12 Best Ways to Naturally Manage Huntington’s Disease

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This is a rare genetic brain disorder. There are some studies in which are said that this disease is currently affecting 30,000 Americans [1]. Huntington’s disease is also called family disease because children who have a parent with Huntington’s disease have a 50/50 chance to carry the faulty gene. This is a disabling disease which disturbs someone’s ability to move, remember information, connect socially, reason and think.

The symptoms of movement disorders are impaired gait, posture and balance; slow or abnormal eye movements; difficulty with the physical production of speech or swallowing; muscle problems, such as rigidity or muscle contracture; involuntary jerking or writhing movements. The symptoms of cognitive disorders are slowness in processing thoughts or finding words; lack of awareness of one’s own behaviors and abilities; difficulty in learning new information; lack of impulse control that can result in outbursts, acting without thinking and sexual promiscuity; difficulty organizing, prioritizing or focusing on tasks; lack of flexibility or the tendency to get stuck on a thought, behavior or action.

The symptoms of psychiatric disorders are insomnia; frequent thoughts of death, dying or suicide; social withdrawals; fatigue and loss of energy feelings of irritability, sadness or apathy. If you suffer from Huntington’s disease, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies. Here are some home remedies for Huntington’s disease:

Maintain physical activity in case of Huntington’s disease

There are some studies in which are said that people who suffer from Huntington’s disease can greatly benefit from staying active as long as they can. Doctors are saying to people who suffer from Huntington’s disease to maintain physical fitness as much as possible because those people who exercise and keep active tend to maintain better control over physical movements for longer. The exercise and even everyday activity can become harder as times goes on, but the regular movement and exercise can make a big impact. [2]

When someone has neurodegenerative diseases, then it is accepted that the regular and sustained physical activity has the potential to benefit the cardiovascular health and other factors which can impair the quality of your life and this can lead to complications so you must exercise if you suffer from Huntington’s disease and you want to stay in a good shape. There are some studies in which are said that in Huntington’s disease patients, the physical activity can help to manage stress from social stigma, lack of motivation and a trouble with executive functions. If you want to exercise at your home, then you should talk with your doctor which type of exercise will be best for your condition.

Reduce inflammation

No matter if it is a disorder of the central nervous system, immune system, endocrine system or cardiovascular system, the inflammation is making things worse. There are some studies in which are said that high inflammation levels and oxidative stress which are caused by free radicals can speed up the neurodegenerative disease progression and this can worsen symptoms.

Scientists are using electronics and other technologies and they are better understanding how the inflammation is related to mutated cells, defective energy metabolism and the oxidative stress which are leading to formation of diseases, including Huntington’s disease. When the inflammation is worsened by factors, like a high stress levels, toxin exposure, environmental pollution and a poor diet are affecting the immunity and the body’s tropic factors which means that the natural chemical substances are supposed to protect against cell changes and death. [3]

It is very important to eat a healing diet which is nutrient – dense because this can help to lower the inflammation. You should limit the use of harsh chemicals in the household and beauty products. You should avoid smoking. You need to stay active and try to manage stress.

how to beat huntington's disease

Coenzyme Q10

The Coenzyme Q10 has been linked to improving the conditions of Huntington’s disease by improving the functionality and quality of your kidneys, liver, heart and brain. This coenzyme can be found in foods, such as olives, soybean, fish, pork, chicken and beef. Also, you can get Coenzyme Q10 from fruits, vegetables and nuts. This is one of the most important elements for the prevention of Huntington’s disease. You can consume this natural cure in large quantities because it can help to maintain the quality of your life as long as possible. [4]

Meditation cure Huntington’s disease

There is no real cure for the Huntington’s disease but one of the best ways to slow down the advance of this disease is relaxing your mind and body. Yoga and meditation are very powerful tools which people can use to improve their mental health and stability. Also, yoga can help to release toxins from your body by relaxing muscles and releasing tension. [5]


You should remove the toxins from your body because this is one of the best ways to slow down the effects of Huntington’s disease. When your energy is expanded eliminating toxins from your body, then this is stealing important resources from the body in its fight against Huntington’s disease. Doctors are recommending sweating in any way because this is positive home remedy for Huntington’s disease because sweating can help to remove body toxins which can be removed only by sweat glands. You should eat wasabi, spicy foods, hot peppers and other sweat – inducing spices because it can help to detoxify your body.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is recommended to people who suffer from Huntington’s disease. When you increase your intake of Vitamin E, then it can help to stimulate neurological connections and patterns which make the slow decline of the mind even slower and this can provide a normal level of functioning and life for many patients. [6]

Green tea

It has been shown that this natural cure can reduce the psychological effects of Huntington’s disease by reducing the anxiety and stress on the brain. The Huntington’s disease is affecting the brain at most so any neural stimulation is a good alternative to prevent the disease from getting worse. [7]

Occupational therapy

You can visit occupational therapist because it can help you, your family members and caregivers on the use of assistive devices which can improve functional abilities. These strategies can include: eating and drinking utensils adapted for people with limited fine motor skills; assistive devices for activities, such as dressing and bathing; handrails at home.

Physical therapy

The physical therapist can help you to make appropriate and safe exercises which can enhance coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. These exercises can help you to maintain the mobility as long as possible and they can reduce the risk of falls. Those instructions on appropriate posture and the use of supports to improve posture can help to lessen the severity of some movement problems. When the use of wheelchair or a walker is required, then the physical therapist can provide you instruction on appropriate use of the posture and device. Also, exercises can be adapted to suit the new level of your mobility.  [2]

Speech therapy

It is known that the Huntington’s disease can significantly impair the control of muscles of the mouth and throat which are essential for swallowing, eating and speech. The speech therapist can help you to improve your ability to speak clearly. Also, he or she can teach you to use communication devices, such as a board covered with pictures of everyday items and activities. Also, the speech therapist can address difficulties with muscles that are used in swallowing and eating. [8]


The psychotherapist can provide you a talk therapy to help you manage behavioral problems, develop coping strategies and manage expectations during the progression of the Huntington’s disease. Also, it can help you to facilitate effective communication among family members.


There are some studies done in 2004 in which are found that high doses of certain supplements, especially creatine, can help to delay the onset of symptoms of Huntington’s disease. This supplement was safe and well – tolerated by most of the 64 study participants who were to confirmed to carry gene which is causing Huntington’s disease or patients who have a high risk of Huntington’s disease but they are not yet tested. It was noticed that this supplement can slow the regional brain atrophy and the progression of presymptomatic Huntington’s disease.


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