Cricopharyngeal spasm – Home Remedies and Natural Treatments


This condition is usually defined by affected people as a lump in the throat which is said to be the primary source of discomfort. This is a type of muscle spasm which is happening in your throat. The cricopharyngeal spasm is also known as upper esophageal sphincter. The cricopharyngeal muscle is located at the top part of the esophagus. The cricopharyngeal muscle contracts and this can help the esophagus to moderate the food and liquid intake. The cricopharyngeal spasm is happening when this muscle contracts too much and it is known as hypercontraction state. The most common symptoms of cricopharyngeal spasm are a lump that you cannot swallow or spit out; choking sensations; sensation of a large object being stuck in your throat and feeling like something is tightening around your throat. The symptoms of this condition disappear when you are eating food or drinking liquids because the related muscles are relaxed and they can help you to eat and drink. In some cases the natural protective measure of UES can get off balance so the UES is contracting more than it supposed to which is resulting in cricopharyngeal spasm. Some of the most common causes for cricopharyngeal spasm are high level of anxiety; negative and positive emotions; wegith gain or loss; severe headache, etc [1]. There are rare cases when cricopharyngeal spasm could lead to complications. If the pain and irritation are increasing, or if they last for more than 2 – 3 weeks, then you should talk with your doctor as soon as possible. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from cricopharyngeal spasm before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition. Here are some home remedies for cricopharyngeal spasm:

Fluid drinking reduce cricopharyngeal spasm symptoms

When you are consuming any fluid, then it will reduce the intensity of the symptoms of cricopharyngeal spasm and it will keep the throat tissues well hydrated [1]. It is recommended drinking warm water because it is known that people who suffer from cricopharyngeal spasm have relaxed muscles when they drink or eat. This is a reason why affected people are encouraged to drink warm water. This natural cure will not interfere with the healthy diet. If you are diagnosed with the cricopharyngeal spasm, then this is one of the first things which you can do in your natural treatment.

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It is known that the heat can help you to get a relief from the discomfort that is associated with swallowing. You can place electric heat pads or traditional heat pads on your aching throat because this will relax your muscles and it will assist with the irritating symptoms [2]. This natural treatment is similar to the sipping on warm fluids which means that when heated pads are put on the throat, then they assist both physically and therapeutically. When the heat is applied to any area, then it can help to reduce muscle spasms because ligaments relax with the warmth. You can make your own heating pads at your home using wet towels in a zip lock bag or rise in a sock. This natural treatment will give you a relief from the pain associated with the cricopharyngeal spasm.

Chew well

It is known that when you chew the food well before you swallow it, then it can help in the natural treatment of cricopharyngeal spasm, especially when you have aching because it does not pressurize your throat.

Muscle relaxation

You can implement breathing techniques because they will give you a relief from the pressure and discomfort of having a lump in the throat [3]. You should be patient while you are doing this technique otherwise you should not expect good results. It is not complicated technique which means that every single person who suffers from cricopharyngeal spasm can do it. You should avoid sudden neck movements and take a warm shower because they are some of the muscle relaxation techniques. You should massage your neck and throat by wrapping ice cubes in a towel because it can relax muscles and eliminates pain.

5 – HTP

5 – HTP is a shortcut which is used for 5 – Hydroxytryptophan. It is produced from the seeds of West African shrub. It can increase the production of serotonin in the brain and nervous system. There are some studies in which are believed that the serotonin is the chemical which balances our mood and if we have too little serotonin, then this leads to depression [4]. This natural cure can help in the treatment of anxiety. Also it can be used as a natural treatment for ADHD, binge eating, PMS, sleep problems and headaches.

Stress and anxiety reduction

Some of the major causes for cricopharyngeal spasm are stress, anxiety and negative emotions. It is very important to fix or improve these conditions. This process is not simple and you will not get any big improvement overnight. You need to identify the most common stress factors and anxiety triggers. This can be done by maintaining a journal if the affected person does not want to visit a therapist. You should start by jotting down incidents which can make you feel nervous or that can trigger anxiety episodes or panic attacks. This is a simple home remedy which every single person suffering from cricopharyngeal spasm can do it. It will change some aspects in your daily’s routine. You should always analyze what is the reason for your stress and you need to find a way to reduce it in healthy and safe way.

Vitamin B complex

These vitamins are essential for our bodies because they can boost the performance of red blood cells and they can assist in the energy production. These vitamins can support the general wellness and the health of the body. Also they will reduce the chances of mood swings. The brain chemistry is regulated and it assists in the production of serotonin while at the same time it will treat anxiety, fatigue and depression [5]. When you are consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin B complex, then significant improvements in the treatment of cricopharyngeal spasm can be noticed. The results of this natural cure will not appear immediately. Patients need to consume Vitamin B complex for extended period because in this way they will observe results.

Physical therapy

You should visit a physiotherapist who has specialized in these problems and you will learn some exercises for relaxing neck muscles. It is known fact that when your muscles are relaxed, then the constricting tight feeling is reduced which is making it one of the best home remedies for cricopharyngeal spasm.

Avoid stressful situations

You need to avoid stressful situations or you should find a way to reduce the stress. If you cannot completely remove the stressful situations from your life, then you should find an effective way to reduce the stress, such as yoga, exercise or any other sport. You should find solutions to panic attacks and you need to avoid all situations which can result in panic attacks.

Herbal teas best natural treatment of cricopharyngeal spasm

It is known that the most common symptom of cricopharyngeal spasm is the tightness in the throat. This symptom can be relieved by drinking fluids. Warm teas, water and natural juices are all effective because they can soothe the throat and reduce the ache. The best natural treatment for this symptom of cricopharyngeal spasm is herbal teas because the warmth of the water is combined with the calming properties of plants [6]. You should regularly sip on any tea of your choice. You need to avoid highly caffeinated drinks before you go to bed. This will keep you awake and the tight restricted sensation will increase. You should avoid too cold or too hot tea because it can damage your esophagus. You should put 3 tablespoons of fresh leaves or herbs and steep them for ten minutes. If you are using dried leaves, then you can add one tablespoon to one sup of steaming water when you are making this natural cure for cricopharyngeal spasm.


This herb is also known as “depression herb” because it has strong anti – aging and anti – depressant properties. The rhodiola rosea is commonly found around sea cliffs and mountains. It is known that it can boost the mental sharpness alongside physical performance. This natural cure has strong impact both mentally and physically to fight against anxiety and stress [7]. This is one of the most effective home remedies for cricopharyngeal spasm. It can boost the serotonin levels and it will improve your mood. This is a reason why the rhodiola is one of the best home remedies in the fight against stress and anxiety. It can decrease the uncomfortable sensation in the affected person.


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