Spider Plant: Best Health Benefits for Us

Health benefits of spider plan

The scientific name of the spider plant is Chlorophytumcomosum. It is an introduced herbaceous plant. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family. This type of plant is native to tropical and southern parts of Africa. It is an ornamental indoor plant. It is easy to grow spider plants. It is quite popular due to its air purifying properties, as well as medicinal properties. The spider plant has long, thin and arched leaves, which are solid green in color or variegated with white. Roots of spider plants are dripped into a water bowl and mothers drink this remedy on a daily basis because it is believed to protect the infant.

In Chinese traditional medicine, the extract of the spider plant is used against bronchitis and cough-related problems. Spider plant is non – toxic to people and pets. Pet owners may find that some cats like to eat the leaves of spider plants for digestion. You should not overwater your spider plant. It is enough to water it two times per week. You should not keep the spider plant under direct sunlight for more than six hours.

Health benefits of spider plant

Here are some health benefits of the spider plant:

Bone healing and burn:

In Chinese traditional medicine, the spider plant extract has been used for healing fractured bones and burns.

Cure cough and cold:

Spider plant is absorbing the water through its root and it circulates through its stems and leaves. When the water reaches its leaves, then it will evaporate and increase the humidity. This increased humidity is decreasing airborne diseases, like flu, cough, cold and sore throat. The whole plant extract of the spider plant can help to reduce the cough and it can help to relax the chest congestion. In Chinese traditional medicine, the extract of spider plant is used against bronchitis and cough–related problems.


The root of the spider plant has been used against four different types of tumors. The root extract can help to suppress the tumor activity by apoptosis or death of the cell. But, need to be done a lot more studies in the future to approve or disapprove of this statement.

Potential prebiotic:

The leaves of the spider plants can help to establish intestinal microorganisms. Also, it acts as a potential prebiotic substance for a healthy bowel movement and healthy stomach.

Speeds recovery of patients:

Many studies are said that adding the spider plant to hospital rooms can speed up the recovery rate of surgical patients compared to rooms where patients do not have plants. These patients needed less pain medication and they do not suffer from blood pressure or heart rate issues.

Healthy liver:

The roots of the spider plants are used to help with the hepatoprotective activities in rats. The extract of spider plant root can help to reduce the inflammatory process of the liver and it can help in the healing process.

Remove toxic substances from your home:

The spider plant is the easiest houseplant that you can grow at your home. It effectively removes poisonous and harmful chemical substances, such as toluene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene from the atmosphere. Spider plant is excellent at eradicating formaldehyde, which is a household chemical compound that is found in manufactured wood products, adhesives, clothes, plastic products, and leather goods.

It can help to minimize carbon monoxide levels and it can help to reduce common cold, constant headache, and anxiety. The spider plant can help to prevent severe health risks, such as vision impairment and loss of attention due to toluene.

Increases humidity:

Spider plant is a perennial plant. It has a high transpiration rate. It absorbs the water through its roots. Then, it circulates the moisture through stems and leaves. When the water reaches the leaves, then it evaporates into the air and increases the humidity. The increased humidity is decreasing the risk of several airborne diseases, such as sore throat, cough, cold, and flu-like symptoms. When you grow spider plants at your home or at your office, then it can help to keep diseases away and it can help to increase concentration and productivity.


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