelm the beneficial bacteria.

Sleep: No matter what type of learning disability your children have, it is very important to have good sleep because he or she can have trouble learning. It is known that kids need more sleep than adults. It is estimated that preschool children need 11 – 13 hours of sleep per night, middle – school children need about 10 – 11 hours of sleep per night and preteens need 8½ – 10 of sleep per night. You should take care that your children sleep on a regular schedule. It is known that electronic screens, like portable video players, iPads, iPods, TV and computers are activating to the brain. You should power off all electronics at least an hour or two before your children goes to sleep.

Gluten – free diet: Children who suffer from autism often have leaky gut which means that the tight junction of the lining of the intestine is allowing to large molecules to get through and this can cause immune or allergic reactions. Gluten has a compound called zonulin which is a cause of leaky gut. Also, it has been discovered that this component affects the blood – brain barrier which is causing brain fog and letting toxins into the brain. This is a reason why you should always try to give your children gluten – free diet. [7]

Flaxseed oil: This home remedy is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids which can help to improve the brain’s functions, like concentration and memory retention in children suffering from learning disabilities. [2]

Cod liver oil: This home remedy has healing properties which are beneficial for children who suffer from ADHD and other processing disorders. There was one study in which was found that children were less restless after taking cod liver oil for seven months and it was noticed noticeable difference in their concentration and school performance. This natural cure has Omega – 3 fatty acids which can support the brain function.


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