Health benefits of banana oil – Controls oily skin and hair and Prevents dandruff

Health benefits of banana oil

One of the most cultivated plants in the world is the banana plant.  It has the scientific name Musa acuminata. It is known that there is a large global production of banana oil but still this oil is widely unrecognized for its many therapeutic effects on the hair and skin. The health benefits of banana oil are due to Vitamin B, Vitamin C, isoamyl acetate and many other antioxidants. The banana oil has many health benefits, such as boost the immune system, eliminate dandruff, prevent premature aging, moisturizing the scalp, slow the hair loss and soothe the skin. The primary effects of banana oil are affecting the skin and hair but there are some cases when it can be used for other health conditions. Also there are some side effects caused by banana oil, such as skin inflammation or gastrointestinal distress but they primarily happen when an excessive amount is used. In general, the banana oil is not orally consumed due to relative availability and cost of the oil. The banana oil is common name of isoamyl acetate. This is an organic compound which is found in high concentration in banana peels. Banana oil is synthetically produced in factories where it undergoes excessive processing. But there are many people who choose to prepare their own banana oil through an oil extraction process. This form of banana oil is considered as pure banana oil and it can be highly potent.

Health benefits of banana essential oil

Controls oily skin and hair

Those people who have oily skin are having more chances to suffer from pimples and acne for years. Also the oily hair can make you self – conscious and make you feel less than your best, even you have washed your hair. The banana oil can counter the both mentioned annoying condition because it is optimizing oil levels and clearing our any blockage or infections which can cause excess oil production.

Hair care

You need to boost the strength of your hair strands, when your hair easily breaks, snaps or falls out. You should know that the banana oil is effective in taming fizzy hair and eliminating split ends while at the same time it can directly infuse the strands with important nutrients to cut down on hair loss.


This oil is not popular as aromatherapy ingredient, but it can be diffused throughout the room to provide an invigorating aroma and also passively protect your skin.

Prevents dandruff

It is known fact that the banana oil is very effective home remedy for dry skin because it has emollient properties which can lock moisture and prevent irritation or flaking. Those people who suffer from dandruff should massage a bit of banana oil into their scalp because it can prevent the dead skin from tumbling down onto your shoulders, promote healthy growth of new cells and invigorate the skin.

Boosts immune system

Banana oil is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds which can boost your immune system. It can protect your skin from airborne pathogens and infections but also this oil is absorbed through the skin which can help your internal system defend against viruses and bacteria as well.

Health benefits of banana oil

Health benefits of banana oil

Removes scars and blemishes

It is known that when you use the banana oil on your skin, it will increase the blood flow which is helping to stimulate the healing of blemishes and scars and it will give you a youthful and rosy glow.

Has anti – aging property

Banana oil can help you if you have noticed that you have signs of aging. It can stimulate the formation of collagen and boost the skin elasticity which can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Smoothes dry skin

We know that our skin is exposed to the environment more than any other part of our body and this is a reason why it takes the brunt of breathing. But this can also dry out your skin which is leaving your skin irritated, cracked or prone to infections. This can affect the appearance and feel of your skin. When you are applying banana oil on regular basis to these areas, then it can smooth your skin and it will protect it against environmental damage in which is included the low levels of radiation from the sun.


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