Jerusalem artichoke can lower blood pressure and fight cancer

Health benefits of Jerusalem artichoke

This vegetable is known by several different names, such as sunroots, sunchokes, etc. The Jerusalem artichoke is not related in some way with the domestic artichoke which is cultivated in North America. Jerusalem artichoke resembles potatoes. It is a root vegetable with a tough dark skin and white and starchy – tasting inside. Their flavor closely matches potato. This tuber can be consumed in many different ways. Jerusalem artichoke has a nutty and sweet flavor when it is cooked. It can be grown in home gardens. You can enjoy in the benefits of Jerusalem artichoke easily. It has many health benefits which are beneficial for the overall health. Jerusalem artichoke can lower the blood pressure and it can fight cancer. You can add Jerusalem artichoke into your cold – weather meals. Consume the Jerusalem artichoke on regular basis to get its benefits.

Jerusalem artichoke benefits

Intestinal immunity: When it comes to the intestinal health, Jerusalem artichokes are superstars in this field. This vegetable has inulin which is a non – digestible dietary fibre and it is possessing strong prebiotic properties. The inulin has fructans which are good for the beneficial bacteria in the gut. When you are feeding your body with good intestinal soldiers, then it is possible to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. This vegetable can boost the intestinal immunity and it will keep your body healthy.

Prevents colon cancer: The Jerusalem artichoke might not directly has any effect on the colon cancer but its dietary fiber inulin can be used to suppress the colon cancer. You can include this vegetable in your diet and in this way you can prevent colon cancer for a long time.

Easy bowel movement: This vegetable is good for regulating bowel movements. It has non – digestible insulin which creates bulk and it is passed out with the stool. Those people who suffer from constipation can use the Jerusalem artichoke to get a relief from this condition.

Health benefits of Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke uses

Warehouse of potassium: It is very important to maintain the correct potassium level because it can reduce the chances of heart attack. Our body needs potassium to counter the effects of excess sodium. You should add the potassium rich Jerusalem artichoke because it is good for your heart.

Iron rich: There are many diets which are not including enough iron. This mineral is required by our bodies for proper blood flow and clotting of blood. The Jerusalem artichoke has an essential dose of iron which can easily assimilate.

Great detox agent: Jerusalem artichoke has amino acids which are rich in sulfur. This element is very important for the diet and also it is helpful for the health. These sulfur – rich amino acids are keeping the connective tissues flexible. This will allow the liver to easily detoxify the body.

A good source of protein: Jerusalem artichokes are rich in protein which is not case with other tubers. You can make healthy soups and stocks using the Jerusalem artichoke. Its protein content is making it a perfect vegetable which you can add in your diet.

Controls cholesterol: Those people who have high cholesterol levels can consume Jerusalem artichoke because it will allow the body to metabolize fats faster. Also it can normalize the cholesterol levels in the blood and it can protect the body from several cardiovascular diseases.

Blood sugar level: It is known that the Jerusalem artichoke was added to the diet to reduce the blood sugar levels and this is happening since the ancient times. The high levels of insulin are bypassed into the lower gut which is feeding the good bacteria. If you suffer from diabetes, then you can use Jerusalem artichoke to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Dietary supplement: There are many studies in which are said that Jerusalem artichoke can be used as a dietary supplement. This is due to the many nutrients which are part of the Jerusalem artichoke and they are good for our health. When you are using Jerusalem artichoke in your diet, then it will ensure your body that it is full of nutrients.


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