Health benefits of marula oil – Keeps hair and scalp healthy and Prevents and treats skin conditions

Health benefits of marula oil

Most people never have heard about the marula oil. It is known that marula oil is elixir of the youth. Marula oil is obtained from the Marula fruit kernels. Marula is native to the southern part of Africa. It has been used for centuries as a home remedy to heal different skin conditions. Marula oil is extracted from the nuts of marula tree. It is rare oil which has a fragrant floral and nutty aroma with powerful properties. It has antioxidants which are very similar to the Moroccan Argan oil and it has 60% more antioxidants. It is a part of our diets. In Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa it has been used to preserve meats, to treat leather, in cosmetics, for a variety of cooking purposes and much more. It is known that Tsonga people have been using the marula oil in place of water for cleaning themselves, as body lotion and massage oil for babies. In South Africa, this oil has been part of multiple beauty rituals for hundreds of years in order to protect the hair and skin from the harsh weather in this country. This is a reason why the marula has many health benefits.

Health benefits of marula oil:

Heals chapped lips: Marula oil can help in the treatment of dry and chapped lips. Marula oil penetrates the skin on your lips and it removes dryness from within. When you are using marula oil, then you can have soft and pink lips which never bleed or crack. It can help to heal chapped lips.

Treats brittle nails: This type of oil is rich in wide variety of skin benefiting nutrients which can be also used in the natural treatment of brittle nails. You should use the marula oil if you have weak nails that are prone to cracking and breaking. It has nourishing and moisturizing effects which can treat your nails and it can make them strong. When you are applying marula oil regularly on your hands, then it will keep them soft.

Health benefits of marula oil

Some benefits of marula oil

Prevents and treats skin conditions: Marula oil is rich in linoleic acid which has Omega – 6 fatty acids as well as oleic acid. It is effective in treating dry skin but also it can prevent and heal many different skin disorders, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. This gentle and nourishing oil can help in the natural treatment of skin problems.

Keeps hair and scalp healthy: The marula oil has minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and powerful nutrients which can reverse and prevent UV and environmental damage. Also it has cellular regeneration, anti – inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which can play an important role in keeping the scalp healthy and boost healthy hair growth. When you are using the marula oil on regular basis, then you can gain beautiful and lustrous hair which is always strong.

Fights the effects of hormonal changes: Hormonal changes are affecting women very often. Also they can affect your skin. The marula oil is playing an important role in making you sure that these internal attacks are not attacking your skin adversely. Marula oil fortifies your skin to help in the fight against the internal attacks and it can keep it looking radiant with health at all the times.

Suits all skin types: This oil is rich in oleic acid which is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. This oil suits all skin types. Marula oil is super absorbent and it does not clog up your skin pores. It is suitable for normal, oily and dry skin types but also it is suitable for sensitive skin as well as for those skin types that are prone to problems. Men can use the marula oil to soften their rough skin because it can hydrate it.

Prevents stretch marks: This oil is wonderful massage oil for pregnant women. It has beneficial nutrients which can help to retain the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. You should apply it two times a day because it will keep away hyper – pigmentation which many pregnant women often develop. This oil is effective way to prevent the appearance of stretch marks if it is used two times every day.

Gives you smooth skin: It has a combination of Vitamin C and monounsaturated fatty acids which can ensure the promotion of elasticity with regular application. Marula oil penetrates into your skin. It can enhance the skin’s firmness and it helps in smoothening cellulite.


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