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Senna Tea: Amazing 10 Health Benefits

Senna tea has many health benefits, such as detoxifying the body, reducing inflammation, treating constipation, aiding weight loss, among others. It is an FDA – approved nonprescription laxative. But, this powerful tea has some side effects and this is a reason why it should be consumed in a moderate amount to avoid heart conditions, liver damage, low electrolyte levels, weakened bowels, and dependency on this herb for your gut to function properly.

Health Benefits Of Senna Tea
Health Benefits Of Senna Tea

This tea is derived from the leaves of Cassia plants, which have more than 250 different species. In traditional medicine is used as a laxative, as well as to clear the bowels before tests, such as colonoscopy. The senna plant is a small shrun, which bears yellow or green leaflets. They can be cultivated and dried to make senna tea. The senna tea has a sweet flavor, but it is slightly bitter in taste at the end. You can make senna tea at your home by mixing two cups of filtered water, one–quarter dried senna leaves, and one–half teaspoon of honey or sugar.

If you have never used senna tea in your diet before, then talk with a qualified health – care provider, before you incorporate it into your diet. The long–term use of senna tea can cause bowels to stop functioning normally because they have become dependent on the sennosides found in the tea. Here are some health benefits of senna tea:


In traditional medicine, senna tea has been used for different types of inflammatory conditions, such as inflammation of the joints and tissues, fevers, and headaches.

Anticancer potential

There are some studies in which it said that the senna extract can be a weak promoter of colon carcinogenesis, but when it is taken in large amounts, then it can be a cause of cancer cell formation in the body. In one study done in 2011 was said that there is no relation between the occurrence of colon cancer and consumption of senna. There should be done a lot more studies in the future to surely approve the usage of senna tea as a home remedy for cancer.

Anti – parasitic

There are some compounds in the senna tea, such as sennosides, that have an anti-parasitic effect. By eradicating the intestinal worms and other gut parasites, the senna tea can help you to ensure that you get as many nutrients as possible from your meals.

Haircare and color

You can apply the senna tea to your hair, so it will ensure stronger, thicker, and voluminous hair. Also, it is acting as natural hair highlighter, which can give ash blonde to the golden color.

Skin care

The senna tea has tannin, resin, and essential oils, so this is a reason why it can be used as a home remedy for burns, wounds, and ringworms. Also, it has antibacterial properties, which can help in the fight against acne and other skin ailments.


Senna tea is known as a diuretic, which means that it can help to stimulate urination. Also, it can help to release the excess salts, fats, toxins, and water from the body. In many cases, senna tea can lead to dehydration, so you should be sure that you will always stay hydrated.

Treats indigestion

You can use the senna tea as a home remedy for indigestion, cramping, bloating, or constipation. It can help you by promoting the normal flow of food and waste matter through your bowels.

Treats hemorrhoids

Senna tea can help to reduce the swelling and quick healing of anal fissures and other hemorrhoids due to its laxative properties.


The senna tea has sennosides, which can help to stimulate peristaltic motion and rapid detoxification due to its laxative properties. Also, this property of senna tea can help to treat constipation. FDA has approved senna tea as a nonprescription laxative.

Weight loss

Senna tea can help to flush out the excess toxins and residual waste matter out of the body and this can promote weight loss. But, you should remember that much of the weight that is lost is water weight. So, you should consume senna tea along with dietary restrictions and exercise to have a full effect.

Elene Jordanova
Elene Jordanova
Elena Jordanova is a medical researcher from Macedonia with specialization in Internal Medicine


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