surprising health benefits of champagne

Health benefits of champagne

Champagne is a French sparkling wine and it is often associated as part of the luxury or party events. Not many people have tasted it. Many people do not think that champagne can be part of their daily drinks, such as beer and wine. In fact, champagne is expensive and not all people can afford to buy it. The champagne is a lot more time intensive to produce.

The champagne perception is as luxury good and this is a reason why it has high price. The champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. The champagne is made by using costly method, called the traditional method. The carbonation develops under high pressure, so the champagne has fine, persistent bubbles. The fine champagne wine often exhibit the almond – like flavors with subtle notes of orange – zest and white cherry. You should know that the champagne has medicinal benefits too. Here are some health benefits of champagne:

champagne side effects

Champagne improve heart health

The champagne can be good for your heart health like the red and white wine. The champagne is made from both red and white grapes and it has the same antioxidants which can prevent the damage to your blood vessels. It can reduce the bad cholesterol and it can prevent blood clots. This in turn will lower the risk of heart illnesses and strokes. It is very important to drink the champagne in moderation, so it will give you its health benefits.

Champagne increase your sex drive

It is known fact that alcohol can make people to lose their inhibitions. Most alcoholic drinks will give you a momentary buzz, but then they will leave you with little energy and the lack of blood flow that you need for arousal. The champagne will allow you to feel its effect much quicker without sapping your energy.

Keep you sharp

There was one study done in University of Columbia in which is shown that the champagne has proteins that are beneficial for the short – term memory. In another study done in 2013 was said that 3 glasses of champagne per week can help to improve your memory.

The champagne has little calories

It is noticed that the champagne has fewer calories (80) than both red and white wine (120). The serving is generally smaller too, so it is healthier choice for you, as long as you do not drink the whole bottle.

Boosts your mood

Every single person who drinks champagne has buoyant feeling from a sip of it. This is possible due to the zinc, potassium and magnesium which are components in the champagne. If you want to boost your mood, then the champagne is the right choice for you.

Prevent dementia

It is known that a glass or two of champagne can help to prevent the onset of dementia. There are some studies in which are found that this risk was almost halved for people who drank moderate amounts of champagne. It is recommended for people who are over 40 to drink champagne, because this is period when the gradual decline is happening.

Lower the risk of diabetes

There was one study in 2009 done in Canada in which is shown that all wines, including sparkles like the champagne, can lower the risk of contacting diabetes by 13%.

Keeps you young

It is known that the champagne has resveratrol which is a potent anti – oxidant that is acting as a shield against the skin damage. You can use the champagne over your face and skin to get its anti – aging benefits. When the champagne is used as a natural toner, then it can help to reduce the inflammation and redness due to the polyphenols and tartaric acid. If you have oily skin or acne – prone skin, then you can use it champagne, because it has high concentration of antioxidants that can help to soak the excess oil and sebum and it will leave you with a pretty glow.

Gentle exfoliator

If you had a long and stressful day at work, then the hot water bathtub can help you. You can put it some champagne in the water, so you will get wonderful exfoliator. It has carbon dioxide which is acting as gentle exfoliator. It will help to soothe the dry skin and the acidity in it will leave you with soft and supple skin.


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