Ginger Essential Oil: Amazing 7 Health Benefits

Health benefits of ginger essential oil

Ginger is a flowering plant. It takes part in the Zingiberaceae family. Its root is widely used as a spice and it has been in folk medicine for thousands of years. The health advantages of ginger essential oil are roughly equal to the medicinal health benefits of fresh ginger. The most dominant mode of ginger is the essential oil because it has the highest levels of gingerol. If you want to use ginger as medicine, then ginger essential oil is the best way to do it. You can take it internally to treat health problems or you can rub it topically with a carrier oil on an area of pain.

Nowadays, the ginger essential oil is widely used to treat respiratory conditions, inflammation, menstrual disorders, upset stomach, and nausea. When it is used as aromatherapy, then it is known to bring on feelings of courageousness and self–assurance. This is a reason why it is known as the oil of empowerment. You can use ginger essential oil for cooking. For this purpose, you should start with a small dose and add it to any meal that calls for ginger. There are some health food stores that sell ginger essential oil.

You should use a product which is best for your health, so you should talk with your doctor about the best brand. It is rare to have side effects from the usage of ginger essential oil. When it is used in high doses, then it can cause irritation of the mouth, diarrhea, and mild heartburn.

Here are some health benefits of ginger essential oil:

Health benefits of ginger essential oil

Improves liver function:

The ginger essential oil has high amounts of antioxidants and hepatoprotective properties, so it can help to treat alcoholic fatty liver disease according to one animal study. This disorder is automatically correlated with hepatic cirrhosis and liver cancer. In one mice study, the ginger essential oil was given to mice with alcoholic fatty liver disease on daily basis for a period of four weeks. It was noticed that this oil has hepatoprotective activity. After the alcohol administration, the number of metabolites increased, and then the levels recovered in the treatment group.

Relieves anxiety:

When ginger essential oil is used in aromatherapy, then it can help you to get relief from the feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety. It has warming properties which are serving as a sleep aid and it stimulates feelings of courage and ease. In Ayurvedic medicine, the ginger essential oil is believed to treat emotional problems, like lack of motivation and self–confidence, abandonment, and fear.

Natural aphrodisiac:

The ginger essential oil can increase sexual desire. It addresses problems, such as loss of libido and impotence. It has warming and stimulating properties, so it serves as an effective and natural aphrodisiac. Also, it can be used as a natural remedy for impotence. It can help you to get relief from the stress and it will make you feel free of fear.

Rich in antioxidants:

The ginger root is rich in antioxidants. The ginger essential oil can help you in the fight against free radicals. It is able to decrease age-related oxidative stress markers and reduce oxidative damage.

Strengthens heart health:

The ginger essential oil has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels and blood clotting. Also, it has been shown that ginger essential oil has the ability to improve lipid metabolism, which can help to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Lessens inflammation:

The ginger essential oil has a constituent named zingibain, which is important for the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil. It is an important component that will give you relief from the pain and treat migraines, arthritis, muscle aches and it works as a headache remedy. It is believed that this oil can help to reduce the number of prostaglandins in the body, which are compounds associated with pain.

Aids respiratory problems:

The ginger essential oil can help to remove the mucus from the throat and lungs and it is known as a natural remedy for loss of breath, bronchitis, asthma, coughs, flu, and cold.


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