Aplastic anemia home remedy and natural treatments

aplastic anemia home remedy

Aplastic anemia is a disease when your body stops producing enough new blood cells. It is a rare condition. There are five to ten cases per million, but it is a very serious disease. When you have this kind of disease, then your bone marrow stops producing red blood cellswhite blood cells, and platelets.

Children are having chances of getting this disease, but also adults are risking getting aplastic anemia disease.

Aplastic anemia disease comes from the term aplasia, which means that there is a failure of formation or generation.

Anemia means that there is a deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of your blood. We know that the spongy material which is inside of your bones is known as bone marrow.

In fact, bone marrow is a factory which is producing blood cells such as red blood cellswhite blood cells, and platelets. When we suffer from aplastic anemia disease, the bone marrow is not forming blood cells or fails to develop them.

This disease can be a life-threatening disease which means that you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. It is very important to be discovered in its early stage. If you suffer from aplastic anemia disease, then you must take the medications or the natural aplastic anemia home remedy prescribed by your doctor.

22 Aplastic Anemia Home Remedy and Natural Cures

Protecting yourself from germs

People easily get infections when they do not wash their hands regularly. If you want to stay away from infections, then you must wash your hands very frequently. Also, people who are sick can make you get infections. 

You should not be near an area with sick people if you do not want to get aplastic anemia disease. If you have noticed that you have a fever or you have other symptoms which are showing you that you have an infection, then you must talk with your doctor as soon as possible. He or she will tell you what the best way to rid of these infections is.


People who suffer from anemia are consuming ripe bananas. Also, they add honey to it. You should eat it two times per day. This aplastic anemia home remedy is rich in iron which means that it will stimulate the hemoglobin production in your blood. [1]

Vitamin B12

Many people who have a deficiency in Vitamin B12 have an increased chances of getting anemia [2]. This aplastic anemia home remedy is water soluble, which means that it will not cause any side effects to these people if they want to use it as a supplement. But you should talk with your doctor about the recommended dose.

aplastic anemia home remedyAvoiding contact sports

When you suffer from aplastic anemia, then you have an increased risk of bleeding. This is possible because, in your body, there is a small number of platelet. This is a reason why you should avoid sports and activities in which you can fall or cut.

Foods to avoid

You should avoid chocolate because it has a substance that can remove iron from your body. When you are trying to increase the iron levels in your body, then you should not eat chocolates.

Bran is rich in insoluble fiber. When you are consuming iron food, then the insoluble fiber traps and removes the iron during the digestion process.

You should avoid soda because this product has high amounts of sugar and poor amounts of nutrients that block iron absorption.

You should not drink more than one cup per day of black tea and coffee because they block the absorption of iron.

Blackstrap molasses

This aplastic anemia home remedy has high amounts of iron. This is one of the best home remedies for anemia. Its nutrient content will help you to beat the anemia. [3,4]

Be vocal

When you suffer from aplastic anemia disease, then you should not be afraid to ask your doctor for any problem or symptom that you have. You must talk with him or her as much as you can because they can help you against this disease.

Beef liver

If you suffer from anemia, then you should add this aplastic anemia home remedy beef liver to your diet because it is rich in iron. You should avoid foods which are interrupting the body’s natural iron absorption process, such as red wine, wheat bran, teacoffee, candy bars, and chocolate.

Ask questions

If you suffer from aplastic anemia disease, then you should talk with your doctor as much as you can. If you do not understand some symptoms, then you should not doubt to ask him or her. Also, you can ask your doctor about any part of your treatment. It is a very good idea to write down or record the words that your doctor has told you about your treatment.


If you want an effective natural remedy for anemia, you should mix one cup of apple juice and beetroot and add honey to it. You should drink this aplastic anemia home remedy mixture once per day. Beetroot has high amounts of iron and carotene, which can help people who suffer from anemia. [5]

Research your disease

If you suffer from aplastic anemia disease, then you should search for this disease. It is always the best idea to know more about this disease because, in this way, you will be prepared for it.

What you should avoid

In most cases, when people want to prevent aplastic anemia disease, then there is no prevention. But you should avoid paint removers, herbicides, insecticides, organic solvents, and other toxic chemicals because these chemicals can increase your risk of developing aplastic anemia.


This kind of vegetable has high amounts of iron and folic acid. The mentioned components were used as a plastic anemia home remedy for anemia many years ago. [6,7]

Homeopathic treatment

These medicines will help you have a healthy portion of bone marrow, which means that they will improve cell production. This aplastic anemia home remedy can help you control the bleeding disorders associated with aplastic anemia.

Vitamin C

This kind of vitamin can aid in the absorption of iron. You should add Vitamin C to your diet. You should eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C. People who suffer from anemia should have a balanced diet because, in this way, they can improve their condition and get rid of this kind of disease.

Leafy vegetables

The best home remedy you can use if you suffer from anemia is to have a rich diet of leafy vegetables. They are rich in iron. This aplastic anemia home remedy property will help you to get rid of the anemia. [6]


This is also a very effective home remedy if you suffer from anemia. They are rich in nutrients, including ironfolic acidpotassium, and fiber. If their skin is left intact, they will help you have better nutritional value in your body. The part of the beets which is under the skin has the biggest nutritional value.

Resting when you need to

When you suffer from aplastic anemia, you can feel that you have shortness of breath or fatigue even if you do mild exertion. This is a reason why you must rest as much as you need. You should not be exhaustedTake a break in every moment that you feel exhausted.

Dry cereals

These kinds of cereals are rich in folic acid and iron. This is a reason why you should add them to your diet. These aplastic anemia home remedies will help you to win against the anemia. It is recommended to check the ingredients before you buy them. This way, you will know that you consume healthy products that can help you win against anemia and that you do not consume ingredients that can worsen your condition.

Take care of yourself

If you want to optimize blood production, then you should have proper sleep and nutrition. These are the most important keys to having normal production of blood cells.


This is a very effective home remedy for people who suffer from anemia. It can help you to increase the hemoglobin content in your blood which can help you to win against this disease. Also, this aplastic anemia home remedy is rich in ironcopper, and manganese, which are essential minerals for our body. [8]

Seek support

If you discover that you suffer from aplastic anemia disease, then you must talk with your friends and family. They will give you the best emotional support you need during that difficult time. Also, you can ask them to become bone marrow donors or blood donors.

Also, you can join some aplastic anemia support groups because, in this way, you will have more people around you who can help you to know more information about this disease. You should talk with your doctor if he or she knows local support groups because they will help you a lot in finding the best aplastic anemia home remedy.


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