Nettle tea health benefits

nettle tea

Nettle tea is not the first choice of tea that many people are choosing. This is delicious and beneficial beverage which can heal the skin, relieve inflammation, optimize digestion, protect the heart, improve the immune system, soothes allergies and it can ease the pain. It is found in North Africa, Asia and Europe. Stinging nettle is the origin of the nettle tea. The scientific name of it is Urtica dioica. For thousands of years, the stinging nettle has been used around the world for many things such as food source, fiber and herbal medicine. If you soak this plant in water, then the chemicals which cause those painful sting is neutralized which is making this plant harmless. The leaves of this plant are protein – dense equivalent to spinach and these leaves can be dried and made into nettle tea. The flowers of this plant are also commonly used in the tea preparation. This plant can have some side effects for pregnant women because it can result in hormonal fluctuations which can be dangerous for the fetal development. If you are harvesting nettle leaves from the wild for personal use, then you should be sure that you do not wait too late in the season because there are some components which increase in concentration later in season. Those are substances which can increase your risk of developing kidney stones or they can do harm to your kidneys.

Health benefits of nettle tea

Heart health

There are some studies in which is found a connection between the regular consumption of nettle tea and lower blood pressure. It has anti – inflammatory properties which in a combination with the potassium can help to reduce the tension in blood vessels and arteries which is promoting healthy oxygenation and circulation in our bodies. This can reduce your chances of strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications.

Allergic reactions

When the stinging nettle hit the skin before it is being soaked to a neutral state, then it can cause an intense allergic reaction on the affected site. The organic compounds and chemicals found in nettle also work as antihistamines if you consume it as a tea. The strange reversal of effects is one of the reasons why this type of tea is a strange mystery. If you suffer from a strong allergic reaction and you want to counter the false alarm of your immune system, then a cup of nettle tea can do this trick.

nettle teaNettle tea health benefits

Prevents Osteoporosis

Nettle has high amounts of healthy minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. This is one of the best natural remedies for people who suffer from anemia. Also this tea can prevent the gradual breakdown of bone mineral density as we are getting older. It is very important to get minerals as we are getting older because this can help us to fight against osteoporosis. It has minerals and antioxidants which can help our bodies to feel young.

Pain relief and inflammation

Nettles have anti – inflammatory and natural analgesic compounds which are reason why they are so popular. Whether using the nettle tea to soothe any bump or bruise, a headache, a sore back or to soothe the pain of a pulled muscle, you can often get relief before you finish your cup of nettle tea. External application of nettle tea can be also very effective.

Immune system

Nettle tea has carotenoids and flavonoids which in a combination with the Vitamin C make this tea a very effective immune booster. We know that the antioxidants are very powerful substances which seek out and neutralize free radicals which are dangerous byproducts of the cellular metabolism that cause chronic illness and cellular mutation. The nettle tea is freeing up your immune system from fighting against oxidative stress which means that this natural cure can work as our first line of the immune system.


Nettle tea has anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can be very effective for curing digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation, IBS and general stomach upset which is caused by bacterial imbalances in your gut.


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