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An apple a day – Keeps Doctor away – Health Benefits of Apple

Apple is one of the best fruits worldwide. They are used by everyone. They are also known as a miracle food which is used against many diseases. Apples are of the most consumed food in the world. They are cultivated from every country because they are rich with flavanoids, fiber and antioxidants. All the medical experts are recommending to their patients to eat at least one apple per day. Also this fruit is known like the fruit that keeps you away from doctors and medicines. Here we give some health benefits of apples:

Health benefits of Apple

Lower cholesterol

Apples are decreasing the low-density cholesterol or the bad cholesterol. One medium-sized apple contains four grams of fiber which is vital to keep your cholesterol low. Apples are blocking the absorption of cholesterol and they are not giving to cholesterol to be stored in the blood.


Because the apples are rich with fiber, they are helping in the digestive process. If you eat regularly apples, then your bowel movements will be smooth and it will prevent from the stomach diseases. Fiber is the most important part of any type of diet. It is helping food to pass through the digestive tract smoothly. It is also stimulating the peristaltic motion and is contracting the muscles in the way to move the food along. Also the apples are releasing digestive and gastric juices to be sure that you are having enough nutrients in your organism. Apples are scraping excess cholesterol out of your veins to be sure that you are healthy and safe.

acid reflux, appleApples keep you full

Apples are rich with fiber which is important for every organism. One medium-sized apple contains 95 calories which are enough to keep you full. This can be possible because our blood needs more time to digest the fiber compared which is more complex compared to ordinary sugar which is component to almost every product in the market. Any kind of fruit which contains at least 3 grams of fiber are quality food for your organism. All the people should eat at least 25 to 40 gram apple per a day.

Boost your immune system

Apples are good fruit for boosting your immune system. They are rich with Vitamin C. One medium-sized apple contains 8 milligrams of this vitamin which is 14% of your daily need.

Good for your brain

Apples are reason for acetylcholine production which communicates with nerve cells. Apples could increase the ability to remember and will decrease the chances to get Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent high blood pressure

One of the most common reasons for cardiovascular disease and hypertension are caused by the high blood pressure. Apples are rich with potassium. This mineral helps to control your blood pressure and also is helping to reduce the risk of stroke.

Cancer prevention

Apples are subject of many studies which are done for cancers. They are improving the lung, colon and breast cancer. They are known as the best fighters against the types of the cancers. Apple can reduce the lung cancer and slow it before spreading it.


Weak people should eat apples because they are known as excellent weakness remover. Also it is recommended being used from patients who are weak from their diseases.


Apples are rich with iron. This is helping to people who are diagnosed with anemia. If you are having this disease, it means that you have deficiency of hemoglobin in your blood. This situation can be improved if you are taking iron which is contained in the apples. You are increasing the red blood cells in your body and you are keeping your organism to function properly.

Breathing problems

You should eat at least five or more apples at week to improve your lung function. Quercetin which is antioxidant found in the apples is improving the lung function. Also one study has shown that women which eat lots of apples they have small chances to hive birth on children with asthma.

Preventing dementia

Apples are protecting neuron cells against oxidative stress-included neurotoxicity which is reducing the risk from Alzheimer’s disease.

Reducing the risk of stroke

People which are constantly eating lot of apples are having the lowest risk of stroke. Because they are eating apple in big amount, they are decreasng the risk of thrombotic stroke.

Merlin Joy
Merlin Joy
Holding a doctorate degree, Dr. Merlin Joy AKA Sinatra developed passion for home remedies from her mother, grand father and grandmother. Sinatra loves to read books and hiking. You can contact her through [email protected]



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