Garlic, ginger and lemon juice can effectively treat laryngitis


Laryngitis is a result of inflammation of your vocal cords, known as larynx. This condition is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection or excessive strain on the vocal cords. A hoarse or weak voice is the most common symptom of laryngitis. There are some cases when people cannot talk at all. This condition is often accompanied by dry cough and a sore throat. In the most cases, this is an acute condition which can heal with time and it has not serious consequences. There are some easy and simple natural cures which can help you to rid of the pain and inflammation and restore your voice in very quick way. Laryngitis usually last for a few days or up to two weeks in the most cases. If you have noticed that your laryngitis last longer, then this can be chronic laryngitis and you need to talk with your doctor about this problem.

Home remedies for laryngitis

Garlic: Garlic has antimicrobial properties which help kill bacteria and viruses [1]. Also this vegetable is natural expectorant. You should chew a raw garlic clove slowly and then you should swallow it. Also there is another option and that is to chop several garlic cloves. Place them into the jar and you should cover it with equal parts of distilled water and raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. You should shake the jar to mix the contents thoroughly and you should let it sit for about for four hours. You should add some raw honey in it before you store it in refrigerator. You should take one to three teaspoons of this garlic syrup every six to eight hours.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice has acidic nature which will kill viruses and bacteria and it will give you a relief from the symptoms of laryngitis. Also it will help to loosen mucus. You should squeeze the juice of a lemon into a glass of warm water. You should add ½ teaspoon of sea salt. If you do not have sea salt, then you can use table salt. You should gargle with this natural cure several times per day.

Warm salt water: This natural cure will help you to kill bacteria and also it will promote the healing of the sore throat and inflamed vocal cords. In one cup of warm water you should add ½ teaspoon of salt and you should gargle with this natural cure. You should do this natural treatment several times per day.

Ginger: Fresh ginger is good for the throat because it can soothe the inflamed mucous membranes of larynx [2]. You should boil thinly sliced ginger root in a covered pan of water for ten minutes. You should strain this liquid and you should allow cool to room temperature. Also you can sweeten it with honey and you can add some lemon juice in it. You should drink this natural cure several times per day. Also you can try sucking on a few candied gingers throughout the day or you can simply eat a few thin slices of fresh ginger root.

Onion syrup: This natural cure acts as a natural expectorant and it is very effective natural cure for larynx inflammation. You should cut up 3 – 4 medium – sized onions. You should simmer the pieces in 4 cups of water until this natural cure thickens to syrup – like consistency. You should mix 5 tablespoons of the onion syrup in one glass of warm water. You should add one tablespoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice. You should sip this mixture slowly.

laryngitisnatural remedies for laryngitis

Apple cider vinegar: This natural cure has antimicrobial properties which can help you to fight infections and also it can be used to treat laryngitis [3]. You should mix 2 tablespoons of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in half a cup of water. To increase the effectiveness of this natural cure, you should add a small amount of cayenne pepper in it. You should drink this natural cure two times per day. Also you should prepare a natural cure by mixing one tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar in one glass of warm water. You should gargle with this natural cure several times per day until you get a relief from the laryngitis.

Raisins: In one cup of water you should boil ¼ cup of raisins. You should consume this natural cure three to four times per day.

Honey: This is a very effective home remedy for soothing an irritated throat and also it can soothe your throat [4]. Also it can help you to reduce the inflammation. The simplest and easiest way to use honey is to swallow some raw honey several times per day. Also you can try herbal tea made with lemon and honey. To make this tea, you should add the juice from ½ lemon and 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw honey to one cup of hot water. Also you can add a dash of cayenne pepper to it. You should drink this natural cure once or twice per day.

Slippery elm: This natural cure has mucilage which forms into a gel when it is mixed with water and also it can give you a relief from throat inflammation and irritation [5]. You should put some fresh slippery elm in water. This will form into a gel. You should swallow this gel several times per day to get a relief from the sore throat. Also you can try slippery elm lozenges. This natural cure is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Mixed juice: You should combine grapefruit, cranberry and orange juice and you should consume it at daily basis. Also you can make another mixture and that is to mix ginger juice, radish and carrot because this is working as a great natural cure for laryngitis.

Clove: You should blend 4 drops of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey properly. You should consume this natural cure 3 times per day. This natural cure will provide you the required warmth to your throat [1]. It has antiseptic, anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can alleviate the infection and also it can soothe your throat.

Herbal infusion: You should get one cup water, one tablespoon marshmallow leaves, one teaspoon coltsfoot leaves, one teaspoon mullein leaves and one teaspoon licorice root. You should mix these herbs and then you should steep it in boiling water for twenty to thirty minutes. If you find it too bitter to consume, then you should sweeten it with honey. Also you can sweeten it with sugar but it recommended adding honey.

Licorice: This is also a very effective natural cure for laryngitis. It can give you a relief from the throat irritation because it has anti – inflammatory and antiviral properties. Also this natural cure acts as a natural expectorant because it can help you to rid of the mucus. You should boil one teaspoon of dried licorice root in one cup of water for about 5 minutes. You should strain it. You should drink this licorice tea up to 3 times per day. Also you can try licorice lozenges. [6]

Eucalyptus oil: This type of oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties which can help you to soothe a sore throat [1]. The best way to use this natural cure is to inhale the steam of it. You should add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a large pan of boiling water. You should cover your head with a towel and you should inhale the steam for ten minutes. You should follow this natural cure two times per day. Also you can try lozenges and cough syrups which have eucalyptus oil as their component.

Soups: When you suffer from laryngitis, then you should have as much soups as you can. Refrain from excessive sodium which is contained soups.

Turmeric: You should add ½ teaspoon of turmeric in one glass of milk. You should consume it two to three times per day. It can help you to get a relief from the inflammation and soreness of throat.

Cinnamon: In boiling water you should add three teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and boil it for ten minutes. You should consume this natural cure three times per day because in this way you will have the best results. This natural cure has antibacterial, anti – inflammatory and antiseptic properties which can help you to heal laryngitis in very quick way. [7]

Green tea: This is also one of the best natural cures which you can use to alleviate the symptoms of laryngitis.

Anise seeds: You should boil two teaspoons of anise seeds in two cups of water. You should ingest this natural cure a few times per day but not more than two teaspoons an hour. Also you can apply this natural cur on your chest and neck.

Marshmallow: When you eat marshmallows, then they can help you to get a relief from the sore throat. Also you can such the juice from marshmallow to get a relief from the laryngitis. Also you can prepare a herbal tea using marshmallow root. [8]


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