Cod liver oil improves eye sight and prevents heart diseases

Cod Liver Oil

The cod liver oil has many health benefits such as improve healthy vision, promote gastrointestinal health, strengthen the immune system, fight depression, curb type I diabetes in children, lower cholesterol, relieve muscle pain and it is excellent for the skin. Also it can give you a relief from cancer, arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disorders. This oil is derived from the liver of cod fish. It is rich in DHA (docosahexaeonic acid), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Omega – 3 fatty acids. It is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. these nutrients help the human body in many different ways and they stimulate the healthy functioning of organs. Cod liver oil is a pale yellow and translucent oily liquid which has a fishy essence and a bland taste. Nowadays many traders are adding peppermint or fruit flavors to make this oil more appetizing and appealing for consumers.

Health benefits of cod liver oil

Healthy immune system: This oil is rich source of Vitamin D which is important for our bodies and if we have a deficiency of this vitamin then this can lead to autoimmunity and it can increase the susceptibility to infection. When you take this oil at regular basis, then this will provide the required amount of Vitamin D which can ensure a healthy immune system and also it will decrease the chances of infections.

Keeps eye healthy: This oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D which can help you to maintain healthy eyesight over the long term. Vitamin A can ensure the retention of normal vision in long period. This oil is effective in the local treatment of many eye conditions.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil health benefits

Prevents heart disease: There are many heart diseases which can be avoided with the regular consumption of this oil. There are many studies in which is shown that people who consume this oil at regular basis, have decreased chances of developing heart problems. Patients who already had heart attacks or any kind of heart surgery have shown much faster recovery when their medical treatment is regularly supplemented with this oil. Scientists are saying that this is possible because this oil is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids.

Cures depression: This liver oil is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids. When it is consumed at regular basis, then this can reduce the depressive symptoms in people who suffer from major depression.

Relieves IBD – associated joint pain: There are some studies in which is said that this oil reduces inflammatory bowel disease – related joint pain.

Prevents cancer: This oil can prevent cancer. There are some studies in which is said that this oil has positive effect in curing cancer. Also there are other studies in which is said that doctors who follow prescription with cod liver oil can be avoided many types of cancers such as prostate and colon cancer.

Prevents type 1 diabetes in children: There are some studies in which is shown that consumption of cod liver oil either by pregnant women or by their children in the first year of their life reduces the risk of type 1 diabetes in children. But you should always talk with your doctor before you add this oil in your diet.

Healthy skin: Cod liver oil has been used as natural treatment for healthy skin. In many cases this oil is applied on skin areas with local burns and these places have been healed instantly and left behind no burn scars or marks. When you apply cod liver oil on facial skin, then this will give you a radiant glow within a week. After you have been using this oil for a long period, you will notice that you do not need any fairness cream or moisturizer. When you consume cod liver oil at regular basis, then you will notice that your body does not need any fairness moisturizer or cream. This oil will ensure you that you will look young for a long period and also it will minimize the wrinkles.

Reduces bad cholesterol levels: This oil has fatty acids which can help lower the amount of bed cholesterol in your body. When you take this oil, then it can lower the fats which are known as triglycerides which can be harmful for your body if they are in excess amounts.


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