Bone chip – Best Home Remedies and Natural treatments

Natural cures for bone chip

When people are suffering from bone chip, then they usually are having some injury in their knee or in their elbow. Also they are having an injury in their cartilage. They are feeling that the broken parts of their bones are floating in the knee area or in the elbow area. When you have serious injuries of your bones in your knees or in your elbows, then you are having the highest risk of getting bone chip. Also if you are not having enough blood supply in your knees or in your elbows, then also you are risking of getting bone chip. When you are trying to move your elbow or your knee, you are feeling a pain. Also you cannot straighten your knees or your elbow. What is important for you to know (if you are suffering from bone chip) is not to be active in the period when your symptoms are still there. In some case symptoms are going away by own. But also there are some cases when people need surgery to reduce the symptoms which are caused by this disease. You should visit your doctor when you have started feeling the symptoms. Here are some home remedies and natural cures which will help you to improve your condition:

Natural cures for bone chip

Vitamin K foods: You should consume spinach, broccoli, kale and other green vegetables which are rich with Vitamin K1 [1]. Also you should use raw dairy products such as kefir and cheese which are rich with Vitamin K2 [2]. This vitamin is one of the major vitamins for the bone formation and bone clotting.

Foods which are rich with calcium: The most vital element for our bones is the calcium. You should consume foods which are rich with calcium such sardines with bones, sea vegetables, salmon, kefir, green leafy vegetables, amasai and yogurt.

Vitamin C: This is one of the most important vitamins for the tissues and skin. You should increase the intake amount of Vitamin C. You should eat fruits and vegetables which are rich with Vitamin C such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, bell peppers and strawberries.  [3]

Increase the calorie intake: A normal and healthy individual needs 2.500 calories per day. People who have problems with their bones and who are suffering from bone loss or bone fracture should increase the intake amount of calories. They will need to take 6.000 calories per day.

Carrot juice: There are some patients who are saying that they have improved their condition when they were consuming fresh carrot juice. [4]

Clean lean protein: When you have lost tissue your body needs protein. It cannot rebuild it without this important element. Grass – fed meat and wild – caught fish are foods which are having lean protein. You should take 4 -5 oz per meal from these products. You should talk with your doctor before you start using this home remedy as your natural treatment.

Zinc: When your bones are broken, then one of the most important vitamins to rebuild the bones is the zinc. You should add food which is rich with zinc such as spinach, meat and pumpkin seeds. This is a very important element which you should take if you are suffering from bone chip. This element will repair the damaged tissue. [5]

Avoid foods which are making your bones weak: You should not use some foods and drinks which can make your bones weaker. When you are drinking alcohol, then you are making bone loss and also you can have inflammation of your bones which will not make your bones to heal at fastest time. You should not take high amounts of salt in your diet because it will remove the calcium from your bones which means that your bones will be weaker. You should consume less than ½ tsp of salt per day. Refined grains and sugar are also promoting the bone loss. Also when you have wounds you cannot heal fast because they are providing few nutrients. Caffeine is also another product which you should not use in your diet. This product has some compounds which are not giving the power to calcium to be absorbed by bones which means if your bones are broken, they cannot repair because the healing process has limits. Sugar sweetened beverages and cola are also products which can remove the calcium from bones because they are having phosphorous content. Also you should not eat red meat. You should not eat foods with preservatives because they have phosphorus as its component which is leading to bone loss.

Boron: This is also very important natural remedy if you are suffering from bone chip. This element will repair the health of your bones and also the healing process will be faster. [6]

Essential vitamins for your bones: You should take a combination of the essential vitamins for your bones such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. They will help you to repair the bone damage. Also you will have healthy heart and your muscles will be healthy as well.

Pineapples: You should eat ½ pineapples until the day you have started feeling that your bones are better. Bromelain which is a component of the pineapples (also it is enzyme in pineapples) will help you to reduce the inflammation and swelling. You should not eat processed or canned pineapples. If you do not want the taste of this fruit or you cannot eat it, then you should take a Bromelain in supplement form. This enzyme will help you as well as the pineapple fruit. [7]

Essential oils: When you have fractured bones which are leading to bone chip, then can apply essential oils over this area. Essential oils which are helping to improve your condition are fir, helichrysum and cypress essential oils. You should apply these home remedies 3 times per day. Also you can use aroma – touch therapies as your natural treatment. [8]

Natural cures for bone chip

bone chip / chipped bone treatment

Vibration therapy: This is also one of the most used natural therapies for bone chip and broken bones. You will need to stand on a vibration platform for 5 – 20 minutes two times per day if you want to improve your condition.

Eat foods which are having calcium as its component: Calcium is one of the most essential elements for our bones. This element is increasing the healing process and also it helps to our bones to be healthy. Here are some foods which are rich with calcium and which you can add in your diet if you are suffering from bone chip: unsweetened cultured yogurt, salmon, broccoli, sea vegetables, oysters, sardines (with bones), green leafy vegetable, nuts, molasses and soybeans.

Fermented soy products: You should also consume fermented soy products such as miso and tofu. These products will also help you to have healthy bones.

Essential fatty acids: Fish, almonds and walnuts are having essential fatty acids which will help you to rid of this disease.

Aloe Vera: This herb is also helping to heal the broken bones. When this herb is applied externally on the bone, then it will help you to heal the broken bones. Also this herb can be consumed internally because in this way it will help you rid of the bone chip and also the healing process will be increased. [9]

Tea combination: There were some studies in which was shown that people who have consumed a tea combination from chia seed, bone set, mallow root, plantain and comfrey root have noticed improvements in their health. They were drinking three to five cups per day. In some case they were taken the mentioned kinds of tea individual and in other cases they were mixing all of them together.

Arnica: This kind of herb can be found as cream or gel. You can use the both ways if you have broken bones.

Increase protein intake: In one study it was showen that people who are suffering from bone chip and broken bones should increase the intake amount of protein. They were taking 20 grams of protein per day. They have noticed that the growth factor IGF – 1 was increased. This factor is very important for our bones because it is increasing the healing process of patients who are suffering from bone chip and bone fracture. They have noticed improvements in their condition. [10]

Micronutrients: When you have bone fracture, then micronutrients can have major role in improving your condition. When you have not enough Vitamin A level in your body, then your parathyroid gland is overactive and also it is increasing the effects of the bone loss which means you have increased chances to get bone loss.


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