Natural methods for unwanted body hair removal

Natural cures for body hair removal

All people can have unwanted hair, and wanted to know the best natural methods for body hair removal. Males can easily deal with it because looks more natural on them. But this problem leads to depression in women. They want to have perfect skin without body hair. They can feel embarrassed and shy because this is not so normal for their gender. It can appear on every part of our body and also here we can include our face. It can cause not so nice appearance on women or men. Unwanted hair on face, hands, back and feet are the biggest problems for women. Many causes can lead to unwanted hair such as medications, during the pregnancy period, during their menstrual cycle which can be irregular menstrual cycle, imbalance of hormones etc. In the markets are available many expensive techniques which can remove your unwanted hair such as laser hair removal, electrolytes and waxing. We said that they cost lot of money which means they cannot be available for every single woman. They should not be sad for this problem. Also there are many natural ways which can help them to remove the unwanted hair from their bodies. They cannot cause you side effects because all is natural. Also they are cheaper compared with the previous mentioned techniques. Here are some home remedies which can help you to in unwanted body hair removal:

Natural methods for body hair removal

Sugar lemon mix: This kind of mask is used as natural treatment for facial hair. Lemon juice mixed with sugar and water can be perfect natural remedy for removing your facial hair. When you use lemon juice as your natural remedy for facial hair, then you can notice that your facial hair is lighter according to its properties. This is perfect combination for your facial hair but also you can use as your natural remedy for the other parts of your body. You should not use sugar lemon mix on the sensitive parts of your body. You will need two teaspoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of sugar, one small bowl and ten tablespoons of water. In the small bowl you should mix the sugar and water. When they are mixed well, then you should add lemon juice in it. Mix them until you have well – formed mixture. When you have made your mixture, then you should apply it on your face. You should apply this mixture in the direction of the facial hair growth. You should let this mixture to stay on your face for fifteen or twenty minutes. Then, you should wash your face with water. You should rub your face gently. Use your hands to wash of this mixture. You should repeat these home remedy two or three times per week because in this way you can notice reduction in your facial hair.

Banana and oatmeal scrub: This mixture can help you to remove the unwanted hair from your body. Oatmeal will clean your skin and banana will make your skin soft [1,2]. You should mash a ripe banana to become a paste. Then, you should add 1 – 2 teaspoons of oatmeal. Mix them well. With a circular motion you should apply this paste on areas where you have excess hair. Let this paste to stay on those areas from fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash this paste with water. You should repeat this process two times per week in a period of few weeks to remove the unwanted hair.

Sugar, honey and lemon mixture: This kind of mixture can be effective natural remedy for the unwanted hair of your arms and legs. It can help you to remove the unwanted hair of your body because it acts like a wax. When you apply this mixture to your arms or legs you can feel pain because it is similar to the wax treatment. You will need to mix one tablespoon of sugar, one teaspoon of organic honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a small bowl. You should mix these ingredients very well. Also you will need spatula for waxing or butter knife, water (the amount of water depends from every single person because someone wants to make this paste to be thinner), piece of cloth or waxing strip, cornstarch or all purpose flour (you will need one or two teaspoons of it). In a vessel you should heat the previous mentioned mixture. Heat it for three minutes. You should have free flowing and smooth paste after you are done with heating. If you notice that your paste is thick, then you should add water in it and you should mix it properly. Then, you should let this mixture to cool at the room temperature. You should clean the parts of your body where you want to apply this mixture. Then, you should dust those places with all purpose flour or cornstarch. On the places where you have unwanted hair you should apply this mixture with waxing spatula. You should apply this mixture in the direction of your hair growth. When you are done with your applying, then you should cover those areas with waxing strips or a cloth. You should press them because they should be stacked on your mixture. If you want to remove the unwanted hair, you should pull the stripes in the opposite way of the hair growth. You can apply this home remedy as much as you want. Every time that you notice unwanted hair on your arms or legs, you can apply this mixture.

Natural cures for body hair removal

natural methods for body hair removal

Sugar Molasses home wax treatment: If you want to have the same effect with the mixture of lemon, honey and sugar, then you can mix sugar with corn syrup or molasses syrup. Molasses has magnesium. This element can help you to have balance in your hormones [3]. When you apply this home remedy, then you will notice steady and slow relief from the excess hair. When you mix these ingredients, then you have perfect wax for removing the unwanted hair of your legs and arms. You will need juice of ½ lemon, one cup sugar, cloth or waxing strip, molasses or dark corn syrup and vessel. You should add sugar in a microwave safe vessel. In the top of the sugar you should add a drizzle of molasses. Then, you should put this mixture in a microwave for two or three minutes. Then, you should stir this mixture. If you have noticed that the ingredients are not mixed well, then you should put this mixture again in your microwave from two to three minutes. You should let this mixture to cool on the room temperature. When this mixture is a bit warm, then you should apply it on your arms and legs where you want to remove the excess hair. On the applied mixture you should put waxing strips. Press them. You should pull the waxing strips in the opposite direction of the hair growth. You will feel a pain when you do this method.

Lentil and potatoes: When you make this mixture, then you can remove the unwanted hair in very effective way. Potatoes have bleach properties and when you combine both of them, and then you make the color of your hair to be lighter [4,5]. This is an Ayurvedic process of removing unwanted hair from your body. You will need a bowl of yellow lentil, one potato, four tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey and cloth or sieve. Put the yellow lentil in water and let it stay in it for one night. You should peel the skin of potato. Then, you should crush it in a bowl. Then, you should remove the water from the lentil. Grind the yellow lentil to make a paste. When you are done with this step, then you should extract a juice from the crushed potato. Add this juice in the yellow lentil paste. Then, you should add honey and freshly squeezed lemon. Mix them well. You can apply this mixture on your face and other parts of your body where you have unwanted hair. You should let this paste to stay on those places from 20 – 30 minutes. You should let the paste to be completely dried. With your fingers you should remove the paste from the areas where you have applied it. When you rub the paste, then the dried lentil will remove your hair. In a period of fortnight you should repeat this process two or three times.

Egg mask: This mask can be used if you want to remove the unwanted hair from your face. The mixture from honey, lemon and sugar is sticky mask which has the same appearance with the egg mask (both are sticky). When this mask dries on your face, then you can pull it off in easy way which means you can remove the unwanted hair from your face in short period. You will need one egg, half a tablespoon of corn flour, one tablespoon of sugar and a bowl for mixing. In a bowl you should add the white from the egg. Then, put the corn sugar in the white from the egg. Stir these ingredients. You should have a smooth paste. Put this paste on your face. Let it stay from twenty to twenty five minutes. You should let it dry completely. You should pull out the mask with a firm hand peel. You should repeat this procedure 2 – 3 per week to remove the excess body hair removal.


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